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Emyl Jenkins' appraisal book
"Jai alai" Hall, Havana, Cuba
Hitler v sovetské karikature
Drie tooneelspelen
Sculpture of Rayner Hoff
Havana, Cuba
Guide to the Musée d'Orsay
Quaderno di [blank]
La semana cómica
The three banners of China
Independence Day orations and poems
Lehrbuch der klinischen Arzneibehandlung
Design directory Scandinavia
[View at night of the Standard Oil Company pavilion, California Pacific International Exposition, San Diego, Calif., 1935-1936]
The California Limited
At the San Diego Panama-California Exposition all the year 1915
American realism
A neurotic mirror
Sweden, Scania
The American quarterly on the Soviet Union
Camp Forgotten
Fascio Repubblic. di Calvatone, offesa aerea nemica stroncava, oggi, ancora sulla breccia del lavaro, la generosa esistenza di
Exploitable commodities
Behandeling der wasch
L'ultimo dei transatlantici
Pavillon d'Afrique Francaise
Vereeniging ter Bevordering van de Belangen des Boekhandels
Hotels et maisons de Paris, façades et détails
Diploma Slagersvakcursus
Profesor Masaryk a ceskoslovenské vojsko na Rusi
Amelia Peláez, 1896-1968
Stále na straži
Henry Jacques Le Même
Sapienza nell'arte dei biscotti
Meesterstukken der XIX Eeuwsche Schilderkunst
Across the Lagunita by the Botanical Building
And who wants peace?
"Heilig Indië"
[Woman in pink pajamas leaning towards her dresser]
Constructions métalliques et entreprises générales A. Moisant, Laurent, Savey & Cie
Coupes, vases, candélabres, sarcophages, trépieds, lampes, & ornements divers
N.V. Jan Eisenloeffels kunst nyverheid, inrichting voor nyverheidskunst, meubels, lampen, haarden, aardewerk, goud en zilverwerk, kronen, klokken
Otto Antonini
Honderdvijftig jaar boekproduktie in Nederland
The titan city, New York
Hair culture
Le symbolisme russe
The American spa
Atlas econômico de Minas Gerais
Les petites alliées
An appeal to the Scottish people
Mostra italiani all'estero
Napoli-la strada di Posillipo
A material world
A arte do comércio
Sowjetischer Kreuzer "Swerdlow"
Het kapitaal
The anatomy of fascism
The Jews of Oregon, 1850-1950
"Portugal welcomes you"
Revue illustrée de l'exposition
The Italians
Supplement to the catalogue of charities conducted by women, as reported to the Women's Centennial Executive Committee of the United States
Charles Verschuuren
Khudozhniki Bol'shogo teatra
[Close up of a smiling girl wearing a blue hat with purple trim and a scarf]
Greetings from the fair
Chartres, ville d'art
Pavillon de Roubaix et de Tourcoing
Victorian America
Censorship in Ireland, 1939-1945
Those people in No. 5
The U.S. Merchant Marine at war, 1775-1945
The Catholic church and antisemitism
How to live long
First choice at leading hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants throughout America
The Palmer House illustrated, Chicago
Grueby pottery closing sale
[Woman with red sash waiting for man]
Imperial Hotel, Tokyo. Japan
Schultz's, Irish soap, The best laundry soap in the world
My song
Works Progress Administration presents "State Symphony of Boston."
A history of buildings
Japanese poetry prints
Joseph Stella
America's nutrition almanac, 1943
Van Gogh face to face
Fortunato Depero, futuriste
Union Station, Chicago, 1925
Fragments d'architecture du moyen âge et de la renaissance d'après les relevés & restaurations des anciens pensionnaires de l'Académie de France à Rome
Pecadores sin culpa
Appeasement's child
Art and society
[Proof for "Kijkjes in de planten wereld"]
Cesare Pozzo e la sua stagione toscana
Hoot, mon
Home & field
Fina Modas
Geschichte der Hamburg-Amerikanischen Packetfahrt-Aktien-Gesellschaft
The Cordeaux Reservoir for Sydney Water Supply, constructed 1918-1926
The art of table setting
Modern photographs
The last blue water liners
Rosa Carmina en Sandra, la mujer de fuego
Pulvinare dell'arena
Dijon et la Cote-d'Or
Arquitetura moderna no Rio de Janeiro
Pierre Chareau
William L. Price
Beken of Cowes : ocean liners
[Roosevelt nomination and national convention tickets]
Colored in the year’s new light
Ein Kampf um Deutschland
The floods of Johnstown
Tentoonstelling van het moderne boek
Edvard Beneš in his own words
Bulletin officiel du Musée du Vieux-Marseilles
40c : Nederland
A history of Malaysian architecture
Grand Palais, Salle des Fetes
Cuban Winner ; fabricantes de cigaros ; unica de primera clase ; abajo puros de la vuelta
The Trade Fair Palace in Prague
Enduring traditions
De Wekker
Chautauqua home stationery
"You'll go places on this team!"
Ladies perfumed calendar, 1894. Compliments of E.W. Hoyt & Co., Lowell, Mass
Northern Germany as far as the Bavarian and Austrian frontiers; handbook for travellers
The long way home
Le sphinx
1965 official guide, New York World's Fair
The crafts movement in Australia
An der Ost-Küste
The Forth Bridge
The Ottoman centuries
A disarming beauty
Miss Abott
The Boxer Rebellion
Modern sunbathing & hygiene
Sovietized education
Mistr brevíre Jana ze Stredy
Maillard's delicious vanilla chocolate has no equal
The art of Dwight W. Tryon
Modern bookbindings and their designers
Finland calling
Andalusia, Spain
De struikvorm of fruitteelt voor iedereen
First in the race
Technical services today and tomorrow
Pavillon de Pologne
[Illegible: Du?] bist mein Gluck
Die Zweckgymnastik des Schiläufers
Fiabe a Genova
[Portfolio featuring Allen Saalburg at work on mural decoration of the Clairol Pavilion of the New York World's Fair of 1964-1965]
La voie céleste
Souvenir de la visite de S.M.I. le Tsar
Instrucción militar en la retaguardia
Padiglione di palombari in azione di Italo Zannoni-Spezia
Compañia Cubana de Aviacion, S.A
Manufacture Nationale de Sevres
Grand Princess
Cuba, forever a paradise
Hoko iseki gakan narabi senki
Vyvojové promeny v umení
Italy's war crimes in Ethiopia, 1935-1941
Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island, 1939
In the Japanese Garden, Pavilion of Japan and Formosa
Mestres da fotografia no Brasil
L'incisione in Italia nel XX secolo
Het Indische nichtje
Florida, "the east coast", its builders, resources, industries, town and city developments
Handbook of the collection
Fleischmann, Polacsek és társa, Budapest
[Card photograph of airplane in airport]
Masterpieces in wood
Belle-Ile en Mer
Vitality supreme
Revista medio informativo
The Stevens monthly
Liberty Bell
Topicuv sborník literární a umelecký
How dynamic-tension...makes you a new man!
New York Sunday news
Hot foot
Soldatengräber und Kriegsdenkmale
The record of the International Exhibition, 1862
Oost-Indisch landjuweel
Panama California Exposition, San Diego, 1915
[Goda Karte / Invito d'Onore]
In het jaar 2000
Edward the Eighth - our king
De Beweging
Municipio do Bassano del Grappa
Inside the bungalow
Bethlehem steel H-piling
Official guide book
Árkád játékáruház
Sweden's Lake District
Het gulden boek
Some call it Kitsch
Das tapfere Schneiderlein
Sail off to Havana on a romantic, overnight, starlight cruise aboard the cruise ship Florida
Pavillion des Postes and Telegraphes
Sedmdesátipetileté jubileum Ceského národního hrbitova v Chicagu, Ill
The heyday of American Communism
Jonge ranken
Dopolavoro Minro. Finanze
De filosoof van 't sashuis
Boulder Dam
Something for mamma. Manufactured by the Hecker-Jones-Jewell Milling Co., New York
The Mercury of the New York Central
Konkyu genshoku ban 32 kei Manshukoku shuto "Dai Shinkyo"
The conflicts of fossil fuel use and the resolution
Briggs & Co.'s patent transferring papers
South front, Home Economy Building, San Diego Panama California Exposition
Is global warming changing the world?
Art deco Napier
Cuarto creciente
"Herz" szalámigyár Budapest
Allan's fly brick. The little giant fly killer. Kills all the flies in a room in 2 hours. 10¢ worth will kill more flies than $10 worth of fly paper. Sold everywhere
Pacific coastal liners
The story of glass
[View of an exhibition gallery, Standard Oil Company pavilion, California Pacific International Exposition, San Diego, Calif., 1935-1936]
National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City
The air way
Crusaders for fitness
Hey, pal. Don't you think it's your turn to be chased?
Historic and architectural resources of Barrington, Rhode Island
Comune di Bassano del Grappa da quest'oggi 9 Maggio 1945 saranno riaperti tutti gli esercizi caffè e bar. E' esclusa per ora la vendita degli alcoolici di qualsiasi genere, compreso il vino di ogni gradazione, tranne la birra. Ogni qualità di bevanda alcoolica dovrà essere ritirata dalla mostra anche nell'interno dell'esercizio. Severe sanzioni sono comminate contro i trasgressori
Make love, not war
Metz & Co
Invest your stack, back the attack. Buy war bonds now
They made America
Mundo estranho
Hearst over Hollywood
Helsinki daughter of the Baltic : Finland
Edward H. Maxwell & Son
Libretto del Premilitare
Parisiennes en bonnets
Oh! Texas!
War on land
Bacardi presenta cocteles
Folder of views at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, 1915
Cyrano de Bergerac
Hotel Colina
Antes de refrescar, piense y tomará Orange Crush, porque es el más saludable
Les Pasteurs
Juni [1896]
Van stilte en stemming
The Sevilla Biltmore Hotel, Havana, Cuba
Communist Eastern Europe
Quellinus School Kalendar
Heckers' buckwheat baby. Heckers' buckwheat. The best! The cheapest!
Step right up! Amusement for all
A young man comes to London
L'architecture art déco
I hate to lose you
John Storrs
At last, I've got this baby settin' racket licked!
[ John W. Wadsworth Archive related to Designing from plant forms]
Havlíckobrodsko v národním odboji, 1914-1918 [a] 1938-1945
Lluís Domènech i Montaner
Eljegyzés, esketési és névjegy kártyákat készit Pöhm J
From the American system to mass production, 1800-1932
A symbol of peacetime trade with Cuba and Mexico
The time of Stalin
F.D.R. and the WPA era
New hotels for global nomads
North Carolina collects
Progetti per Genova
Bernarr Macfadden
Children of the sun
Denki Daihakurankai kinew Hagaki
Hi-ho, hi-ho. We're off to Tokyo
Modos da moda, 1890-1990
Ceskoslovenské legie ve francii
Anti-fascism in Britain
Marcel Proust
A brief guide to the Department of Fine Arts; Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, California, 1915
Prince George Hotel, New York City
All about Poland
Pier Luigi Nervi
I send the old, old greeting tendered year by year for a Happy Christmas and a glad New Year
[Yellow envelope depicting Adolf Hitler as a rat]
Ruf zum bauen
Art deco
World War II propaganda
Dichters van dezen tijd
Venetian villas
The automobile industry
Les dessins du Musée des beaux-arts et d'archéologie de Besançon
The Bolsheviks & workers' control, 1917 to 1921
Pražské novostavby
De zwarte schipper
Garmisch-Partenkirchen : Germany Bavarian Alps
"All we need is time, dear."
Angeline's beloften
De versierende kunsten in Nederlandsch Oost-Indie
Todas las milicias fundidas en el Ejército Popular
Fascist era, year XV
This is the goal, for which we strive, freedom for all, in 1945
Carnival Destiny
Buchan's Carbolic soap. The most healing and the best purifying toilet soap. Cures all eruptions of the skin
An illustrated history of L.M.S. coaches, 1923-1957
Encuentro de la cultura cubana
A.J. Casson
I'm coming home
Prelude to a new art for an old religion
20th Century Limited
Outward bound
Socialisme en wetenschap
English interiors in smaller houses
Polish acts of atrocity against the German minority in Poland
Georgia Day at the Jamestown Exposition, 1907
Snow, glaciers and icebergs
Man's right to knowledge
Interior of the pavilion of Ecuador, Treasure Island, 1939
Faun fountain in patio, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal., 1915
Paintings and sculpture in the permanent collection
Il mondo sulle scatole dei fiammiferi
New women in New China
Glorious opportunity
Nouvelle-Calédonie et ses dépendances
The Bigwin Inn
Model airplane news
Val de Loire, France
World's Columbian Exposition, 1893
Pukhovyi platok
My book to help America
"This is our 1943 model in Petunia Pink."
Twelve cover designs
Welcome to Cuba, La Villa de Paris, Habana
Victorian resorts and hotels
B.T. Babbitt's best soap
Construction revival
De boekdrukker
Kriegskunst in Wort und Bild
Making a new deal
Italia in armi
Prefettura di Padova
The art of block cutting
Seamus Murphy, 1907-1975
Ten days that shook the world
Ambulances for Spain
Concert Gebouw Programma
Nederlandse industriële boekbanden
[Proofs from the Publishing firm C.A.J. van Dishoeck]
Handbuch des Deutschen Kaufmanns
Columbia macaroni. Young America : his first taste and he likes it
Across Canada in pictorial poster
The life of Ole Bull
Diario de la marina
Een liefde
Nem luxus!
Madison Square Garden, New York
Maisons d'habitations
Nieuwe bouwkunst in Holland en Europa
Sans Souci restaurant garden, Havana
If he can fight, like he can love, good night, Germany!
What you don't know
Dada & surrealism
Walter Burley Griffin
Portrait of an army
Perfumed with Hoyt's German cologne. The most fragrant and lasting of all perfumes. Use Rubifoam for the teeth. Deliciously flavored. Price: 25 cts a bottle
New York - California, via Havana and Panama Canal
[Woman in black swimsuit leaning on boat in the beach]
Approach to a formal garden and the citrus orchard, the "Isthmus" amusements in the distance, San Diego Panama-California Exposition
Sovetskii farfor 1920-1930 gody
American people, unfair to Japan
Monografias, artigos, mapas e gráficos estatisticos
Esposizione di Milano, 1906
What kind of an American are you?
The art of the exposition
B&B Italia & ECAL
Van Houten's cocoa
Greetings from Sydney, N.S.W
Ottawa Canada's national capital : guide and tour book
Eastern Steamship Lines, eleven coastwise services : Boston - New York, Boston - Yarmouth, N.S., Boston - St. John, N.B., Boston - Portland, Boston - Bangor : Boston & Yarmouth Line
Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island
Pioner druzhit c det'mi vsekh stran mira
What about our Japanese-Americans?
Il Podesta', Il Capo della provincia
A pocket guide to Stockholm
There is too much loose talk about navy, army, air force & production matters in Canada
Water in peril
Use Glenn's sulphur soap, cures all skin diseases. For toilet and bath
Forvandlede blomster
Agenda de la France nouvelle
Carlos Molina and his orchestra in Cuban madness
Riding the Same Wave
Grabad en vuestro pecho esta consigna
Comitato di Liberazione Nazionale, Tolmezzo
The Cincinnati Union Terminal pictorial history
Beeldhouwwerk en gebeeldhouwde meubels, Batiks
Die Insel Capri
Narodnyia russkiia skazki i legendy
Modern city planning and maintenance
The racial state
[Carnival Cruise Lines]
Ellis Island, New York
Savoly Thymol fogcréme
American fabrics
Die neue Eisenbahnschiffbrücke über den Rhein bei Maxau, Linie Carlsruhe-Winden
Soldiers serving the nation
The life of Benito Mussolini
Viaggio in Liguria
La navigazione sui mari
Satirikon =
Little herder in summer
Dvesta leva
The arts and crafts devolution [computer file]
Hitler and the Devil
Centenaire de 1789
S.S. President Harding, S.S. President Roosevelt
Diane Arbus, magazine work
The Antiquarian Society of the Art Institute of Chicago
Bauhaus, 1919-1933
Star Soap
Hilda van Suylenburg
En pionjär
Elementi di coltura fascista
[Glamour girl wearing blue hat with flowers standing by horse]
Sweet Home soap
Satiricheskaia grafika Borisa Shikoroda
Economy of the Soviet Union, past and present
Hoffman's Cafeteria, Inc. Miami Beach, Florida
American home
Italian futurist theatre, 1090 - 1944
Shoulder insignia
S.S. President Coolidge, dinner
Minsky's Follies, Fausto Theatre
Central Park Store, established since 1930 : it pays to look!!
Note sur la construction des ponts suspendus modernes
Alvin Lustig, American modernist
Ilustraçao de Angola
Iconography of power
The glorious obsession
Clipping the wings of fear
Sulphur Baths. Use Glenn's Sulphur soap. Cures all skin diseases
Hotels & maisons de la renaissance française; recueil de documents sur l'architecture privée des XVe & XVIe siècles
Autour de Bourdelle
Black Sun
Hotel Presidente, Havana, Cuba
The evolution of the contemporary idiom
By with to & from
Het bruine boontje
1938 A.D
Príroda a život
Claes Oldenburg, an anthology
A special collection
Hotel Edison
Mesto v slzách
Modernism at the salons of America, 1922-1936
Between two fires
Galileo Chini
Brooklyn Bridge, New York
Egon Schiele, Nudes
Wigner és Lustig
Ann Weaver Norton, sculptor
Do what your mother did (I'll do the same as your dad)
Tampa Bay
I'll bring you back some souvenirs
The chair
[Canadian Pacific Limited]
Palaces and courts of the exposition
New trains for New England
The youth's companion
Hitler claims he has the better men, but, he first has met United States Army men
La Vérité sur le canal maritime de Suez
Guide to Ephesus
Concurso para el Monumento de la Independencia Argentina
Rozane ware
An American in art
The wood engravings of Gertrude Hermes and Blair Hughes-Stanton
Premiere neige
The lawless decade
Stravinsky in pictures and documents
Salone della Crociera del Decennale (architetto G. Pagano - scultore A. Martini)
Russia & URSS
France routière
The pleasure of your presence is requested at a reception on board the S.S. "President Harrison," Saturday, January 12, 1924 from 2 to 4 p.m
[8 postcards celebrating the release of the steamboat the Santa Maria from pirates]
Heinz's extra cider vinegar
Die deutsche Bartholomäusnacht
Carouschka's tickets
The long week-end
Scottish village, 1939
25 Jahre AEG-Dampfturbinen
Megnyilt a forgalma ha reklám anyagát Pöhm J.nél szerzi meg
Plan axonométique
i tu? que has fet per la victòria?
A Nova flor de abacate : Grupo Guignard-1943. Os dissidentes, 1942
Painters of Normandy
Steamboat bill
Selected sculpture and works on paper
A century of photographs, 1846-1946
The hall-mark of the Kraft Division, Colonial Williamsburg
Once in a lifetime
Elkington & Co. Silversmiths
A message to Garcia
Art nouveau in fin-de-siecle France
Our elbows don't get a chance to get rusty
Avenue de l'opera
Picturing the modern amazon
Uffizi, Florence
The Communist Party of the United States
Los bravos Legionarios
Just think, I walk only 100 miles a week
El escultor Germán Cueto y su tiempo
Matrizes e gravuras brasileiras da colecção Guita e José E. Mindlin
Greetings sincere : with kindest regards and Christmas cheer
[United States Lines]
To Europe first class on the Homeric
Hedendaagsche architectuur in Nederland = Dutch architecture of today
Budapest, Roma, New York
David S. Brown & Co., cold cream and glycerine toilet soap
Modern American painting
Guess what I got. It's awful good
Un siècle passe
Exposition Universelle de 1900
Miami Beach is calling you
A gallery of Zionist profiles
Ask your grocer for "deep sea" mess mackerel. Fat, juicy, fine flavored
De wandelende Jood
With hammer in hand
New York / Chicago
Here's to your boy and my boy
[The Glenn Miller Story archive]
J'hesite a vous donner mon coeur
Pán k zemi pada
Polska i Zydzi
Exposition Preservation League, San Francisco, 1915
Hard labeur
On book design
Journal and abstract of proceedings for 1913-1914 session of the Sydney University Engineering Society, New South Wales
Assault on the arts
Pinakothek, Munich
Hoot mon!
Conférence dur l'achèvement du Canal de Suez
The Lady boats
Een nest menschen
Pincer movement
Rebecca van "Zonbeek-Hoeve"
Block printing with linoleum
[Woman wearing red cap and shawl smoking a cigarette]
The empire state building
De heilige
Credit card
The 20th century architecture and urbanism, New York
[Woman in yellow dress holding dog and roses on lap]
Mormon Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah
Lloyd Express, first class
A sculpture of love and anguish
U dni Zhovtnia, 1969-1970 = V dni Oktiabria, 1969-1970
[1870-1920, Jubileum Kalender, Nederlandsche Gist -en Spiritus Fabriek : Jaarkalender 1920-1921]
Colonial interiors
Les fetiches Parisiens
Els teus germans del front t'esperen per la lluita sagrada de la llibertat
Doorloopend Bewijs van Toegang
The Singapore house and residential life, 1819-1939
Mark Rothko
Proza door Jac. van Looy
Pablo O'Higgins
The whole world in his hands
Welded sculpture of the twentieth century
Eaton's Mayfair
Képes Hét
The negro mother, and other dramatic recitations
American art of the 20's and 30's
Architecture and revolution
The crafts in Britain in the 20th century
Olaudah Equiano
A day in the New York Crystal Palace, and how to make the most of it
Butcher boys
The best years, 1945-1950
Brera Milan
If you were king of Florida, you'd have your castle here
Larry Salk
Bergama (Pergamum)
In quest of excellence
The city of the west
Looking for America
Cubana, flor extra fina
Moscow : treasures and traditions
Souvenir aan Baarn
Hitler and the power of aesthetics
Fascism in Spain, 1923-1977
Fine arts, French section. Catalogue of works in painting, drawings, sculpture, medals-engravings and lithographs
Our country did it before and we are going to help do it again!
Bal de l'Internat., 1931
All about Shanghai
[Hamburg-American Line]
The fight for peace and democracy
I think of you too!
Helsinki : Helsingfors
V.I. Ulianov (Lenin)
Women artists and the decorative arts, 1880-1935
Housewarming celebration
Compliments of Murray & Co
Perfumed with Dr. Price's Unona toilet water
Feliz ano nuevo
An American ABC
Buecher, Buecher, Buecher, Buecher
"De lelijke tijd"
Het Leelijke Jonge Eendje
Unie postzegelalbum van Nederland en overzeese Rijksdelen
Le Pont Alexandre
[P ostcards of Virginia]
Redesigning the world
Southern California Counties Building
Robert D Erickson (1917-1991)
Florida's last frontier
Louisiana State Building, Jamestown Exposition, 1907
West entrance, Foreign Arts Building and tower of Home Economy Building, San Diego Panama-California Exposition
Final report of the Work Projects Administration for the city of New York, 1935-1943
The sign writer and glass embosser
Ship recognition
Een levenslustig troepje
Esmalte "Pájaro Azul" (Blue Bird)
Palazzo Spini Feroni and its museum
Die Reise ins Bücherland
J. Louis Engdahl
The architecture and landscape gardening of the exposition
Exposition opening day article
Till we meet again
Why Castle Heights?
Sunset Limited
Donkere dagen
Whose muse?
American etchers
Hot off the press
Le fard des yeux
Fabrica de tabacos, El Recurso, Habana
Children from many lands
Suomi Finland
France, general information
Harbour Bridge, Sydney, N.S.W
Arts & crafts ideals
The French Alps
Red House
P & O Steamship Co. : Miami, Havana, Nassau
Dit is de legede va het kerkhof va Sint Ian by Laren
A history of Western technology
Mario Cavaglieri
Managing the sense of a region
Arkhitektor T. Tomon
Becoming Eichmann
Wilde rozen
Officers and members of the Women's Centennial Executive Committee, and by-laws
[Elegant woman in pink dress holding umbrella]
Lecture/Oral History
Write me a love letter
Diabolical designs
A treasury of railroad folklore
After Lewis and Clark
Chambre de Commerce de Lyon
Special free offer from Charles Atlas
"Adria" a legjobb gyógyclosetpapiros
Monographie de la nouvelle Sorbonne
The Greek heritage in Victorian Britain
Franco Purini
A "Millenium" gyomorlikör a papám kedvencze
G.B. Shaw
Home decorating sourcebook
Architecture in the Netherlands
Moby dick or the whale
Earthly discourse
Expressionist utopias
Geillustreerde feestgids
Jim, Jim, I always knew you'd win
[Front and center view of the paved walkways leading to the Standard Oil Company pavilion and the Palisades Cafe to the left, California Pacific International Exposition, San Diego, Calif., 1935-1936]
The Thames and Hudson dictionary of art and artists
Victorian and Edwardian merchant steamships from old photographs
Exercises at dedication of the new city hall and memorial organ, Portland, Maine, August 22, 1912
I'm hitting the trail to Normandy, so kiss me goodbye
L'archivio fotografico di Giacomo Costa, 1920-1946
Vedli Pána az na misto Golgota
Aktsiia v dviesti piat'desiat rublei na prediavitelia
The art and politics of Arthur Szyk
Het dorp
[Moore-McCormack Lines]
Don't be a slave! Make your money work for you! Buy war bonds!
The Carl Wilke Round House, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
World War I posters
Quaderno di [blank]
Stavba a vývoj zahradního predmestí družstva "Sporilov" v Roztylech
Packaging catalog
Annual report of the superintendent of common and public grounds
Het eeuwige licht
Livres d'enfants russes et soviétiques, 1917-1945
"Recuerdos de la Selva Lacandona"
A epoca da IIa. republica vista por Carlos Maside
P.V. Jensen Klint : master builder of the Grundtvig Church
Moving the masses
The potter's art
The North Atlantic run
[Couple embracing on a bench in a garden with a white dog at their feet]
Cuba hotel directory, 1938
Afternoon Pipe Organ Recital
Prix européen de la reconstruction de la ville, 1992 = European award for the reconstruction of the city, 1992
Trottins de Paris
Gysbrecht van Aemstel
Pablo Gargallo
Try Higgins' German laundry soap
Onder Neerlands Vlag
Ezhegodnik Moskovskogo arkhitekturnogo obshchestva
The railway engineer
T. G. Masaryk
Un musée retrouve
Santa Fe style
Na tien jaar, 1894-1904
1776, powder. B.T. Babbitt, 1878
[Girl in a red dress on a tennis court]
Danubius mustár
[Postcards from the Panama California Exposition]
Where stuff comes from
Picture history of New England passenger vessels
Vom neuen stil
The highway traveler
Nicodemus helps Uncle Sam
Au lendemain de la victoire
Werkstätten für Wohnungskunst
Alla toelatta
Les ruines de la Section Belge
Great Lakes muse
"Do you drink Maillard's cocoa?"
Het ontwerpen van vlakornament
Sun and health
The Healing sun
Formal Gardens and North Side of Southern Counties Building
[Woman reading in bed]
A. Cassuto : Photo Casablanca
[A nti-Axis propaganda]
Fall River Line, Stonington Line, Norwich Line, Providence Line. From Boston, trains connecting with steamers at Fall River, Providence, Stonington, and New London
The "Goldener Hirsch"
Ocean liners
[Girl and boy separted by a tree, flirting]
The New York Times guide to reference materials
[Couple kissing by water]
French fashions "of good taste", 1920-1922, from Pochoir illustrations
The years of extermination
Kellogg's extract. Gives a fine flavor to cakes and custards
The railroad passenger car
Flor de tabacos de Partagas y compañia
Progress in Germany
70c : Nederland
La vie d'une parisienne
Arbeit bringt Freude!
Artists on the left
Per la Firenze futura
Commemorative exhibition of the 50th anniversary of the American Artists Congress (1936-1942)
"Hello, Steve"
Handbuch des Wohnungswesens und der Wohnungsfrage
IUdenich pod Petrogradom
October [1898]
Westvaco inspirations for printers
Algemeen Nederlandsch studenten weekblad
Eastern Steamship Lines
Eastman's soap. For scouring and toilet
Der mensch und die technik
Museums and their visitors
Stazione al parco
Designing and building the chapter house
Le strade statali d'Italia = Les routes nationales en Italie = State highroads of Italy = Die Staatsstrassen Italiens
Geschichte vom braven Kasperl und dem schönen Annerl
Dismantling utopia
In de muizenwereld
Industrial insurance. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. Perfectly satisfied
Prado entrance to Arts and Crafts Building, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal., 1915
Tours to the South Sea Islands
Waldorf Toys
There's a girl in Havana
The tile club and the aesthetic movement in America
El Figaro
Die Italienische Metamorphose, 1943-1968
Commando del Presdio Germanico del Cadore
Ellermans in South Africa, 1892-1992
Sacred German soil
Belinda ; fabrica de tabacos, Habana. Maximo Gomez, 51. Habana
Száll az ének szájról-szájra: FRANCK-kávénak nincsen párja!
Ministero dell'educazione nazionale
[Nude woman surrounded by two leopards and a panther]
Our commissary
Khar'kov Kharkiv Kharkiv
When Williamsburg woke up
A manual of Gothic moldings
The duck in the gun
Socialist reconstruction of Moscow and other cities in the U.S.S.R
California Building
The railway book
Onze tuin
Que se implante el servicio militar obligatorio. Que se dé a nuestro Ejército un solo Estado Mayor. (Del Manifesto del C.C. del Partido Comunista.)
Between worlds
Nederlandsche Maatschappij voor Nijverheid en Handel, Gesticht 1777
6. ™sterreichische kriegsanleihe
Marseilles white soap. Mama says this is better made solid and lasts longer. Will not shrink your woolens or flannels; for list of premiums see back of outside wrapper
Measured drawings of woodwork displayed in the American Wing
Ships & sailing
Zsidoság és gojság öröme Az Ojság
Buffalo, the city beautiful
Jubilee year book, 1880-1930
Ladies calendar for 1892 perfumed with Hoyt's German cologne, the most fragrant and lasting of all perfumes
Gingerbread houses
Egon Schiele
Katalog oficjalny dzialu polskiego na Miedzynarodowej Wystawie w Nowym Jorku, 1939
From a Spanish balcony looking towards the sea
Baukunst und dekorative Plastik der Frührenaissance in Italien
Gee up Prancer! Away down the street, to get Borax soap so pure and sweet. Mother will stand at the door and wait. But it doesn't matter if the washing is late, because Kirkman's Genuine Borax soap will do the work in half the time. Kirkman & Son, 30 Catherine St. N.Y
Karel Teige
Pacific Southwest Exposition, Long Beach, California, 1928
[U ncle Sam's cleated boot crushing a tiny Japanese soldier]
Harten van goud
The romance of Barrogill castle
Il concerto
Indrukken van een "tòtòk"
Spain, 1936
Alberto Morrocco
[Proofs for Gabriëlle
Het leven een zegen
The sex of things
Ella in het feeënrijk
Park Row building, New York
[Photographs and reproductions of downed Axis aircraft along with aerial views of European countries during World War II]
A pictorial history of Ybor City
[Woman in pink dress lying on her side]
Two colored women with the American expeditionary forces
Hotel Imperial, Broadway, 31st to 32nd Sts., New York
Lessons in domestic economy for elder girls
Vondels Leeuwendalers
Dutch decorative arts, 1880-1940
Carte Postale
Officer's Mess, Thanksgiving 1944 : Army Air Forces Redistribution Station, No. 2, Miami Beach, Florida
Hale's house in the sky
Jon-Jon and Annette
Herman Teirlinck
L'edera = Le lierre
The presentation
Plan of a residence suburb, Wethersfield, Connecticut. Town Plan Commission. Herbert S. Swan, city planner, New York. George W. Tuttle, engineer, Erwin T. Muller, associate city planners
The Christian vanguard
Die Memoiren des Grafen Tamás von Erdödy
Britain at war
La Bataille de Verdun (1914-1918)
Cottages, farmhouses and other minor buildings in England of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries
Album of Guatemala
La Statue de la Liberté = The Statue of Liberty
Decorative arts in Georgia
Mes santons, D. Dillejiane
Comando Presidio Germanico di Piadena
It's an old Southern custom
Svet, ktery voní
Design & kunsthandverk 1905-2005 : guidebok
The romance of exploration and emergency first-aid from Stanley to Byrd
Aan Hare Majesteit Koningin Wilhelmina
Tillaeg til Willumsens grafik ny fortegnelse af Sigurd Schultz, København 1961
Drommen om det 20. århundrede
Still finer new Studebakers
Cubanita (the daughter of Mam-Inez) Rhumba
The Stockholm exhibition 1930
The Eureka poisoned fly-plate will kill every fly in the house
Censored! The censors see red! The record of the present wave of terrorism and censorship in the American theatre ; For a free stage : the program of the Committee Against Censorship
The cubist epoch
Weakness is a crime
A guide to the building records of S.H. Kress & Co. 5-10-25 cent stores
American workers, American unions, 1920-1985
The modernist textile
Concorso per il piano regolatore di Verona
Final general report on hospital construction and management
Revistas y guerra 1936-39 : 16 de enero-30 de abril 2007 : Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia
Work and struggle
Charles Atlas
Lexique général des termes ferroviaires
Time capsule/1927
Schicklgruber, hide in your shell but your next and doomed for H
Richard Neutra
[Stylish woman wearing large hat]
Pan Am
La police donne un visage a l'anarchie
Modernism and the American scene
Official views of the Panama Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, Cal., 1915
Esso Touring Service
Mackintosh flower drawings
Allan Jones and Jane Frazee in Moonlight in Havana
Le Corbusier and the tragic view of architecture
Two hundred years of American art
Ivan Meštrovć at Notre Dame
Benito Mussolini
An analysis of Gothick architecture
Jhr. Onno Zwier van Haren en Mr. Willem Bilderdijk
Japanese crafts
To California via Havana and Panama on the president liners : Dollar Steamship Lines
Etched in memory
Imoncho no Tsukurikata / Yukio Sugiura [and] Fukujiro Yokoi
Spain's democracy talks to America
Per mailboot naar Amerika
The story of the Patria
Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building
Squadron 24, Army Air Forces, Officer Candidate School. 1944 D.E.F.G. Miami Beach, Florida
The American Federation of Arts
International solidarity with the Spanish Republic, 1936-1939
Briefkaart aan de heer B.W. Wierink
Garibaldi il mito
Fox Theatre, Brooklyn, New York : C. Howard Crane, architect : featuring the complete text of the special report made by the Historic American Building Survey unit of the United States Department of the Interior
Deutsche Presse
Propaganda and persuasion
Union Line
All Stalin's men
Tunnel warfare
[Diorama case in exhibition gallery of Standard Oil Company pavilion, California Pacific International Exposition, San Diego, Calif., 1935-1936]
The Earle Theatre
Flowers for the earth lord
A well-watched war
Sydney Ure Smith
Pioneer Jews
[Smiling woman wearing extravagant white fur top and blue hat]
Les chemins de fer
Russia and the USSR, 1905-1991
No bastan 9 vidas = 9 lives are not enough
The road back
The emergence of modern Greek painting, 1830-1930
At the San Diego Panama-California Exposition all the year 1915
Tourist third cabin
Speaking to Clio
An der Englischen Küste
Les dames qui fument
Mamma's favorites
[ Peace movement stickers printed just prior to outbreak of WWII]
Facade of California Building
The death of Stalin
Das Buch vom Roten Kreuz
[Washington State Exposition Commission Correspondence]
The life of George Washington presented in 24 picture cards, including separate biography, 1732-1932
Historic places
Die furka oberlap bahn
The Poetry Bookshop, 1912-1935
The cult of health and beauty in Germany
Hotel Bristol, Havana, Cuba
Sovetské hospodárství
[Woman in stylish brown coat and matching skirt with yellow flowers]
Front view of Southern California Counties Building, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal., 1915
The tree army
The story of the West, P.G. and E. Exhibit
The American Legion and civil liberty
E. & N. Worden, manuf'rs of all kinds of factory, family and laundry soaps
Travel by train
Mijn waarde vriend
Tokyo hyakkei
U.S. Government Building, Jamestown Exposition, 1907
Frank Lloyd Wright and George Mann Niedecken
The 5th Avenue Theatre of Seattle
U.S. Air Forces, Miami Beach, Fla
[Miami Beach, blueprint of an eden : lives seen through the prism of family and place, Michele Oka Doner-Mitchell Wolfson, jr. book project archive]
Colonia Portuguêsa de Timor
Building for nature
New York world-telegram
Le choix du collier
In harmonie met het oneindige
Communication from the Italian government
Vestimenta tradicional valenciana
Curarsi con le cartoline
Pervomaiskaia (2-ia) vystavka planirovki i arkhitektury na ul. Gor’kogo
Skye house
The Havana Post
Souvenir aan Hilversum
Die Skodawerke in Pilsen
America's 5 & 10 cent stores
To the mothers and fathers of New York
Nederlandsche bouwmeesters
Het wetboek van Mevrouw Etiquette in 32 artikelen
Soap for all nations. Cleanliness is the scale of civilization. A fair trial is all I ask for it. 1776 powder
Plan von Wien : mit karte von Österreich
[Red-haired girl reading a book with red cover on bed]
Zemská Výstava v Praze 1891
Marc Chagall
What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander--perhaps this is true, perhaps it is slander. Sauce for the epicure is sauce for the masses. Lea & Perrins' the original Worchestershire all other surpasses
Saving Face!
On the air
Quinten Matsys
Loew's Paradise, Grand Concourse, The Bronx, New York City : architect, John Eberson : opened September 7, 1929
Visiones de Estados Unidos
Le meunier
Socialisticky stát
Het boek in 1900
On the Beach, Miami Beach, Florida
Deutsche Gymnastik : D.G. vorbereitende Ubungen für den Sport Frottierübungen, Atemgymnastik, Massage, Körperpflege Verhalten im Licht- Luft- und Sonnenbad / von Hans Surén
Against fashion
Sans Souci
A new order shall arise
[Caribbean Cruise Lines]
Uit de lage landen bij de zee
Wyoming narrative report, from June 21, 1936 to July 20, 1936
Gisberto Ceracchini (1899-1982)
"Pannonia" sörfözö r.t. Pécsett
Margaret Preston
Empress to the Orient
Wir ABC-Schützen
After the war is over, will there be any "Home sweet home"
When I send you a picture of Berlin, you'll know it's over, "Over there," I'm coming home
[Easter bunny with horn and staff]
Captain of the Queens
Solve your gift problems with Castle Films home movies, 8mm-16mm
Laureaty stalinskikh premii i arkhitekture, 1941-1950 /IA.A. Kornfel'd
Dove è il cervel di Dante, non penetra "Kultur."
Experiencing architecture
[Glamour portrait of a girl with cropped blonde hair wearing a blue top with a big yellow flower]
L'arte del gioco = The art of the game
Barcelona and its international exhibition, 1929
Grosz J. ezelött Gyéres M. Márton uri, nöi-divat, kalap és czipö-raktára
Desi Arnaz, Mary Hatcher in Holiday in Havana
Et si j'apprenais le Pochoir
Risposta al libello a firma "un gruppo di Cadorini"
The new human interest library
Great White Fleet
Heckers' self raising griddle cake flour
The salon
C.H. Guenther & Son at 150 years
Cosmopolitan modernisms
[ Construction of Standard Oil Company pavilion, California Pacific International Exposition, San Diego, 1935-1936]
Italian fascism and developmental dictatorship
3 in 1 for humanity
Facts about fallout
La Florida ; bar, restaurant ; the cradle of the daiquiri cocktail
Rouen: la nuit ; la Vallée de la Seine: illuminée
Hart’s Bridge
Nieuwe Geillustreerde uitgave van Louis Couperus, Majesteit
Banff Springs, a Canadian Pacific Hotel
Joseph Binder
Art nouveau
Ireland Eire
Bernarr Macfadden, a study in success
Pleasure saving time
Storia illustrata del Fascismo
30s, 40s decorative art
New Zealand centennial news
Philadelphia, Pa
A descriptive catalogue of Chateau Malet, the residence of Sir Edward and Lady Ermyntrude Malet
Architectural graphics
[Woman sitting up on bed holding letter to her chest looking away]
P&O in the Falklands
Férfi ing, nöi harisnya
Some work of the Group of Twelve, Seattle, Washington
José Arechabala, S.A., en su 75 aniversario, 1878-1953
Treaty of peace with Germany. Data on German Peace Treaty
In the arcade of the Science and Education Building
Van Houten's cocoa
Swans Hellenic cruise handbook
Exclusivas Diana presenta: 3 Barbaros en un jeep
Hearty Xmas wishes
P.C. Hooft
Studies and executed buildings
Berkeley tribe
20th-century American women artists
Beretning om dem Internationale Fiskeriudstilling i Bergen i Aaret 1865
South Beach
The origins of graphic design in America, 1870-1920
A bridge to the seven seas
Veluwsche sagen
Tarjeta de turista = tourist card
Nach Deutschland in jeder jahreszeit
Bruxelles-Kermesse vers la place du Marché
Refreshing for the bath : violet water. Extracts for the handkerchief. Cashmere bouquet : toilet soap and perfume
Defendamos Madrid bajo un mando único
City of Miami
Karl Geiser
Heckers' household recipes
A Czech book in all countries of the world
Camouflage training aids
Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk
Joakim Skovgaard's frescos in Viborg Cathedral
Labor wants Roosevelt
The Jamestown exposition, illustrated ; photographs made with Goerz Lenses
The David L. Jarrett collection of propaganda covers
David Smith
The architecture of classical antiquity and of the renaissance
Train and plane service, border to border
The women artists of Italian Futurism
Interior decorations of the M.S. Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt
The Monarch of Bermuda
Un demi-siècle de signalisation routière
[Orient Line Mediterranean cruise ephemera, 1932]
Wir beurkunden hierdurch
A brief guide to Al-Harem Al-Sharif, Jerusalem
Conversations des Pouzelouzekes
Chrysler motors magazine
Rex : Amalfi ; Capri - I Faraglioni ; Napoli dal Parco Grifeo
The existing and proposed outer park systems of American cities
The Pride and the Spirit
Die Olympischen Spiele in Los Angeles, 1932
United front against fascism and imperialist war
France, general information
The Bauhaus and America
Reflections in large Lagoon
Buenos Aires, 1890-1925
Harry Kemp, the last Bohemian
Tungsram Izzólámpák
The Rolyat
Albers and Moholy-Nagy
Santa Fe Texas Chief
Colgate's soaps and perfumes
Wie Wien wieder Wien wurde
American art pottery
Wings over America
[Deutsches Reich postage stamps, stamped in Czechoslovakia, 1945]
The creative destruction of Manhattan, 1900-1940
Hitler's soldiers in the Sunshine State
Romantic Czechoslovakia
America gone modern
Here's New England!
The collected drawings of Aubrey Beardsley
Moderne ungarische Kunst
Drawings by American artists
French modern
Uitvoering van Nederlandsche liederen uit het liederboek van Groot-Nederland, ter viering van het vijfjarif bestaan der Utrechtsche Studenten-Afdeeling van het Willemfonds, in den Utrechtschen Schouwburg, op Woensdag 8 November 1899
São Paulo por dentro : um guia panorâmico de arquitetura
Rio de Janeiro
American prints from wood
Heroic Spain
Among the nudists
Thomas Hart Benton
[Letter from Private Fred Tillis to Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Redmond, dated April 1, 1944]
Freedom from fear
The complete guide to architecture in Stockholm
Frank Mechau
Care is costly
The art of perfume
A history of fascism, 1914-1945
Presenze liguri alle Biennali di Venezia, 1895-1995
Les grandes enterprises modernes
The Faustian bargain
Arnold Böcklin
The great age of American automobiles
$1,300 for one bomb
The tremendous twins, or, How the Boers were beaten
Kunst en maatschappij
Catalogo provvisorio della Galleria di Palazzo Bianco
The blessings of fascism
Cleveland, prodigy of the Western Reserve
Botanical Building
Pioner liubit prirodu
[Bakst water-color costume illustrations]
Grafika ceské avantgardy, 1907-1918
O seculo
C.L. & Blanche Rivers ; Walter Tritchler
Logica in boekdruk
Togo Gensui
Nederland bouwt betonwegen
Puente Cabrillo, West Approach
How lovely they were
Pelimex presenta ¡Ole Cuba!
Wir Bauen für den Führer
View from Pepper Grove
City of gold
Onze Kunst
Volendam III
[Woman standing in yellow convertible holding binoculars]
Historic buildings of Harare, 1890-1940
Oranje-Nassau, Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Ouvrages artistiques
Panama California International Exposition, San Diego, California, U.S.A
Wicklow and Wexford
Het wetboek van Mevrouw Etiquette in 32 artikelen
Ball Room, Centro Gallego, Habana, Cuba. = Salón de Baile, Centro Gallego
Wake up, America!
Kleine deutsche Geschichte
The avenue of the allies and victory
Official colored views and story, 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition World's Fair on San Francisco Bay
Walter Benjamin and the aesthetics of power
Our Florida Everglades
War gasses [sic]
Stazione d'arrivo in Piazza d'Armi
A much recorded war
Unicum a legjobb gyomorerösitö likör
Strangely familiar
Physical Culture Hotel, founded by Bernarr McFadden, Dansville, N.Y
Sacco-Vanzetti and the red peril
Archipel 73
Esposizione Internazionale, Torino
Becoming modern
Classic ground
The planning and construction of American theatres
Wim Crouwel alphabets : gr1
Padesátileté jubileum Ceského národního hrbitova v Chicago, Illinois
On proletarian culture
Marine news
[Proof for Van Houten's Cacao calendar illustrated Th. van Hoytema]
Report on the engineering and operating features of the Chicago transportation problem
Modern beauties in Manchurian = Tousei Manshu Kajin Fuzoku Bhen
Railroad journal
Yves Klein, "Naturometries" ; Galerie Gmurzynska
Savannah, where tourists go
Use Day's soap
Buenos Aires Herald presenta: Los ferrocarriles de capital Britanico en el progreso Argentino
Quaderno di [blank]
William de Leftwich Dodge
Prospectus over William Morris
Médailles et plaquettes
Jana Amose Komenského hrob v Naardenu
Aufwärts durch Leistung
Catalogus van Kunstvoorwerpen der verzameling Willet Holthuysen
Land into water--water into land
[Set of 4 postcards depicting street paintings from the American counterculture movement of the 1960s]
The government of metropolitan Miami
Come on down
There's a picture in my old kit bag
War ration book four
Oude Hollandsche Steden aan de Zuiderzee door W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp & J.G. Veldheer
On the way to market, Cuba
[Man kissing woman on cheek]
Panama Pacific International Exposition
[Photographic postcard view of Treasure Island alongside the waters of San Francisco Bay]
Budapest székesfõváros koronázási hódoló felirata
El Ejército Popular es el ejército de la República
Modern Mexican painters
Padiglione Stampa
Oceanliner lounge
Centennial book, to take home
Nikken Sekkei
De broeders
The old man of Lochnagar
The road less traveled
Union-Castle Line
Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal., 1915
Lithography in Cincinnati
Lantern star against the sky, a fountain in the sunlight
[Glamour girl holding Italian Greyhound]
Ode to Chairman Mao : songs
Frank Lloyd Wright and Midway Gardens
The American educator encyclopedia
Art & reform
Wilson-Cass Co.'s health biscuit, Philadelphia
Municipio di Pordenone
10 cent stamp album
World's fair highlights, 1939, on San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate International Exposition
The construction of Lombard and Gothic vaults
Architectural ornaments in Berlin
Dictators face to face
Triumphal arch, 1940 Golden Gate International Exposition
Souvenir from Havana
Getting Warm!
Die Zeitgemässe Schrift
History of the modern styles of architecture
Verzameling van bekroonde ontwerpen = Recueil de projets couronnés
Futurism & photography
Steamboat bill of facts
Parole der Woche
Visuelle Logik, die Kunst von Karl Gerstner
Ani labut' ani luna
[ Postcards of North Carolina, ca. 1930s]
De St. Janskerk te 's-Hertogenbosch
Roberto Otero, la mayor colección de Picassos del mundo
Il tempo delle littorine
[17 envelopes depicting U.S. Navy vessels]
De flytande palatsen = The White viking fleet
Augustinus Belydenissen
Böhmen und Mähren
Roberto Burle Marx
Kalender voor het jaar 1900
Theme center
...and that the New Year may bring peace on earth
The political Struwwelpeter
[19 cocktail stirrers from Cuban nightclubs, restaurants, etc.]
[Graveyard with tombstone for Mussolini and a plot reserved for Hitler]
School architecture
Mocidade Portuguesa Feminina
United States destroyer operations in World War II
Noorweegsche brieven
Lessen van den ondermeester
Soviet hieroglyphics
Finest flavor, fairest price
Weapons of mass dissemination
Itineraries in France
La baïonnette
Sweet Home soap
Die dewog in Hamburg
Walt Disney's comics and stories
Berlin und Brandenburg
La poupée du Stalag
Metropolitan seminars in art
London 1900
Proceedings of the fifth national conference on American planning history
Alpine Architektur
From exposition to exposition
Pavillon de Nancy
Daphnis und Cloe
Making it real
The greater Miami opera
Edward Weston
Federal building, 1940 Golden Gate International Exposition
Australian history 1901 to 2001 as seen through banknotes
Symbolisme in Nederland 1890-1935
Vasúthistória évkönyv
Le Recueil d'architecture choix de documents pratiques ... publication mensvelle sous la direction de MM. Wulliam & Farge
Paroles dorées de Mr. Churchill adressées à la Nation Française
P. & O. Turbine Passenger Steamship "Florida" ; passenger capacity 780, speed 19 knots per hour, 387 feet long, 56 feet wide
Presentación de Hecht, Hill, y Lancaster : Clark Gable, Burt Lancaster...y un campo de batalia en el fondo del mar! "Colosos del Mar" ("Run Silent, Run Deep")
Makers of a new nation
Use Lauraline
Small fac-simile of A Busy Day, by the celebrated painter of child life, Maud Humphrey
Use Day's soap
Paul Cézanne
[River House]
Troka el poderoso
The Pontiac "Torpedo" fleet
Now any new car buyer can afford this 1941 Pontiac "Torpedo."
The new 1946 Packard Clipper
The new and greater Essex super-six
Anno uncing a notable birthday
Raffles of Singapore
The Lafayette Hotel ; Portland, Maine
[Collection of New York City hotel matchcovers]
Fröhliche Weihnachten
Indian Arts, Science of Man Buildings
Six wonderful days
[Uncut sheet of 10 lottery tickets from the Cuban National Lottery]
Film on the left
What was federal theatre?
A collection in formation: 1975-2005
Multiple visions, a common bond
The Whitney women and the museum they made
The Buick book of facts
Carlos Sáenz de Tejada
De kleine Johannes
The other promised land
Marxist esthetics
[Christmas tree with sleeping child]
All-story love stories
Report of the New Jersey Commissioners on the Centennial Exhibition
The Miami-Palm Beach-Havana gimlet
Work to win, or work for Him
Archibald Knox
West Side of Plaza de Panama, Science and Education Building in foreground, Arts and Crafts Building in distance
The frantic Atlantic
Metal work
The Cuba railroad
[Title in Japanese]
Depero futurista
Z sviatom peremohy!
Feature comics
Romeo und Julia
Pacific square-riggers
Messengers of modernism
Le fer à l'Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs moderns
Unió es força
A survey of Berlin
Antonio Tenreiro, 1893-1972
Kaiser Karls Leben
Pervoe Maia
Cernosské tance
Night fall in the Ti-Tree
Architecture series of measured details
Paris and the arts, 1851-1896
Il carbone
Fox Theatre, San Francisco, California : Thomas W. Lamb, architect
Xul Solar
Hungarian artists
Round Africa cruise holiday
Portland ships are good ships
I always drink Huyler's cocoa or chocolate!
Unsere Kleidung
The Republic of Cuba Building, New York World's Fair
Greetings from Miami Beach, Florida
Erotic Movies
A Pinacoteca do Estado
How to see Seattle and know her charms
The Brooklyn Museum American paintings
Piero della Francesca
[Woman in pink dress hiding flower by her side]
Mörder gesucht
Negro housing
Turkiye turistik haritasi
Nudism in modern life
Fifty famous liners 2
Casa mexicana
Budapest 1900
Dokumente der Zeitgeschichte
Rethinking design number five
New vintage type
[Couple embracing]
Pleasure Saving Time ; Havana, smartest city in America
Federal irrigation projects
Sport e amore
The life and work of Harry Franklin Robinson, 1883-1959
Een lent van verzen
Mosaicos : CNC, la música que está de moda
Chapel of light
Scott's Poughkeepsie Bridge soap. An elegant Easter card given away for the return of ten wrappers
Help labor's prisoners
The birth of fascist ideology
The bungalow
Flüchtiger plan zu einem jubiläum des Mülanzer galgens
Barrow's Christmas list, 1935
Kabaco fogkrem [sic] és szájviz
Assassination scene : President John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Haarlemsche kunstkring
21st birthday celebrations
A glimpse of the Lakshminarayan Temple New Delhi
H. Clausen and Son Brewing Co
Red women's detachment
Margarett Sargent
Youth against war and fascism
[Stylish woman with blue dress and gold cape waiting, two uniformed men in background]
De Elandsprong
A colonnade, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal., 1915
Alfred Stieglitz
[Smiling woman holding brown dog]
Exhibition notes : notepaper, envelopes, and blotter : New Zealand and South Seas International Exhibition, Dunedin 1925-6
Cahill Expressway, Circular Quay, Sydney, N.S.W
Jeunne femme sur la dune
[Cheerleader crying]
Sea resorts and heath country of Northern Germany
Wings across continents
A pictorial history of the world's great nations, from the earliest dates to the present time
Jaarboek van den Hoofdcursus te Kampen
Progress of China's industrial cooperatives
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum neuen Jahre! = Lashana Tova Tikateyvu!
Children at war
"All the world is here!"
Pacific coast tours through the Canadian Pacific Rockies
Czechoslovak literature and science
Nieuwsblad voor den boekhandel
[Correspondence addressed to Herbert Bayer from author Alison Sky]
Kunst, kennis en commercie
Polonia, 2 millenio : Mariapia vecchi
"Coming events cast their shadows..."
[Woman standing under an umbrella]
Gedenkboek keuze tentoonstelling van Hollandsche schilderkunst uit de jaren 1860-1892, gehouden te Amsterdam in Arti et Amicitiae
Hoyt's German cologne, the most fragrant and lasting of all perfumes. Manufactured by E.W. Hoyt & Co., Lowell, Mass. U.S.A
National cultures, nazism and the church
Sacramento Valley Building, on the Plaza de Panama
Hotel Adolphus, Dallas, Texas
The truth about Reader's Digest
Oldtimer railway vehicles in Hungary
Glamour ships of the Union Steam Ship Company, N.Z., Ltd
The Royal Palm Hotel, Havana Cuba. One of Havana's great hotels; in the heart of Havana
Unser Führer
Bolivar, Habana. Made in Havana, Cuba
Josef Capek
Bright flowers
Leading "the simple life"
The aerial year book and who's who in the air, 1920
[Imperial Hotel Christmas card]
Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal. 1915
A Century of Progress
Eisenbahnen der welt Osteuropa
Roma, Italia, 1870-1940
A noon-hour talk on the Communist Party
My how times have changed
Diploma di Ammissione alla Scuola Media
Greek style
Suspension bridges, A Century of Progress
Sylvester and the butterfly bomb
Rex : Venezia ; Verona - Le Arche degli Scaligeri ; Padova - La Basilica del Santo
Adria a legfinomabb csontlevél és okmánypapiros
Kracht en stof
How ’ya gonna keep ’em down on the farm
Boston Architectural Club year book
Objects of design, from the Museum of Modern Art
Passerelle Victor-Emmanuel III
The superliner Fascination : the "fun ships" of Carnival Cruise Lines
Propaganda and mass persuasion
From Bauhaus to Aspen
The dictionary of imaginary places
Galleria d'arte moderna of Genoa, with works from The Mitchell Wolfson Jr. collection
The scarlet professor
Environmental issues and answers
Steps off the beaten path
Who's who among visitors to Havana and what's what in Cuba
Domes of America
Redefining genre
Kleine verschrikkingen
The aesthetic arsenal
Album van geest en van kracht
Non-Commissioned Officer's Physical Training Instructors School
Hungária sör
Why is there no socialism in the United States?
Magisch realisten en tijdgenoten
The Lamps of Tiffany
Pána ulozili do hrobu
"Time to change flags, Adolf."
Australia replanned
Samutph¯ap pratim¯akam Krung Rattanak¯osin = Sculptures of Rattanakosin
Arti decorative francesi
Rereading sex
Th e Nip's wanted all of Asia. : We'll give 'em 'ELL
Report of the Committee on plans and architecture, to the U.S. Centennial Commission. Nov. 1, 1873
Daughter of the sun
Birds-eye view of Salt Lake City, Utah
The Foreign and Domestic Industries Building, Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal
Van een schoonen dag
Fall Weiss
Foro Mussolini - Lo Stadio dei Marmi ; Il Vittoriano - Aracoeli e Rupe Tarpea ; Castel Sant'Angelo e Ponte
Huldefeest ter herdenking van het 25jarig verblyf van H.M. de Koningin Moeder in Nederland
Bell's spiced seasoning. Bell's 3 P's -- pleases particular palates
Die Stahlkirche
Common man, mythic vision
A Soviet city and its people
Paul Belmondo, la sculpture sereine
L'Espace urbain en URSS, 1917-1978
Lesen lernen
60c : Nederland
Lundborg's rhenish cologne
Drie jongens op reis
To the folks back home
Chihuly Persians
Imperial Hotel, Tokyo. Japan
A Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago, 1933
Arnold Volpe
Exposition Internationale de Paris 1937
With friends
"Sweet Home" soap
Ernest Haskell
Marine engineering/log
American automobile art, 1950-1970
Spirit of America
Southern Counties Building, Varied Industries in background, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, 1915
Brown, Thompson & Co. Louisville, KY. Old Forrester
Zhurnalisty bezvremen'ia
La costruzione di un teatro
Essex House, Miami Beach, Florida
The miracle of fasting
Hatuey ; Ministerio de la Industria Alimenticia, empresa de bebidas y licores
Strasse in Mombasa
In den nevel
Save man power for war power. Steady production will keep him on top
Soap, sex, and cigarettes
Ar Seiz Breur 1923-1947
Dolores Olmedo Patiño
[Paraguay, Ecuador, and Johor pavilions at the Golden Gate International Exposition]
Si, si, señor, you get it only in Bacardi
A favor del patronato nacional de colonias infantiles : sorteo extraordinario diciembre 24 ; hágase rico ayudando a la niñez. Primer premio, $250.000
Reggimento Volontari Alpini
[ Lewis Long collection of matchcovers]
Pioneer instruments and equipment
Stille Dalen
Die historische Begegnung am 18. Juni 1940 in München
Uitvoering van Nederlandsche liederen uit het liederboek van Groot-Nederland
Manufacture des Sevres et tour de Champagne
The story of salt
Koninklijke Nederlandsche Brandweer Vereeniging
Dorogi iunosti
Travel by sea between San Francisco or Los Angeles and New York : [Pacific Mail Steamship Company]
Grueby pottery
It was a wonderful dance!
Cool cruises to Havana
The outline of the capital reconstruction work
Volks-Lieder der Serban
Dragons from the north
Father Coughlin
Quaderno di [blank]
Baillie Scott
An account of the arrangements and procedure in Westminster Hall, Friday, 7 May, 1937, on the occasion of the luncheon of the Empire Parliamentary Association at which H.M. King George VI welcomed the prime ministers and other delegates to the Imperial Conference and the delegates to the Empire Parliamentary Conference
Schets der Helleensche of Grieksche letterkunde
Góliát sósborszesz
IMO conventions, codes and amendments
The Mining Building, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal
The Miami herald
English-Russian phrase-book
Library of Congress prints and photographs
Art deco
[Girl in bed falling asleep while reading a book]
The Holy Land and the lands of the Levant invite you
Franz von Stuck, 1863-1928
Portrait of Cuba
Aurelius Augustinus' Belijdenissen in XIII boeken
Les chemins de fer des États-Unis
Chrysler Motors 5 star show at the New York World's Fair, 1940
Akademie Vytvarnych Umení v Praze na Vystave soudobé kultury Ceskoslovenske v Brne, 1928
I'll go over the top for him any old time
American decorative arts and sculpture
How to see Holland
Die neue Reichskanzlei
Our wonderful gym dances!!
Catalogue d'objects d'art de la collection Willet Holthuysen
Gay Havana, Cuba
Officiëel gedenkboek van de feestelijke ontvangst en de inhuldiging van Hare Majesteit Koningin Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria binnen Amsterdam in 1898
Beograd = Belgrade
Aelbrecht, hertog in Beieren, graaf van Holland enz. binnen Enkhuizen in 1396
Il Modernismo a Roma, 1900-1915 tra le riviste "Novissima" e "La Casa"
Hollandsche teekenaars van dezen tijd
The complete films of Eisenstein
Evacuad Madrid
Art deco interiors
Jardins de Paris-vue prise du stadium Louvre
[American G.I. using a flame thrower to scorch the rear end of Tojo Hideki or some other stereotypical Japanese soldier]
Learning a useful lesson. Use Pyle's Pearline
Die Arktisfahrt des "Graf Zeppelin", im Auftrage der Internationalen Gesellschaft zur Erforschung der Arktis mit Luftfahrzeugen (Aeroarctic)
Architectural gardens of Italy
Pavillon Suisse
Art-ply for modern interiors
De vlaschaard
The films of Hedy Lamarr
Adolf's going places!
[Woman in white dress holding black dog]
Archives d'architectes
Tord Boontje
Christliches Andenken im Gebete an den tapferen Krieger Heinrich Marchl
Opposition to Soviet rule in Lithuania, 1945-1980
The painterly print
The Jews and other minor nationalities under the soviets
Árkád játékáruház
Twilight of the Comintern, 1930-1935
Buttermilk toilet soap
Paradise of the Pacific
Florida Royal Palm, Chicago-Jacksonville : Big Four Route, Queen & Crescent Route, Southern Railway, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Macon, Jacksonville
With every good wish for the new year from May McNeer and Lynd Ward
Capolavori dell'Ottocento Italiano dalla raccolta Gaetano Marzotto
Children’s books of yesterday
Paris in New York
Tarsila, 1918-1968
Owners' Home-Building Catalogues
[Holland-America Line]
Abadie, Paris
Wim Crouwel alphabets
Fiftieth annual exhibition, 1942, National Association of Women Artists, Inc
Kenchiku Sakuhin
Dijon, Capitale de la Bourgogne
Resorts in the Canadian Rockies
[Hadag Cruise-Line]
Homenaje a Justino Fernández (1904-2004)
Visit Finland
Vino tonico de Wintersmith contra calenturas
I've been pretty busy this Easter!
Wittgenstein's Vienna
[SA troops marching with Nazi flags]
Allied Military Government, Province of Padua : Provincial order n. 3 : curfew = Governo Militare Alleato, Provincia di Padova : Ordine provinciale n. 3 : coprifuoco
Come to Havana, Republic of Cuba : exquisite isle of delight
Yertle the turtle and other stories
Ein Kampf um Rom
Pamiatka z Krakowa
Zu hause = En casa
Retreat from glory
Full-color floral designs in the art nouveau style
Gids voor het kasteel van Haarzuylens en omstreken
Pavillon de "La Maitrise", Galeries Lafayette
An encyclopedia of cottage, farm, and villa architecture and furniture
Due popoli, una guerra
Erik Bulatov, Moscow
Hierros artísticos
Japanese game of "Go"
Fallingwater rising
[Proofs by L.W.R. Wenckebach]
Les Bohémiens
Highland Park Hotel, Aiken, S.C., open - Nov. to June
The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Book of the Scottish Garden
The unconquered Seminole Indians; pictorial history of the Seminole Indians
Destroy this menace
[Alcoa Steamship Company]
Italian fascisms from Pareto to Gentile
On the level you're a little devil (but I'll soon make an angel of you)
The human figure in motion
Transportation Building
Challenge of the modern
The Brittany of Artists in the Late 19th Century
Art and exile
Osnovy sovetskogo gradostroitel'stva [Principles of town planning in the Soviet Union]
Toukou Tomimoto Kenkichi no sekai
Nothing gained by overcrowding!
Yo soy el hombre
It takes lots of money to provide thier outfits
Kijkjes in de plantenwereld
Mercantile, industrial and professional Saint Louis
C/V "Leonardo da Vinci" : Italian Line
Then and Now
The Cher, Berry, France
Vista from State Buildings Plaza, Montana on the right and Washington on left
Imperial persuaders
The world's public enemy number 1 : Hitler
The Nazi octopus in South America
Vista from state building plaza, Montana on right and Washington on left, Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal
Dewey on education
South Australian Harbors Board
The general
Cotton plantation scene
Jardin de la Ville de Paris- Club des Architectes
Rock-a-bye your baby with a Dixie melody
World's fair
Nazi penetration in America
Proclama al popolo italiano
Makes the lightest cakes always the best. Heckers' self-raising buckwheat
Juli [1896]
Seeing Havana, Cuba with American sightseeing
Racial minorities under fascism in Italy
Wings over America
Whose pretty baby are you now?
L'unità d'Italia corre con il fumo della vaporiera
Osaka-Okinawa Kouro Hajoumaru ittou Shokudo
Sketches of a late etcher
De gezondheid in huis
The Louis XVI Grand Salon, Hotel Imperial, Robert Stafford [Proprietor]
Also Sprach Zarathustra
Weisz J. Hugó órakészitö
Great prints & printmakers
Platt & Co. Baltimore oysters. J.F. Pride, Manager. Chicago, IL
The kings of Min Zaman
Het Hooglied van Salomo
The National Limited
Touring London
Transatlantic liners at war
Pierre Chareau
Pierre Chareau, ou, Le meuble en mouvement
Boardwalk ballyhoo
Het ontwaken der vrouw, of, De rol der vrouw in de evolutie der menschheid
[Light Blue envelope depicting Adolf Hitler as a rat]
De Doolage
Science of Man
Wyoming narrative report, Works Progress Administration, November 21, 1936 to December 20, 1936
Dichter der Gegenwart
Villa and cottage architecture
Exposición General Española
Dreamers, schemers, and scalawags
The Worcester brand salt, Worcester Salt Co., New York
Het Bosch van Groot-Vredestein en ander verhalen
Passage du Pavillon Autrichien
Schiffer Antal füszer, csemege és rum üzlete
Les îles Saint-Pierre et Miquelon
German militaria
This time, he means it!
Erstes Album der Obersten Führer des Dritten Reiches genehmigt von der NS-Leitung
An Eames primer
Art treasures in Germany
Fly National Airlines to gay Havana
Wings over America
The illustrated handbook of architecture
Cunservet Deus su re, Salvet su regnu sardu, Et gloria a s'istendardu, Cuncedat de su re
Pocket guide to the principal hotels in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. Where railroad and steamship advertising matter may be found
Typic. Rumba. Cuba
N.V. Dordtsche Glashandel
The model craftsman
Cuban cigar labels
Twaalf houtsneden
Seeing New York World's Fair in colors
Long may she wave
Tra futurismo e visual design
Het vakblad voor den werktuigkundige en den electrotechnicus
The autobiography of Osugi Sakae
Yrkesutstilling for vestlands-bygdene 19.-24. mars 1946
Eaton's viking parchment
Balada o námorníku
Early American locomotives
Views and flowers of the Holy Land Jerusalem = vues et fleurs de la terre sainte Jérusalem
Interior design
I'm going down to old Havana town
"Geographia" large scale street plan of Edinburgh
Die Österreichisch-ungarische Monarchie in Wort und Bild
Das Zauberschiff
Kapitaal en arbeid in Nederland
[Charles Atlas]
Mussolini’s Italy
Sound filmstrips, set 21
Driehoeken bij ontwerpen van ornament voor zelfstudie en voor scholen
The fate of Czechoslovakia
First annual report of the State Highway Commission of the State of Maine from July 12, 1913 to December 31, 1913 ; also the ninth annual report of the commissioner of highways from January 1, 1913, to July 12, 1913
The Delano Hotel and Cabana Club, Miami Beach, on the ocean just north of Lincoln Road
The amazing frameup of Mooney and Billings
"L'uomo della Provvidenza"
50 svetlotisku dle provedených plastik
Orientalist aesthetics
Profiles of 475 local and regional railroads
Too good to divide
Roosevelt album
Hiroshige in Tokyo
Her color comes and goes, it trembles to a lily, it wavers to a rose
Odborove hnutí ve Spojených státech amerických
Places from the past
Memorial to Fray Junipero Serra
Sloppy Joe's Bar, Havana, Cuba
Theorie en Praktijk der Engelsche vakvereeniging door Sidney en Beatrice Webb
The autobiography of Upton Sinclair
L'h istoire et l'architecture française au Mont Saint-Michel
Menú, Tropicana, Habana, Cuba
Wassili Tschekrygin, mystiker der Russischen avant-garde
The soil soldiers
Gedichte des Archipoeta an Kaiser Friedrich Barbarossa und seinen Kanzler
Sam S. Shubert Theatre
Guía del Museo
Che cosa e' l'Africa Orientale? (Eritrea, Abissinia, Somalia)
Boca Raton
Wir von der Westfront
Somewhere in France is the Lily
Designed for delight
Gustav Vigeland
Ireland Motor Coach Tours
Luxury liner, M.V. "Bulolo" : owners Burns, Philp & Co., Ltd
School-idyllen door Top Naeff [cover]
Twentieth-century American art
Weston County, special report
In this Academy
Compendium for literates
The Playa, Havana, Cuba = Habana : Playa de Marianao
Fine Arts Building
Catalogus teekeningen van Th. van Hoytema
Ifj. Csepella Ferencz
The Nazis
Steamers of the past
Japan auf der Weltausstellung in Wien 1873 [von] Herbert Fux
El final del milenio y la música. La creación operística durante el siglo XX en México
[Neo-classical-style profile portrait of brunette girl]
The plunder of Ethiopia
Lo Stile
Comune di Tolmezzo : si invita la popolazione a trovarsi sabato 19 c.m. alle ore 17 in piazza S. Caterina per rendere l'estremo doveroso tributo di omaggio alla Salma dell' eroe Bettera Caro (Boris) morto per la causa della libertà
Oehoehoe in de wildernis
Walter Gropius
New Russia's primer
The Al. Ringling Theatre, Baraboo, Wisconsin, 1915-1990
[Woman holding dog with pointed snout]
Teamwork for victory
Art of the skyscraper
The scenic wonders of America
Building the collective
Winnetka individual reading material
Catalogue of the collection of exhibition goods in the Argentine Republic. South side of the extreme west end of the main building : to be sold at public sale, on Saturday morning, November 25, 1876, at 10 1/2 o'clock, M. Thomas & Sons, auctioneers
Frescoes in Chapingo by Diego Rivera
Magyar Törlögummi
Pavillon de la revue d'art et decoration, "Rouard"
Gazzetta di Genova
Chemins de fer de l'est : matériel roulan, locomotives et tenders, 1864
Album commemoratif
Socialist realist painting
Larry O'Dell ; Sailor Jim White
Tampa, Florida
Ministero dell'Educazione Nazionale a. XIX
Architecture et mode de vie
A historical mela
At the end of a long arcade
A dictionary of architecture and building
Realtà e magia del "Novecento italiano" in Liguria
The art of Esteban Lisa
Reinaert de Vos
Escape from the gallows
Del Madrid rojo
Of planting and planning
Die Überwindung der Utilität
Says my heart / words by Frank Loesser, music by Burton Lane
Times Square style
Scandinavian journal of design history
[French Line]
Facts about unemployment
Blast 2
The good Nazi
Coronado Tent City
Florida for tourists, invalids, and settlers
Northern Ireland
The Bluejackets' manual
La red austral
Miramar Yacht Club : Habana
Anybody seen that Jap navy? Ask "Davey Jones"!!
Homenaje al maestro Francisco Moreno Capdevila (1926-1995)
Cerveza Palatino ; cerveza elaborada con malta de Canada y Lúpulo legitimo de Saaz. Embotellada por Manuel Rabanal, Habana
[Woman wearing yellow and black striped top with matching cap leaning over rail]
Boda Bertalan
The Weimar years
Guide book to Izmir
Illustrated World War II encyclopedia
Impressions of a visit to gay Havana, "The Paris of the western hemisphere."
[Portrait of a short-haired blonde woman wearing purple shawl]
Certificate of graduation in physical culture
Becoming Mae West
Louis Sullivan
Padesát let Státní umeleckoprumyslové školy v Praze 1885-1935
Jasper Park Lodge
Youth in the Soviet Union
Jardin de la manufacture nationale de Sevres
American estates and gardens
H.J. Heinz Company, Pittsburgh, U.S.A
Pascual Lopez
Mackintosh to Mollino
Družstevní dum v Brne
La España de Burgos
Delicious, refreshing Coca-Cola at the fountain : this card entitles you to one glass of Coca-Cola of any dispenser of genuine Coca-Cola
Hakone Tozandensya
Warschau und das Ende
Hotel Nacional de Cuba
This is a recorded message from your man in service
Los Jardines de Montezuma
TGM v Lánech
Onze hedendaagsche toonkunstenaars
I will bear witness
The Eskwin
Tinchant Frères, José Tinchant y Gonzales, Ernest Tinchant : marque veni vidi vici, Anvers
Das Glücthasst Schiss von Zürich
Railroad magazine
If Earth could talk
GOA presents the streamliner
Chautauqua system song
Andrew Wyeth
Flameless electric built-in ovens and range platforms
[Proofs for the Notenkraker en Muizenkoning]
The Elizabeth
Vict'ry polka
He & I, with blood in eye, side by side, march in even stride
Pour vos beaux yeux
Hotel Oriente
Functionalist design
Artistas en tránsito, México, 1980-1995
Hitler's service flag
Soldados de nuestro glorioso Ejército
A tour through the past and present of the Battle Creek Federal Center
Pearl Harbor story
Jan Zrzavý
Fry's homeopathic cocoa
Theorie en practijk van het Britsche vakvereenigingswezen
The British Army
Children's book of wonders
European masterworks
Albrecht Dürer
Fascist era year XVII, (28th Oct. 1938-27th Oct. 1939)
Would you make a fuss over me?
Szent István cikória kávé pótlék különlegesség
Sweet Home
Plumbing for the main exhibition building
Soldier boy
Dwight D. Eisenhower, General of the Army
The Archipenko exhibition
Carlos Sáenz de Tejada
Sparkling Latin gaiety
Good for one seat at Sans Souci restaurant garden, Havana, Cuba
Maatschappij tot bevordering der toonkunst afdeeling Amsterdam, directeur W. Mengelberg
The Depression years
The Jewish enemy
Het drukkers jaarboek
Journal of a trip to the island = Diario de un viaje a la isla, Mayo 4, '98
The Cuba reader
Oorlog en vrede in kinder- en jeugdboeken = war and peace in children's books = guerra e paz na literatura para crianças
Octubre rojo en Asturias
Dust tracks on a road
Nouvelles petites femmes
Nederlandsche planten
Joseph Pennell's pictures of the wonder of work
Pearline the great invention for housekeepers
Picturing French style
The New York World’s Fair, 1939
[Photograph of army officers and women seated at a dining table at the Officer's Club of the Miami Army Air Field, Miami Florida]
Lámpák és csillárok
Dollar Steamship Lines
Victorian interiors
Grauman's Metropolitan Theatre
1910, Halbzeit der Moderne
You may be certain that there is no better cocoa than Van Houten's!
Meath and Louth
Palace Hotel Bar
[Man in clown costume dancing with masked woman in yellow dress]
The model engineer
Icone e argenti della antica Russia : [mostra] Studio d'arte Mazzoleni
This is for Ma...and this is for me!
Benito and Adolph got kicked in the can. The next is Hirohito and his stinking Japan
Jim Crow guide
André Masson
Advertising arts
[German man playing a tuba as a dachshund looks on]
Indische tooversprookjes
Château de Hautefort, Dordogne
5000 Jahre Hakenkreuz
Manufacture of honey-cake and biscuits
Feith tot Jacques Perk
Prints of the twentieth century
Museum governance
[Woman in yellow dress leaning over a man in a suit with his head in his hands]
Enrico Prampolini
International directory of design
[Postage stamps from Nazi Germany]
The best of Norman Rockwell
Onder de Republiek
Chronik der Deutsch-Nationalen Kunstgewerbe-Ausstellung in Mnchen, 1888 / im Auftrage des Directoriums herausgegeben von Dr. Paul v. Salvisberg
San Francisco invites the world
100 helpful ideas about presents for men
Coast to coast and return -- in 5 days
Predlohy nábytku
The German invasion of western North Carolina
We're giving 'em a big WAAC
Nos amoureuses
Northern deco
Mavzolei Lenina na Krasnoi ploshchadi v Moskve
Alla popolazione italiana
[Day and night]
The story of the Chokoloskee Bay country
A guide to Rothenburg o. Tauber
Monuments historiques de France. Statuaire et sculpture décorative; motifs extraits des archives du Ministère de l'instruction publique et des beaux-arts; ouvrage publié sous la direction de Jules Roussel
Sightseeing tours in and around Vienna
De planeetketens
Praha = Prague = Prag = Praga ; Praga caput regni
Die Reklame
[Photograph album featuring U.S. domestic architecture]
Arquitectura neocolonial
The four major works of Levy & Klein, Architects : as designed by Edward Eichenbaum
Japanese Modern
Cutting sugar cane, Cuba
Victory bonds
Henri Matisse
Roger Baldwin, founder of the American Civil Liberties Union
Ask for Thurbers' canned strawberries, peaches, cherries, pine apples, egg plums, quinces, pears, muscat grapes, apricots, etc., etc
The perfect duet
The Living Newspaper
A concise history of modern painting
In the Nation: 1932-1966
The life of Zamenhof
Iowa and the centennial
My reminiscences of East Africa
The California Limited
Art in our time
Jugo Criollo (Aguardiente) Rona Caña, grado 41'5. Salvador Sigars, sucesor de R. Fontanals y Ca., Stgo. de Cuba, 1905
Williamsburg before and after
This nude world
Linocuts of the machine age
English commercial correspondence
Modern buildings by Kozma Lajos
The allure of the Maine coast
Modern Dutch buildings
Nouveau parallèle des ordres d'architecture des Grecs, des Romains, et des auteurs modernes
[Untitled decorative pattern paper sample designed by Erich M. Simon]
Rome's grootheid en verval
Liber paradisus
Les styles enseignés par l'exemple
The unconquerables
See the Pittsburgh exhibits at the New York World's Fair
Die Dame
Ricordo di Bologna
Archives d'architecture du XXe siècle
Schiffer Antal füszer üzletében naponta friss pörkölt kávé kapható
Vittorio Cini, Senatore del Regno, Commissario Generale Esposizione Universale di Roma
Harman's official guide to cruise ships
Jacques Schnier, art deco and beyond
New Zealand
Reflections in Lily Pond
Te beginnen met den tweede jaargang zal Aug. Vermeylen, drie of vier malen 's jaars een overzicht geven der nederlandsche letterkunde
The city of domes
Des chichis, toujours des chichis
8 jours à l'Exposition coloniale de Marseille
Thurbers' fruit preserves and jellies
Allied Military Government of occupied territory
Contemporary American painting
Making the railways
Save Czechoslovakia
9 Maia
Arts and crafts architecture
Let's make him walk the plank!
Padiglione della Toscana
Exposition Universelle de 1900
Socialism means peace & prosperity
" You can stop poisoning your family," says Bernarr Macfadden
Die Grossen deutschen Filme
The Cunard Quadruple-screw Atlantic Liner Aquitania
La danza en México a través del tiempo
[Profile of woman with dark hair wearing a white fur trim collar and white hat]
Maltby's cocoanut
Exquisite interiors
Oh! Frenchy
Bildband für die Schulung in der HJ
Savoy Hotel, London : New York - London in twenty-four hours
Leghasznosabb üzlet ha házhelyet vásárol, mert az áremelkedés csak ezután várható
Cubages & weights of structural steel of various buildings
Y a a a Who voodt belief it
Sea Gull Monument, Salt Lake City, Utah
Use Lautz Bros & Co's Acme cut full lb soap
1947 block print calendar
Journeys by rail
Landing the giant sturgeon
The Stockholm city hall
Mialhe's colonial Cuba
Bridge of wings
The contemporary arts building
Firestone builds today, the tire of tomorrow
Catalogue of the Centennial loan exhibition, 218 Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, 1875
The Electrical products building
General Motors building , New York World's Fair
The Aviation building
New beauty for the new Ford
You want a brand new car. We want to sell a Ford V-8 so, we are trading high--Now
This beautiful new Ford V-8 Tudor
Ze života avantgardy
The two best reasons yet for stepping up to the V-8 class
Quick facts about the 1950 Lincolns
The new 1940 Studebaker Champion
The light delivery car
In linnen gebonden
Kavárna Union
Riker worm drive motor trucks
The Truc-Tor
Hupmobile six
EOS test
China pictorial
The Marmon
Value and quality both
The culture of modernism
End tire trouble
Get your teeth into the job
Munson Steamship Lines : Nassau, Miami, Havana cruise for stateroom
[A visit with Le Corbusier]
Aanteekeningen van Benedictus de Spinoza op het Godgeleerd-staatkundig vertoog
Paramount presenta Joan Fontaine, Joesph Cotten en la produccion de Hal Wallis, "Sinfonia otoñal"
Paris-New York
Danses noires
Landhaus und Garten, Beispiele neuzeitlicher Landhäuser nebst Grundrissen, Innenräumen und Gärten
Japanse verzen
Inspired by China
Mural painting and social revolution in Mexico, 1920-1940
San Luis Obispo County
Il est plus fort que moi!!!
Het Vlechtwerk
B.J.O. Nordfeldt, an American expressionist
Twee hanen
Pelimex presenta ¡Ole Cuba!
The SuperLiner Holiday
[Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand Limited]
[Venture Cruise Lines of NY Inc.]
[Zim Lines]
[Universal Cruise Line]
[Ward Line]
[World Cruise Company]
[World Explorer Cruises]
Pre-Raphaelite papers
[Sheet of Letterhead samples designed by Erich M. Simon for Eaton's fine letter papers, Pittsfield, Mass.]
[Typaldos Lines]
An essay on the duties of man
S. B. mileage guide
Enero 10 de 1916. "La Industrial" Fabrica de Aguas Gaseosas, Salvador Escamilla e hijos desean a sus numerosas y distinguida clientela, felicidades en el presente ano
Fejér Mór férfi és fiu ruha és nöi felöltök nagy áruháza
De weg der menschheid
The greatest Chevrolet in Chevrolet history : a six in the price range of the four
Modele depose
Francis Rattenbury and British Columbia
Fielding's worldwide cruises
Annin & Co., New York, U.S.A
Sacramento Valley Building, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, 1915
Vrienden van allerlei slag
[Photograph of interior of Van Dishoeck's studio]
[Woman with a tambourine]
In France we'll make him dance
Burenstreiche. Der Transvaalkrieg in der Karikatur, mit 101 Karikaturen nach den berühmtesten Karikaturisten aller Länder
Report on rural electrification
Raig de llum
The anatomy of Nazism
Art and the national dream
[Close up of a blonde girl's face and large pink hat]
Josef Navrátil
Owl service
Truffle eater
Re-viewing fascism
De vrouwenkwestie, haar historische ontwikkeling en haar economische kant
Mark Rothko
This is the only 'cutting up' I've done
European textile design of the 1920s
American Modernism : graphic design 1920-1960
The Nazi Bund is Nazi bound
Ask your grocer for Franklin granulated sugar in the original package
Catalogus van de textiele kunst
Subway ceramics
Oertzenscher Taschenkalender für die Offiziere des Heeres
The Cincinnati Wing
Deutschland zwischen Nacht und Tag
L'architecture de la période stalinienne
The seven cities of Cibola
Futurizm i revoliutsiia
Patriotism Ltd
¡Con disciplina se defiende la República!
Put your arms around me, Lindy Lou
Concorso telefonico
Russia U.S.S.R
Poster album
An American collection
In a tropical garden
Album of Florida & West Indies hotels
Ålesund kirke
The Sealtest building, New York World's Fair, 1939
L'Amerique de la depression
Men's apparel quality guild exhibit building
[Woman wearing a blue dress and white hat]
Waste and want
Aangeboden door de Handelsvereeniging "Amsterdam"
Lilly Reich, designer and architect
Vagabond voyaging
Grison's Steak & Chop House
Visual politics
[U.S. World War II ration book wallet belonging to the Pennell family]
Wharf scene, Havana, Cuba
Free trade. Heckers' self-raising griddle cake flour
Margarine 5 g : Gültig bis 30.9.43
Ricordo di Roma
10 g Brod
Mod to Memphis
10 g Brot
Správní budova Slovenského Úradu Plánovacího v Bratislave
Norman Rockwell's America
The new Spanish inquisition
Tairei kinen Kyoto Daihakurankai Ehagaki
Clyde and other coastal steamers
The origins of photojournalism in America
Design directory Germany
Proclama al popolo italiano
Galleria d'Arte Moderna of Genoa
Building the Cold War
Warships / compiled by workers of the Writers’ Program of the Work Projects Administration in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Weimar surfaces
The bonus march and the New Deal
Heinz exhibit, Golden Gate International Exposition
Welcome to the Japan pavilion
The petroleum exhibit
Marie Volpe for "Music for Miami" : an autobiography
9 Maia
The rising scum is setting!
Het Bewerken van Metalen
Ships of the U.S. Merchant Marine
Regional poster exhibition, Nov. 18-Dec. 8 : Federal Art Gallery, 225 West 57th St., New York City
I bought a bond
Stato Maggiore Esercito
Bain au harem
The last days of Hitler
Plaza Hotel, Havana
Trottins de Paris
The advertising world of Norman Rockwell
Eugene Rimmel, perfumer by appointment to H.R.H. the Princess of Wales
Jak reporter ozenil lorda
Revue Bimestrielle pour L'Art Applique
Diego Rivera
When I get you alone to-night
Riding the iron rooster
Works Progress Administration presents "The Manhattan Concert Band."
Medicina e farmacia nelle caricature politiche italiane, 1848-1914
Had gadya
A picturesque covered bridge, an old historic landmark
Spaced out
Handbook of first aid
In de muizenwereld
Vertellingen van de maan
Auditorium, Jamestown Exposition, 1907
The plantations of los indios and Canada on the Isle of Pines
La sculpture décorative moderne
Konkurrenz-Entwürfe für ein Rathaus in Stuttgart
[Woman in 18th century ball gown holding a monkey in one hand]
East is east and west is west
Ein Industriebau
[Older man dancing with younger woman in early 19th century attire]
Birds and nature
Die Krawatte
Česká chalupa = Bömisches Bauernhaus
Průmysl cukrovanický = Zuckerindustrie
Ochutnavarný = Kosthallen
Vinarná Krásova = Weinstube Krása
Quaderno di [blank]
Pavilon města Prahu = Pavillon der Stadt Prag
[Industrial palace - General view]
Pavilon pro výrobu papíru = Pavillon der Papier-Industrie
America's first red mayor in action
Ochutnavarný = Kosthallen
[Josef Schöner pavilion]
[American - cafe]
Měšt'anský pivovar v Plzni = Bürgerliches Bräuhaus in Pilsen
Lesnictví = Forstwesen
Průmysl cukrovanický = Zuckerindustrie
Chov ryb = Fischzucht
Zemědělství = Landwirschaft
Pražská obecní plynárna = Prager Gemeinde-Gasanstalt
Book one
Zemědělství = Landwirschaft
Umělecká výstava = Kunstausstellung
Umělecká výstava = Kunstausstellung
Výstava retrospektivní = Retrospektive Ausstellung
Panství hraběte Bouquoye = Herrschaft des Grafen Bouquoy
Ce qui reste de la section belge
Květena = Flora
Ochutnavarný = Kosthallen
Pavilon Frant. hraběte Thun-Hohenstein = Pavillon des Franz Grafen Thun-Hohenstein
Školství = Schulwesen
International Harvester Exhibit - Harvester building The Alameda
Strange places & strange faces seen on the Belgenland world cruise, Red Star Line
Programme of inauguration : city hall buildings, Cape Town
J. Kavalír v Sázavě = J. Kavalír in Sazava
Hynek Gottwald = Ignaz Gottwald
Úřad poštovní a telegrafní = Post- und Telegrafen-Amt
Zemský výbor králeství Českého = Landesausschuss des Königreiches Böhmen
Jiří z Poděbrad = Georg von Poděbrad
Knížecí Hanauské železárny v Komárově = Fürst Hanau'sche Eisenwerke Komarau
Pavilon Jeho Veličenstva cisaře a krále = Pavillon Sr. Majestät des Kaisers und Königs
[Pavilion of Archduke Franz Ferdinand]
J. Dittrich v Praze = J. [sic] Dittrich in Prag
[Kavarna Hlava Cafe]
Pavilon arcivévody Františka Ferdinanda Rakouskěho d'Este = Pavillon des Erzherzogs Franz Ferdinand von Oesterreich-Este
Umělecká výstava = Kunstausstellung
Školství = Schulwesen
Sunbathing review
J.K. Haupt na Mělníce = J.K. Haupt in Melnik
Vinárna J. Victorina = Weinstube J. Victorin
Pavilon města Prahu = Pavillon der Stadt Prag
Průmyslový palác = Der Industrie-Palast
Živnostenská banka
Výstava retrospektivní = Retrospektive Ausstellung
Hrabě Jaromír Černín z Chudenic = Graf Jaromir Černin von Chudenic
Th e end of your rope, Tojo!
Pavilon hraběte Jane Harracha = Pavillon des Grafen Johann Harrach
Hlavní vchod = Haupteingang
Průmyslový palác = Der Industrie-Palast
Hynek Gottwald = Ignaz Gottwald
Žernosecká vinarná = Žernoseker Weinhandlung
Bauten in der Stadt der Reichsparteitage Nürnberg
Rakovnická továrna na chamotové zboží = Rakonitzer Chamottenwaaren-Fabrik
Learning from museums
The history of the Olympic Club
[General view]
Ochutnavárna kníž. Schwarzenbergských hospodářských výrobků = Kosthalle der Fürst Schwarzenberg'schen Wirtschafts-Producte
General View Exposition Buildings, Citrus orchard and Model Farm in foreground
Okresní výbor v Rakovníku = Bezirks-Ausschuss Rakonitz
Strojovna = Maschinenhalle
Lesnictví = Forstwesen
Měšt'anský pivovar v Plzni = Bürgerliches Bräuhaus in Pilsen
Pavilon turistů = Touristen-Pavillon
1000 years of Swiss art
Ministero educazione nazionale : op. naz. "balilla"
The Old Mill
Planting in the West, the new way
Reaping, the old way
Harvesting on the prairie
Looking up
Threshing in the good old days
Threshing by steam
Quaker Oats train crossing the Rockies
Jacksonville's architectural heritage
Quaker Oats dry room
Quaker Oats packing room
Tunnel sous la Manche
Schindler House
Lamutskie rasskazy
De hedendaagse boekband als kunst
Bibliothèque Jan van der Marck
Some questions concerning modern revisionist literature in the Soviet Union
Where did the tracks go
Neueste general-post und stralsen karte der Oesterreichisehen Monarchie
The land of little rain
The sculpture of Eric Kennington
Catalogue of distinguished typography from the library of Jan van der Marck
Alexandre Iacovleff
Nancy, 1900
Teiki koku annai
Eric Prehn, 1894-1985
Milwaukee junior high school block prints : selected by the Milwaukee Printmakers in a competition carried on in the public schools of Milwaukee
Milwaukee senior high school block prints
Czechoslovakia, twenty years of independence
For the complexion V.L. Tenney's Lily of the Valley. A superfine transparent soap
Kampen + Sylt
Smith Brothers pure borax
Picturing Paradise
Bigelow, Kennard and Co. will hold, in their art rooms, March 25 to April 6 inclusive, a special exhibition and sale of Grueby pottery including the collection selected for The Buffalo Exposition, MDCCCCI
[Caribbean Cruise Lines]
[Matson Lines]
Mansions of England in the olden time; facades and interiors in English Gothic and Renaissance by Joseph Nash
Speed limits
[Title unknown]
The locals' guide to South Beach
Svet, ktery se smeje
La flor de Salvini, Habana
Use Rubifoam for the teeth
Diseño industrial en España
Ovidius' Gedaanteverwisselingen
" Oost en West"
[Portrait of a girl holding flowers]
In de muizenwereld
Battle of the debaters
The inside is larger than the outside
Rising Seas
War Against Nature
Icy Problems
Solution to the pollution
My daddy's star
Truth in advertising and other contradictions
Ruth Page's Chicago Opera Ballet
Save our friends
New Zealand homes : souvenir of the New Zealand & South Seas Exhibition, 1925-26
Dada, surrealism, and their heritage
A Better Future for Energy
Trees and leaves
Apollinaris "the queen of the table waters"
Pesticides on the loose
Marine mammals vs. sonar
Aid to Russia helps US
[William Henry Jackson Photochrom Print Collection]
Was der S.A.-Mann singt
Wish you were here
L’ Argus international des cartes postales de collection
A museum once forgotten
Come to Scotland!
V predvecer války
Ca talogue, cartes postales anciennes de collection
[Clipboard style notebook cover]
Cartes postales anciennes
Whatever became of...?
Wim Crouwel alphabets : ne
The houses of McKim, Mead & White
The Genius of Shaw
[S crap book of Mr. and Mrs. William Binley, Jr. of trip to Germany by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers made on the Hamburg American Line, 1913]
Mauresque de Bou-Saâda
[Messageries Maritimes]
Fabrica de tabacos de H. Upmann, Habana
Fascismo / testi di Marco Palla
Trains in transition
The cheapest travel land, Yugoslavia
[Pacific Steam Navigation Company]
[Mitsui O.S.K. Line]
The nature of fascism
[KNSM (Koninklijke Nederlandsche Stoomboot Maatschappij, N.V.)]
R.M.S. Orford and Sydney Harbour Bridge. 18/12/30
Fragebogen [The questionnaire]
The grapes of wrath
Rex to Rio : an American Express cruise, sailing from New York, Jan. 29, 1938 : 25 day cruise
Artists manual for silk screen print making
Artist's Proof
American Printmakers
I am dividing my time between helping the Easter Bunny and doing all my homework....both are a little impractical, aren't they?
La scultura di Santiago Cogorno
Silk screen techniques
Twen ty-five years of dissent
[Karageorgis Cruises]
Architecture of Allen and Young
Jämtland Sweden
Rooms with a view
The furniture of R.M. Schindler
[K Lines-Hellenic Cruises]
[Geburtstag des Führers 20 April 44 Krakau]
Literature & ideology
Army and Air Force printing set
American prints & drawings
Concrete! The Ruth & Marvin Sackner archive of concrete & visual poetry
B.T. Babbitt's "best" soap
Polen kreuz und quer
Van de passielooze lelie
[Pacific Far East Line]
Les Magyars et L'Entente
[Paquet French Cruises]
Planning the new hotel
[Georgian Bay Line]
David S. Brown & Co's. toilet soaps. The best on the globe
Caring for your family treasures
Promoting Preservation Awareness in Libraries
Preservation management for libraries, archives and museums
The Care of Prints and Drawings
The nature of conservation
A legal primer on managing museum collections
Exposition Internationale de la Houille Blanche et du Tourisme, Grenoble 1925 : 20 cartes détachables
The National Trust Manual of Housekeeping
The AIC guide to digital photography and conservation documentation
Studium des Grands Magasins du Louvre
[Woman walking two dogs]
Exposition nationale suisse à Berne, 1914
I was a share-cropper
Ritual'noe ubiistvo u evreev
The cathedrals of England and Wales
[Lauro Lines]
International arts and crafts
Report on the Works Program
[Exploration Cruise Lines]
Compagnie du chemin de fer du nord : exploitation ; service central
Naked they pray
Schultz's Irish Soap, Erin go Bragh!
Capitalize on collections care
The International review of African American art
Caring for American Indian objects
Museum handbook
Museum handbook
Use Hoyt's dime cologne
A concise glossary of architectural terms
[Portrait of little girl]
Dictionary of 20th-century design
Socialist realism without shores
The lyrical left
The invisible writing
Christmas greetings and all good wishes for the New year from Mary Gill
Happy Christmas & New Year from Mary Gill
[Display cards for the Vlaanderen periodical]
[Europe-Canada Line]
[Farrell Lines]
Graphic design
[Grace Line]
Ruth Page's Chicago Opera Ballet
Navajo native dyes
[John and Drew Eberson Architectural Record Archive]
[ Labels designed by I.A. Ershov for Russian company making caramel candies and preserves]
The Gulf trip
[Bergen Steamship Company]
Comparative study of rural relief and non-relief households
Eroticism & art
From alphabetical soup to WPA nuts
Green margins
Dansen en rhytmen
Flying time
Havana beauty
Christmas day
The surging sea of humanity at the opening of the Columbian Exposition
Th e reason the Eleventh Anniversary Banquet fo the Fort Hamilton Philatelic Society will not be held in 1945. : He do'ed it again
First sensation of cold water
Art annex, Italian section
[Display of merchandise]
Curious cactus collection, Horticultural Hall
Ru g craft essentials
Centennial, M.B., interior
English tapestries, main building
The new dealers
Visit friendly Finland
Elysia (Valley of the nudes)
Great liners
An atlas of current affairs
Far on the ringing plains
The digger on the "Durham"
Vom Leben der Plastik
The revolt of the angels
The story of the Olympic games
Hitler’s Jewish soldiers
Mies reconsidered
Esso Ireland
Vi bo i Ribershus
The modernist home
25c : Nederland
De lithografische prentkunst
Le Corbusier
Le guide de l'ornemaniste, ou de l'ornement pour la décoration des batimens, tels que frises, arabesques, panneaux, rosaces, candelabres, vases, etc., dont quelques parties détachées des divers ensembles peuvent s'adapter aux meubles, ou, de leurs composés, former de nouveaux ajustemens pour être employés suivant les localités
Carrom game boards
Curtis, Davis & Co., Manufacturers of Welcome soap. American Peerless, Gold Dust, Unequalled, Extra, etc
Clothes, time, money and labor saved by using White Swan soap
Rube Goldberg's latest war machine!
Cuba, year 'round playground of the Americas : it's just an "old Spanish custom."
Madame Tussaud's exhibition
Hossegor, 1920-1940
Art restoration
Railway engineer
Germans, Jews, and the claims of modernity
Brothers of iron
L'ép reuve du temps : catalogue illustré : 2003
De stijl
[Portrait of a little girl touching flowers]
Model depose
The spirit of America
Maria's heerlijkheid in Nederland
Il sale
Cosmotarian Seminary and Institute
The autobiography of an American communist
Voices of October
Somewhere in France is daddy
La Bretagne d'une guerre à l'autre (1914-1945)
Graft and gangsters
Sitting on the edge
Comune di Casalmaggiore, il Commissario del Comitato Nazionale di Liberazione
Souvenir de Lahaye et Schéveningue
Look again in Baltimore
Savremena keramika u Srbiji
Del Monte, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, California, on Monterey Bay
The Vienna Exposition
Gondar-J. Castelli
Masterpieces of American furniture from the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute
Manly ; gran fabrica de tabacos ; Jose Jimenez Perez, Havana
Cleansing the fatherland
Der Kilimandscharo
Arquitetura moderna em Curitiba
Dal merletto alla motocicletta
Marine Pool, Lake Mohawk Reservation, Sparta, N.J
Chinese architecture, urban planning, and landscape design
Treasures of the Cornell Fine Arts Museum
No forced labor camps for American youth!
The wine book of South Africa
El dia de C.A. Lindbergh en Habana. Febrero 8, 1928. Via Correo Aereo, Habana -- Key West ; Geo. T. Street, Key West, Fla
A township starts to live
Medieval lore from Bartholomew Anglicus
New York observed
Suburban America, 1945-1970
20th edition The best of newspaper design
Der Froschkönig
"Saludos, amigos"
Fascist visions
Beautiful Varadero Beach -- thirty five minutes from Havana by plane. = La hermosa Playa de Varadero -- a solo treinta minutos de la Habana por via aérea
With the compliments of the manufacturers of Acme, Master, and Marseilles white soap
Agenda des grands magasins du printemps, 1925
Cross of iron
The man time forgot
Adams Building, New York
Maria Martins
"A step in the right direction."
La Habana
An overland journey to the Great Exhibition showing a few extra articles & visitors
Schafft uns Jugendherbergen
Tanglefoot : The O. & W. Thum Company, Grand Rapids, MI
The frame-up system
Farben- und Raumstimmungen
Immortal hero Yang Ken-sze
Zapiski o Pushkine
Irma Stern
The marketing and public relations handbook for museums, galleries and heritage attractions
Super health from elemental foods
Argentina, 1920 1994
Norman Rockwell
Mostra italiani all'estero
Comune di Casalmaggiore, Il Commissario del Comitato Nazionale di Liberazione
Daily mirror
Around the world on the QE 2
Another Caesar, I came, I saw, I'm sawdust
Architectural League of New York
Robert J. Young archive
The Hulton Getty Picture Collection, 1930s : decades of the 20th century = décadas del siglo XX = decadi del XX secolo
So Solly!
František Bílek
La Società cooperativa ceramica di Imola
[Untitled image of an oceanliner at port with an orange background]
Dvesta leva
Photographes - Soldats
Edinburgh & the borders
Czwarta ksiazka do czytania dla mlodziezy szkól parafjalnych w Ameryce
Views of the Panama Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, 1915
West gate showing tower and dome of California Building, Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal
Gala concert
Miami Beach, Florida
All stations
Za proletarskoe iskusstvo
The fascist road to ruin
Official report of the proceedings of the twenty-first Republican National Convention
James Daugherty, 1887-1974
Hotel Royal Palm, Havana, Cuba
Mario Sironi and Italian modernism
Osaka-Okinawa Kouro Hajoumaru Santou kinseun Shitsu
Mágnás cipö-krém
Named passenger trains operated on the railroads of the United States, Canada and Mexico
The epic of industry
Tomson's soap foam for washing and cleaning fabrics utensils & C & c. Also for the toilet and bath. The purest soap concentrated in powder form. Soap form is pure. Avoid adulterated washing soaps
Die Wiener Werkstätte, 1903-1928
[U.S. Army Air Force soldiers running into the waves on Miami Beach with the Roney Plaza Hotel in the background]
George Bellows and the ashcan school of painting
Ungarische Buchkunst = The art of the Hungarian book
Vicente do Rego Monteiro
Árkád Bazár
Havana before Castro
Touring the Canadian Rockies, Canadian Pacific Resorts
Deutsches Museum München
Rough on Rats : flies, roaches, ants, bed bugs, rats, mice, gophers, chipmunks cleared out by Rough on Rats, 15¢
A brand new Blended-with-Havana cigar--approved by Havana itself
The architecture of Henry John Klutho
Jeruzalem II (In het heilige land)
Charles Howard
German ocean liners of the 20th century
The rotary key to the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Put' k Leninu
Catalogus der Nationale tentoonstelling van het boek in het Gemeente-Museum te Amsterdam, Juni-Augustus, 1910
Exhibition of paintings and prints by Chicago artists, February 28 to March 30, 1933
Here's what Hitler said about you!
Die Kunstlergenossenschaft "Arti et Amicitiae" im Frankfurter Kunstverein, Februar-Marz,1905
A guide to Florida's historic architecture
Het ornament, zijn opbouw en beteekenis
El Encanto, Cuba's largest department store, Havana
Parisiennes en bonets
The members of the Officers' Club of the R.O.T.C.-C.C.N.Y. request the pleasure of the company of [blank] and lady at their formal dance [Friday] evening [December 15] at nine o'clock in the College Gymnasium on Convent Avenue
My galleries and painters
Joseph Cornell
Folder of views of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, 1915
Nationalism and internationalism
Union Metal fluted steel pile shells
Winold Reiss
Florida citrus crate labels
World's fair St. Louis
Some call it paradise
The Ducal Palace in Venice
Ring out the old, ring in the new
Dvacáté století co dalo lidstvu
American wild life
Then and now
Gendered patriotism: mobilizing war support
The smaller English house of the later Renaissance, 1660-1830
Lachen, lieven, lijden
Du fond de l'abîme vers la résurrection
Wings of a century
Municipal Bldg., City Hall Park and Park Row, New York
Home coming week in France
[American Export Lines]
Skouras-ized for showmanship
Inleiding tot de nieuwe Nederlandsche dichtkunst
Corridor and main stairways, Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake City, Utah
Lücken in der Geschichte, 1890-1938
Highwaymen Newton & Hair
Art exhibits
Glimpse of San Joaquin Valley and Kern Counties Buildings and pipe organ in distance, Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal
Russell Cowles
As we saw the thirties : essays on social and political movements of a decade
Reflections of Nazism
Hitler loves loafers
It will happen, if we lag a bit
HJ. im Dienst
Skazka o zolotom petushke
Her name was truth
Les echos des industries d'art
Jules Mumm & Co. Reims, Champagnes
Twelve cover designs
Decolletes parisiens
A guide through Schönbrunn
The portrait of an ambitious, starving artist--(oh well I guess it's not much of a portrait anyway)
Sing a song of sixpence
A scientific autobiography
Jaro Hilbert
Le Sanctuaire de Notre-Dame des Arts a l'Exposition du progrès social, Lille, 1939
Alerta : Marianao M. : Chiquitin Cabrera, primera base : Antonio Alcalde ; la colección completa de estas fotos dará derecho a los beneficios del Plan de Obsequios que se anuncia en nuestras páginas
Brázay sósborszesz
The sunny side of Sweden
The Cincinnati clothing workers, 1913-1938
Uitvoering van het Groen-Theater op Vrijdag 14 October 1898
[Proofs for de Bazel en Lauweriks
The leading soaps of America
Here comes Whiteman
System of classification. International exhibition, 1876
Song book
Die Geheimnisse
See the Hudson by daylight
Compliments of New Home Sewing Machine Co., Orange, Mass
We gave! New York National War Fund
Field guide to emergency response
Ghost towns of Florida
After a hand to hand battle, I landed this baby. Not bad, eh?
The decline of socialism in America, 1912-1925
The American Negro Labor Congress
[Fanu Line]
Pavilion of the Republic of Ecuador, Treasure Island, 1939
Machinery Building
Bilder aus NS-REICHSBESITZ : ankäufe aus den Groben Deutschen Kunstausstellungen, München 1937-1944
Benjamin's vertellingen
Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
"Sweet Home" soap
Just keeping up my moral [sic]!
Absolutely the latest thing!
Überblick über die Brückenbautätigkeit der Stadt Wien in den jahren 1934 - 1936 unter dem Bürgermeister Richard Schmitz
Estragon Senf
The WPA guide to New York City
Student bulletin, 1929-30
Przeglad budowlany
Salzburger Photographien
The Société anonyme
Etudiant, mon Camarade
Il Commissario della Provincia di Vicenza ordina
Deco by the bay
Das Reich Adolf Hitlers
Planning perspectives : PP
House & garden
Parole der Woche
Andrew Wyeth
Das porträt im XX. Jahrhundert
Architects of Nova Scotia
Huldigingslied voor Nederland in't jaar 1898
Hoyt's dime cologne
Áruház a "Kedvenchez"
In Berlin, our 'friend,' the enemy said, "Uncle Sam won't fight." Watch the old boy
A private eye
Lady Godiva
Vista across Plaza de Panama, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal., 1915
Comfortable Denver homes
Twenty-four inches apart
Exposition de métrologie et des poids et mesures
The first great ocean liners in photographs
The work of Eileen McGrath
Brazil builds
Cuban love song
When troops move, keep tongues still. Don't gossip
Republic of dreams
Romolo Venucci, 1903-1976
Wind, water, and air
The paper
A Jeffersonian ideal
The Huntington
Giannini & Hilgart Studios
Greetings from Sydney
La revue des Folies Bergère
Jak bydleti
The crisis of imperialism, 1865-1915
Hotel New Yorker on the ocean
The Art Digest
Hawaiian modern
Frontón "Jai-Alai," : the national spanish ball game ; the largest and only official 220 feet fronton in Cuba. Concordia corner of Lucena street, Havana, Cuba
Geschichte des russischen Städtebaues bis zum 19. Jahrhundert
Puente Cabrillo and California Building from the South
C.L.N.A.I. : Fondazione Solidarieta Nazionale pro Partigiani e Vittime di Guerra
Meddelanden från svenska slöjdföreningen
The Great Open Air Organ
Queen City heritage
De getooide doolhof
La Vittoria
Soapona is guaranteed pure
Nouvelles Acquisition, 1984
Steam packets on the Chesapeake
Use the Good-Will soap. It's the best
Cats can, but Bon Ami can not scratch for it lacks grit
Ukraïns'ka chytanka dlia II kliasy narodnykh shkil
Souvenir of the Panama Canal = souvenir del Canal de Panama
The cross and the arrow
World War II Russian-German occupations in Lithuania
Tentoonstelling van schilderijn en teekeningen door William Estall
[3 photographs depicting Vietnam War protests]
Capital dilemma
The nudist
[Arosa Line]
Information for travellers landing in Japan
Art nouveau
Fresh facts
32nd mess, C. Squadron
Der Adler
Nope, no escaped German prisoner 'round here
Fashion under fascism
Il Pre[f]etto della provin[c]ia di Varese
Reptile journalism
Een Zwerver
[Prospectus for Herbert D. Shivers, Inc. : manufacturer of cigars]
Rozpravy aventina [Aventinum conversations]
Ocean steamers
Attention! Herman's Store, Prado 256, Havana, Cuba
Personal protection against gas
View from Southern California Counties Building
School architecture
PE$O$ (Peliculas Especiales, S.O.S.) presenta Rincon Criollo
Use Atkins' Electric Light Soap
From Caligari to Hitler
De revue der uitvindingen en ontdekkingen
Cherez polius v Ameriku
Gold Dust makes housework easy
Vier Generatíonen Seidenweberei, 1834/1934
Koninklijke Van Houten's Cacao-en Chocolade-Fabriek te Weesp
Cinema moderno
El camino de hierro de La Habana a Güines
Hi ya, soldier! Bet this is the longest birthday greeting you ever got!
Defining visual rhetorics
Gust. van de Wall Perne
On the Plaza de Panama
Southern California WPA Symphony Orchestra
William Hume. Fresh, Columbia River salmon. Original salmon packer
The distinguishing marks of a true fine gentleman
Norsk emalje
Williamsburg Bridge, New York
Brieven van Johan Thorn Prikker ; met een voorwoord van Henri Borel
International art & antiques yearbook
Laboratory of dreams
The city worker's world in America
We're doing our bit
Homage to Amanda
The blue book
Esposizione di Milano, 1906
British Museum, London
Allied Military Government, Province of Cremona
Encyclopedia of the American left
Louise Geertsma Verheulen
The World book encyclopedia
Not a chance Adolf. Samson the second isn't doing so well
R.M.S. "Queen Mary"
An artist in America
Arte a Milano, 1906-1929
Take me to the land of jazz
Vi bo i friluftstaden
Majesty of the Seas
The impact of Chaim Soutine (1893-1943)
Ocean pictures
European architecture
Album Thijs Maris
Old Abe cigars for the people. 25¢ a package. Cellophane wrapped
Ocherk istorii planirovki i zastroiki russkikh gorodov
A. Almendares : "El que se gane al Almendares se muere" ; base ball profesional, 1952-1953 Campeonato
Havana, Cuba
Acts of possession
Brieven van en aan Benedictus de Spinoza benevens des schrijvers vertoog over het zuivere denken
Gustave Courbet
Williams' root beer extract manufactured Williams & Carleton. Hartford, Conn. The great family drink
De Firma Frans Buffa en Zn. heeft de eer U uit te noodigen tot hare tentoonstelling van teekeningen door Th. van Hoytema
Castel Pelesch
Keep 'em flying
Surrealismus v diskusi
The Ben Line
Some bonnet
My last million readers
Wing tips
Borden's Eagle Brand condensed milk : the best food for infants
Aerial view, San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz
Come to Scotland!
Compliments of the T.A. Snider Preserve Co. Cincinnati, O., USA
The American heritage picture dictionary of World War II
Great private collections
[Hitler being blown out of Europe by an explosive combination of allied forces]
De arbeid
Against prohibition no. 2
An illustrated history of seaplanes and flying boats
The lost museum
A l'ombre
Székelyhavasi Inda sósborszesz
African-American art
Fifty years of pleasure
Listen Hitler!
Havana, Cuba
Martha Moore
Boston and all New England year round daily service
Concorsi di architettura in Italia
Rainbow fountain, 1940 Golden Gate International Exposition
Film architecture
Herinnering aan de feestelijke ontvangst van H.M. de Koningin & Z.K.H. Prins Hendrik te Amsterdam 5 Maart, 1901
Modern art at the Sesqui-Centennial Exhibition
Misión de la universidad y otros ensayos sobre educación y pedagogia
The five worlds of our lives
Greetings from Havana, Cuba
[Set of 22 record jackets from the Vicki Gold Levi collection]
L'effort maritime
Elseviers geïllustreerd maandschrift
Stavba miest
Hoelderlin / Homers Iliade
Painting the universe
Lewis Turpentine Still and Plantation, Brooksville, Florida
"En este pais, Mes el mas alegre del ano de 192_. Por 1000 felicidades. Si V. les gusta, se servira aflojar el bolsillo y pagar por esta primera de cambio a la orden de _____________ la cantidad que le parezca en oro, plata o billetes, excluyendo devolvera jamas. S. S. S. Alegria y Canas de manzanilla. El cielo les guarda
Julia's daughters
Het ontstaan der aarde
Nova Scotia Steel & Coal Company, Limited y su subsidiaria The Eastern Car Company, Limited
Northern Ireland
California Pacific International Exposition
Le coup de la jarretelle
The New-York Historical Society
Discover Russia
Handboek voor Timmerlieden
Cattolici Italiani
Disaster log of ships
Winter en Shell
The tower of jewels
[Couple holding yellow flowers]
The Hours of Catherine of Cleves
Cabin plan of the New Washington
De wonderbare wereld
[ World's Columbian Exposition photographs]
The motor bridge to Europe
Takes the lead
Dining on rails
Rainbow fountain, 1940 Golden Gate International Exposition
Morris & Company
Chicago welcomes you
Out of the night
Van hart tot hart
The architecture of Charles W. Dickey
The superliner Ecstasy : the "fun ships" of Carnival Cruise Lines
Japan's total empire
Zwitzerland 1908
Van batikken en ikatten
German design, 1870-1918
Commerce and Industries Building
Loew's wonder theatres
Dumbbells and carrot strips
Kuni shitei bunkazai
A new deal for youth
Italian fascism
Inventing Kindergarten
De vrouwenkwestie, haar historische ontwikkeling en haar economische kant
Architecture in South Africa
NS Frauen Warte
The year book of Japanese art, 1930-31
Plane talk
Union station remembered
Wiener Illustrierte
Miners Soap
Design technics
Upper Pergola and Arts and Crafts Tower
Join the Victory Loan Blue Star Brigade
Your bond buying bonded this rat
The ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the New North Bridge[,] Edinburgh[,] 25th May[,] 1896
West Side of Plaza de Panama, Arts and Crafts Building in foreground, Science and Eduction Building in distance
The comforts of home
Captives of Shanghai
No other team can beat our record...they wouldn't dare!
Louis Süe, 1875-1968
The changing face of America
Town-building in history
Balboa Park expositions, 1915-1936
Sincerely yours, Woodrow Wilson
Na tien jaren, 1898-1908
In and around Durban
Yankee Doodle
Iz istorii sovetskoi arkhitektury, 1917-1925 rr
The Petit Trianon, Versailles
Blanton Museum of Art
Pour la tranquilité de mes nuits cachons cà à ma femme = For the quiet of my nights, let us hide that to my wife
Les fetiches a la mode
"T hat makes it unanimous!"
The superliner Jubilee
The work of Charles and Ray Eames
Crab apple blossom = fleurs de pommier sauvage = flor de manzana silvestre. Delicious new perfume
Catalogus der uitgaven van S.L. van Looy
The villa of the Tugendhats
The garden magazine
Zur Erinnerung im Gebete an Josef Dachauer
Kutnewsky György szörmedivatháza
Le Pont Alexandre, Rue des Boutiques
With a jewel love is warm
Max Ernst
Koniklijke Deventer-Tapijtfabriek
Youth of the happy land
[Photographs of Sergeant Steve Accardi saluting new Army Air Corp officers]
Herman Herz synové továrna na salámy v Budapešti
Competing visions
The power of display
The art of color in the home
Soviet life
Seis anos de administraçao municipal
A textbook on the locomotive and the air brake
Destination culture
Il mobile déco italiano, 1920-1940
Fläche, Figur, Raum : Skulptur, Relief, Collage : Ausstellung 29. April-20. Juli 1988
In Berlin, unter den linden
[Blonde woman on couch baring her back while posing with fan]
Devices of wonder
Legioni e falangi
Empress in Melbourne
Howard S. Sewall. Oregon artist
Glass in glass
Ely Jacques Kahn, architect
Soviet impressionism
Hear mother Mooney who has traveled across the continent to fight for the release of Tom Mooney and Scottsboro Boys
[Child in aristocratic attire serenading a girl in the window of a Venetian house from his gondola]
Rey de Cuba
[Drawing of a red-haired woman wearing a large bead necklace]
Louisiana and the fair
Egon Schiele
Treasury Department, War Finance Committee
Grand Hotel d'Europe
9 travnia
From Sloppy Joe's, Havana
Cameronia plan
Making the body beautiful
The AAM guide to provenance research
Cuba hotel directory, 1939
Snap shots, Havana, Cuba, 1932
Lengyel Testvérek, Arad
Souvenir log
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics : New York World's Fair
Representing Berlin
The 1930s
Silvia Pinal en Una Golfa : en el papel mas humano y dramatico de su carrera
Hollywood of the east
Vragen van den dag
H.C. Sawyer Soap Co., Limited
American architecture
Logbuch ZR III
[ L.W.R. Wenckebach drawings and vignettes created to illustrate Hoe Klein-Knoelie onder de Menschen kwam]
Santa Claus gifts all the year round. Santa Claus Soap. The highest grade laundry soap made
Decorative arts in Europe, 1790-1850
The truth about Florida
Morgan-Whyalla water supply : South Australia
Collaborationism in France during the Second World War
Interior San Joaquin Valley Bldg
Ernstes & heiteres aus dem Weltkrieg
[Woman wearing blue coat holding umbrella caught in the rain]
Grinling Gibbons and his compeers
Health and strength
Studies over bouwkunst, styl en samenleving
Essential modernism
Design and form
Rembrandt kalenderboek voor 1906
A trip on the Göta Canal
Slowakische Architektur und die tschechische Avantgarde, 1918-1939
Guida ai musei ferroviari e tramviari d'Europa = Guide to railway and tramway museums in Europe = Guide Europeen des musees de chemins de fer et tramways = Führer der eisenbahn-und strassenbahnmuseen Europas
Briefwisseling van Fradique Mendes
Hicieron la revolución dentro de la revolución
An address by the United States Centennial Commission
Landscapes of desire
La nouvelle médication naturelle
A traffic survey
Coches-camas restaurantes y salones en los ferrocarriles de la península ibérica
Pullman in Europe
Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn
Air conditioned trains for the west : Central West Expresses, New South Wales
Ben Silbert
Earl Cunningham
Guido Galletti
Brief information on the USSR and housing and civil construction
Point and line to plane
Webb's alcohol & cologne spirit. Established 1835. Used by druggists and manufacturers throughout the world! Send for quotations. James A. Webb
Treasures of Gilcrease
The Pacific National Exhibition
My airships
Lou Walters' Latin Quarter
Paz Marquez Benitez
The bridge of San Luis Rey
Wish report
Socialisticky realismus
New York City, a photographic portrait
Never again
[View of left and front center entrances to the Standard Oil Company pavilion, California Pacific International Exposition, San Diego, Calif., 1935-1936]
Norwegian ex libris
Hoste Bruneels
Langs den Hollandschen spoorweg
Save his life...and find your own
De kleine Johannes
Denmark Building, San Francisco Panama-Pacific International Exposition
Von Laer's non-alcoholic ginger wine. The ladies' favorite beverage for sale by A.M. Eastman, Fancy Groceries. 850 Elm St., Manchester, N.H
Don't bla rumors
Rhine Panorama
Wearing propaganda
African tribal scultpures
German expressionism
The California Limited
Lago di Como-L. Giovanni di Bellagio
An enduring legacy
Centennial exhibition. Report of the centennial board of finance, April 23, 1874
Rotterdam VI : flagship for the 21st century
[Woman posing on a polar bear-skin rug]
Forgotten mural painters of Springfield, 1933-1938
Use Lautz Bro's and Co's Soap
Etat de Syrie. Musée National Syrien de Damas
Ben Shahn exhibition of paintings and drawings
La ciudad transfigurada
Album de Lucho Gatica : supplemento de Maracas
Ansambl' v gradostroitel'stve SSSR
Taisho chic
Femmes et fruits
'k Herinner mij
Now who's boss
Femmes aux coussins
Times Square Paramount
Amelia Peláez
This is the master race
Grand hotels of the jazz age
The mentor
Il Prefetto Capo della Provincia
Charles Eames
California Building
Margaret Bourke-White
Cubism and abstract art
Les marques d'imprimeurs
How to improve the complexion, Pears' Soap
Making America corporate, 1870-1920
I metalli
Australian gold & silver, 1851-1900
MS Zuiderdam
[View of palm-lined drive construction leading to Standard Oil Company pavilion, California Pacific International Exposition, San Diego, Calif., 1935-1936]
The Kauai album
Chinesische Kindermalereien, 1958
Idealbostaden? -nej för ingen del
Rembrandt to Thiebaud
The Chief
Aims and ideals of representative American painters
[Morgan Leisure/Astor Cruises]
Irving hand forged wrought iron hardware
Die Jenaer Glasküche
The Queen Mary
Frans Naerebout
Van neorenaissance tot postmodernisme
Pure pepper. J.E. Burns & Co., Philad
S prazdnikom Pobedy!
[Couple conversing over a wall]
Macau e seu futuro porto
The Frick Collection, paintings : summary catalogue
Hello, dear enemy! Picture books for peace and tolerance : an international selection
Architecture, décoration et ameublement : époque Louis XVI : dessines et gravés d'après des motifs choisis dans les palais impériaux, le mobilier de la couronne, les monuments publics et les habitationes privées
Expo '74, Spokane World Exposition, Spokane, Washington, U.S.A., 4 May-3 Nov., 1974
Quaderno [blank]
Sense of the city
Het raderwerk van den staat
Die Sowjetunion zwischen den kriegen
Grand Rapids art metalwork, 1902-1918
The superliner Fantasy
De Zaan Streek
New Amsterdam Theatre : Forty-Second Street, New York City : opened October 26, 1903 : architects, Herts and Tallant
The East is red
Margret Craver and her contemporaries
The New Deal
Tobacco through the ages
Loyal soap
The historic side of Britain
Physical culture and the body beautiful
Mathurin Méheut
Atlas van Nederlandsche Planten
Home sweet home
Zvonimir Faist - diktati vremena : plakati od kasnih 1930-ih do ranih 1960-ih = The dictates of the time : posters from the late 1930s to early 1960s
[Portrait of a woman surrounded by purple flowers]
Peter Keetman
The news
In beeld gebracht
Problems women solved
Postal savings plan for the purchase of United States defense savings bonds : 10¢ stamps
"We are going forward to better days" -- Franklin D. Roosevelt
Roma-Tempio di Vesta e di Castore
Hot girls of Weimar Berlin
Handbuch der SA
The figure in American sculpture
Whittier's centennial hymn, with the star-spangled banner and other national songs
English & other furniture & decorations
Jacques Villon, printmaker
Chateau de Fontainebleau
New York, the wonder city, 1932
Stenberg brothers
Homerus' Ilias
Ordinanza : regno d'Italia : Comando Militare Territoriale di Milano
Soldados italianos!
Botanical Court, looking toward Foreign and Domestic Industries Building
An American beach for African Americans
Arbeiter Urlaubsmarke
The Cincinnati murals
Kamil Roskot, 1886-1945
Grand hotel
The American stage
Naamlooze Vennootschap Koninklijke Nederlandsche Edelmetaal Bedrijven van Kempen, Begeer en Vos, N.V. Ateliers voor Edelsmeed- en Penningkunst v/h Koninklijke Utrechtsche Fabriek van Juweelen, Zilverwerken en Penningen van C.J. Begeer, Koninklijke Begeer
A puzzling question. How can the old be made new?
Puerto Rico 1900
The Plaza
Bremen flaggschiff, geschichte einer Schiffsfamilie = Bremen flag-ship, the story of a ship's dynasty
Peter Behrens and a new architecture for the twentieth century
Resorts in the Canadian Rockies
Plymouth for 1937
[Japanese photograph album with oriental design cover]
Modernism, 1890-1930
Sentados en una tradición
Sculpture of Rayner Hoff
The order of the death’s head
Música y filosofía
Historia de España
How prints look
The theory and practice of Leninism
Touraine, pays des châteaux
Die Mappe
There, but for the Grace of God, hangs an American!
Creación de una cultura dancística en el México contemporaneo
Contributo alla formazione di una bibliografia storica sulle ferrovie in Italia
Escorted Blue White Tours
Louise Geertsma Verheulen
Vino de San German
Vom leben und treiben auf unsern passagierdampfern
Sydney's water supply and sewerage, 1788 to 1918. Opening new offices, 1918. Commemoration volume. Compiled by T.J. Roseby, Secretary, from official and other authentic records
Opera balilla
[Red haired woman with elbows on chair]
The fascist revolution
A catalogue of Italian, Spanish and Byzantine paintings
The League of Nations
De Kröllers en hun architecten
Guide to the Musée d'Orsay
Technical services in the medium-sized library
Dispossessed installations
European art at Dartmouth
"Dear Mister President"
Fuel efficiency in cement manufacture, 1909-1935
Who's who in the zoo
[Pavilion interior view]
Centennial grounds looking east
[Pavilion interior view with fountain]
Main building, from south east tower looking N. W
[WWI photograph of Swiss Army soldiers posing in front of a large cannon and under a large tree]
English tapestries, main building
Agricultural Hall nave
Ezekiel travels
Floral Hall, west passage
The Centennial
Pennsylvania state building
Republic Avenue From Mach. Hall
Padiglione orefici italiani, Arch. Achille di Lazzari
Horti[culture] grounds from Horti[cultural] Building
Spanish Section, Paris Exposition,1878
The new vision
Palais du Champ de Mars
Galerie du travail, section Espagnole
[Statues near exhibit booth at Exposition Universelle, 1878]
Vue generale vers le Grand Palais
Eastern tours through the Canadian Pacific Rockies
Country residences in Europe and America
North American Indians
Ars Fumandi
Price list of parts
Mayor La Guardia and the New York WPA Music Project present the New York City Symphony Orchestra, Sunday evenings 8:45 P.M
Up front
Horticulture building
La Rabida Convent, World's Fair, Chicago, U.S.A. =
Trag u drvetu
[Sketches for Verzen
Manufacturus [sic] and Liberal Arts building, World's Fair, Chicago, U.S.A. =
Bridge to the Manufactures building, World's Fair, Chicago, U.S.A. =
Le Rapide de la Compagnie Pensylvanie (The Pennsylvania Limited)
Interior of the Electrical Building, World's Fair, Chicago, U.S.A. =
Rizadores Princesita : Cia. Industrial Alfilere, S.A., Fabricacion Nacional, 10 Cepero, No. 203, Habana. Hecho en Cuba
Sačuvano vreme: MPU [Muzej primenjene umetnosti] =
Interior Manufactures Building, World's Fair, Chicago, U.S.A. =
Japanese Building on Wooded Island, World's Fair, Chicago, U.S.A. =
Exterior Chinese village, World's Fair, Chicago, U.S.A. =
Memories, Memwa, Recuerdos, [Word in Hebrew]
29. Salon arhitekture
Dragoslav Stojanović Sip (1920-1976)
Komode =
Six wonderful days
28. Salon arhitekture
The journey of Frederic Edwin Church through Colombia and Ecuador, April-October, 1853
An American in London
Karel Teige, Surrealistické koláze
Why quit our own?
The Ferris Wheel (carries 2,000 people), Midway Plaisance, World's Fair, Chicago, U.S.A. =
Nicaragua Canal
Entering the Great Manufactures Building, World's Fair, Chicago, U.S.A. =
The Peristyle, connecting Music Hall and Casino, World's Fair, Chicago, U.S.A. =
Golden gate of the Transportation Building, World's Fair, Chicago, U.S.A. =
The Administration Building, World's Fair, Chicago, U.S.A. =
Fisheries Building, World's Fair, Chicago, Ill. U.S.A. =
[Panama Line]
Spaansche reis
Cinderella (the sophisticated)
Madrigal and minstrelsy
Whispering whirligig
The Grand Coulee Dam and the Columbia Basin Reclamation Project
Always the perfect present!
[American President Lines]
A John Eberson scrapbook
La Festa dei Gagliardetti
La processione della Madonna di S. Luca a Bologna
The registration of aliens
The Viking ship, World's Columbian Exposition
Illumination and great search light, Columbian Exposition
La Fiera del Villaggio
The new Buick Eight for 1933
Home of the cliff dwellers, World's Columbian Exposition
Interior of Agricultural Building, World's Columbian Exposition
Southwest front of Liberal Arts Building, World's Fair, Chicago
Chicago's great day, World's Columbian Exposition
Parade of West Point cadets at U. S. Government Building, Columbian Exposition
Canadian Department in Machinery Hall, Columbian Exposition
Our industries, our strength, Columbian Exposition
[S.S. Gala Navigation
Dragutin Inkiostri Medenjak
[Compañía trasatlántica española, S.A.]
Walter Burley Griffin, landscape architect
The singing crow and other poems
Tristan and Iseult
Tales from the Decameron
Annuaire officiel des hotels de tourisme
Erata confined & at large
Ornament and abstraction
Airflow Chryslers
Lincoln Zephyr
Sunshine, stone crabs and cheescake
Movimento Futurista : diretto da F.T. Marinetti, Milano, Corso Venezia, 61 : marciare, non marchire
El nacionalsocialismo expuesto por Hitler
Visit Finland
Il grido della riscossa. Il bollettino della vittoria
Le visioni dell'architetto
North-West Skåne
Coronation exhibition, 1953
I am a fugitive from a Georgia chain gang!
Mother Goose song book
The story of the U.S. Army Air Forces
Il Comando Militare del locale Presidio Tedesco
[Photographs of a Civilian Conservation Corps camp in California]
Kiruna, Lappland, Sweden
[Nederland Line (Royal Dutch Mail)]
Circus day
Timur and his gang
Havana tours / Globe Tours, Inc
Two new books from the studio of Holland Robinson and Mac Harshberger
Loose lyrics of lovely ladies / Holland Robinson's lyrics and music with Mac Harshberger's drawings
Meghóditottuk a világot!
[Gra nd Coulee Dam construction photographs]
Voyager of the Seas
Die Donau in Niederosterreich
Lincoln Zephyr
Zoological soliloquies
A visit to the Minnesota Steel Plant : Morgan Park, Duluth, Minnesota
Carl Renner, 1950s GM dream car creator
[Royal Cruise Line]
Harry Bentley Bradley
Automobilismo e ciclismo
Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild, 1930-1968
Švehla ve fotografii
The Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild
The American dream as reflected in car advertising art
American fashion art, 1960-1990
Christmas cruise to the West Indies 1937
The spread of the Russian revolution
Programma van het Concert-Gebouw te Amsterdam
Something for mamma
Home trade soap manufactured by Gowans & Stover, Buffalo, N.Y
Carnaval de La Habana, 1956
See Canada, go Canadian Pacific
The Stalin phenomenon / by Jean Elleinstein ; [English translation by Peter Latham]
The autobiography of Joseph Stalin
Buy American! (and good times will come thru') / words by Al Lewis ; music by Al Sherman
[Delta Line]
Materialism and the dialectical method
A pictorial parade of Texas
Jugun emaki
[Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco
What again?
[Cyclodic Cruises]
[Cycladic Cruises]]
[Nomikos Lines]
[Wall Street Tours, Inc.]
[Wall Street Tours, Inc.]
[Cyclodic Cruises]
[Swedish American Line]
[Royal Interocean LInes]
[Royal Princess Line]
Gerrit V. Sinclair (1890-1955)
[Royal Viking Line]
Over stijl in bouw en meubelkunst
Army Air Forces, Technical Training Command, Miami Beach, Fla
Come to Britain
[Ocean Cruise Lines]
Bauhaus and Bauhaus people
The forest ranger game
Die letzten Tage der Menschheit
C.C. C
Western decorative arts
Local boy makes good!
Pict orial review
Quaderno di [blank]
[CCC 103, Plymouth (Massachusetts), burning signs for the forest roads]
Barracks No. 3, CCC Camp, Bethel, Vt
Flood control camp, E. Barre, Vt., 1933
CCC camp, E. Barre, Vt., #50
1148th Co., C.C.C., Danby, Vt
Agassiz Village of the Burroughs Newsboys Foundation, West Poland, Maine
Boys of the Barracks No. 3, CCC Camp, Bethel, Vt
Honorable discharge from the Civilian Conservation Corps
Tahoe tales
Follow the dots, color the pictures
The Fort George Wright District, Civilian Conservation Corps, annual
[Orient Overseas Line]
Tale nted CCC youth depicts life at camp
Chow at table 13
[Chow at table 13] / Kessler
Comrade Gulliver
New York herald tribune
Italy and its monarchy
[P & O-Orient Lines]
250,000,000 years with Texas
When the flowers bloom on no man's land, what a wonderful day that will be
[Blue Star Line]
Texas frontier ballads
[C.C.C. cap]
I'd love to know
Happy days
Miami Tribune
The Polynesian
Domain of Neptunus Rex, ruler of the raging main
Resolute observer
History of modern design
Hamburg-American Line : S.S. "Resolute," around the world cruise, HAPAG 1933 : program for the shore excursion
A ruota libera
S.S. "Resolute"
S.S. 'Resolute' : abstract timings of tourist special returning from Howrah to Bombay via Nagpur
[Photograph album of ports of call during a world cruise aboard the S.S. Resolute in 1933]
Antonia Campi
Antonia Campi
Post office
Domain of Neptunus Rex
Eugene Eisenberg
They fought with what they had
There'll be a red hot time in Berlin pretty soon
In alis vincimus
The new atlas and commercial gazetteer of China
Sweet Home
Harper's history of the war in the Philippines
Pictorial atlas illustrating the Spanish-American War : comprising a history of the great conflict of the United States with Spain / by LeRoy Armstrong ; with over 150 original illustrations from special photographs, and drawings by such noted artists as A.G. Schmidt, William Ottman, Von Hoffstein, Morgan, Brott and Powers ; full and accurate maps, political and historical educational charts, diagrams, etc., etc. and complete statistics historical, military, naval financial and industrial ; a va
Au bout de l'Europe
Fighting in the Philippines
Fotografiske billeder af vore nye besiddelser indeholdende smukke
The little I saw in Cuba
[Royal Rotterdam Lloyd]
[Swan Hellenic Cruises]
[Sun Line]
[St. Helena Shipping Company Ltd.]
Photographic history of the Spanish-American War : a pictorial and descriptive record of events on land and sea with portraits and biographies of leaders on both sides
[Silja Line]
Memorial souvenir
The American Navy : Cuba and the wrecked Maine : The Hawaiian island
The world's public enemy number 2 : Tojo
The story of the Spanish-American War and the revolt in the Philippines / told by W. Nephew King ; illustrated from drawings in black and white photographs taken at the front and paintings by the best artists; for the Army, O.O. Howard ; for the Navy, Robley D. Evans
Vondels Lucifer
南滿洲寫真帖 / Minami Manshū shashinchō
[Koisenki Ryojin Sashincho]
[Title in Japanese]
[Title in Japanese]
Russia and Japan
[P&O Steamship Company]
The Russo-Japanese war
Paquet Ulysses Cruises
Aktiebolaget Bofors
[Pearl Cruises of Scandinavia]
The Russo-Japanese war : a photographic and descriptive review of the great conflict in the Far East, gathered from the reports, records, cable despatches, photographs, etc., etc., of Collier’s war correspondents
California plan
We too are the people
Century of the common man
Catalogus der internationale tentoonstelling van fotokunst in het Stedelijk Museum te Amsterdam
Carnegie Hall
[Mr. Winston Churchill, Russian entry into war, 22-6-41]
An elegy on the death of a mad dog
[Princess Cruises]
Alfred A. Knopf, 730 Fifth Avenue, New York
[Italian Line]
Colgate & Co's young people's soap
Imperial hygiene
A pocketful of Canada
Gedenkboek ter herinnering aan de feestviering van het Korps Rijdende Artillerie [1793-1893]
Baltic Shipping Company, USSR
[Black Sea Shipping Company]
Aeroplane view, main group of exhibit palaces, Panama-Pacific International Exposition, from Silas Christofferson's aeroplane, at an altitutde of 1,500 feet
Resourceful rehab
A me rmaid in the tub
[Title in Japanese]
Handmade modern
Anthem of the Soviet Union
Talking lines
Autumn. Lautz Bros. & Co's Marseilles white soap. Unequalled for washing flannels and woolen goods. They will not full up or shrink. The best soap for household purposes
[Sundance Cruises]
Suggestions for your summer vacation to and through the Canadian Rockies
[Shaw Savill Line]
[Sitmar Line]
[Silver Star Line]]
Newark Museum
Pictorial Chosen and Manchuria
[Title in Japanese]
Merry Christmas
Les tambourinaires
[Title in Japanese]
Photo sketch of Manchoukuo
A photographic record of the Russo-Japanese war / edited and arranged by James H. Hare ; with photographs by Victor K. Bulla, Robert L. Dunn, James F. J. Archibald, Richard Barry, Ashmead Bartlett, James Ricalton ; together with an account of the battle of the Sea of Japan by Captain A. T. Mahan
[Title in Japanese]
[Title in Japanese]
Free Mooney and Billings, labor's martyrs
[Incres Line]
[Title in Japanese]
[Title in Japanese]
[Ivran Line]
[Title in Japanese]
Scoprire il design
[Home Lines]
Republica de Cuba
The Architectural review
[Peter Deilman Reederei]
Lost New York
[Fred Olsen Lines]
[Booth Line]
[British India Steam Navigation Limited]
[Canada Steamship Lines]
[Hickie Borman Cruises]
[Chandris Fantasy Cruises]
[Chandris Cruises]
[Chandris Lines]
Know Florida
[C.C.N - The Portuguese Line]
[Title in Japanese]
[Clipper Line]
Portfolio of the world war
Just like a good plain cook, that's me
"Saturnia" Motonave
New Zealand Railways
Crusade of the Left
National Industrial Recovery Act, National Recovery Administration
Lake Louise, Alberta
A nation returns to prosperity
The development of the Tennessee Valley
The Tennessee Valley Authority
No. A 7728 : Tennessee Valley Authority, $1,000
Konstanz, Bodensee
A guide to Alaska
Black & white photographs of various exposition buildings of the Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago, taken by architect Charles Marshall, Sr. in 1933
Pamiętnik generała Wysockiego z czasów kampanii węgierskiej
The Polish-Soviet frontier
Tale s from the crescent moon
Commemorating Chicago's 100th Anniversary
A Century of Progress, 1833-1933, Chicago world's fair souvenir
I didn’t raise my boy to be a soldier
Souvenir of the 8th Army Corps Philippine expedition
What are you going to do to help the boys?
Neely's panorama of our new possessions
Neely's panorama of our new possessions
Views of Weihaiwei, N. China
Yankee bird
Just like Washington crossed the Delaware, General Pershing will cross the Rhine
The muses flee Hitler
Keep the home-fires burning
Buy a liberty bond
Don't take my darling boy away!
We’ll knock the Heligo--into Heligo--out of Heligoland!
National emblem march
The little grey mother
Hokushin taikan
朝鮮之風光 = Chōsen no fūkō = Trip in Chosen
All washed up and no place to go
[Title in Japanese]
Under fire
Uncle Sammy
You and I and our country
Clear the tracks!
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo, Japan, address of welcome, members of tourist party from abroad, by Seiichiro Yasui, governor
Just try to picture me back home in Tennessee
[Franklin Delano Roosevelt, seated at a desk examining stamps through a magnifying glass]
Exposition Coloniale Internationale de Paris
Boston old-home week, July 28 to Aug. 3 : red letter days ... somethings doing every miute for seven days
Birthday greetings
Was it a dream?
[Premier Cruise Lines]
[Orient Lines]
Rockwood pottery
June in January
[Viking Cruises]]
Speisesaal im Luftschiff "Hindenburg"
Cuban Pete
Norris Dam
Norris Dam
Spillway, Norris Dam
Norris Dam
Norris Dam
Norris Dam
Crusaders, scoundrels, journalists
Norris Dam
Boating, Norris Dam
The lake at Pickwick Dam, Tenn
Walkway, Pickwick Dam, Tenn. River
Theater in America
Grand Coulee Dam, Wn
Grand Coulee Dam, Washington
Dynamos in powerhouse, Grand Coulee Dam, Wn
It might as well be spring
Night view, Coulee Dam, Washington / photo by Bureau of Reclamation
Turbine and generator control boards at the Grand Coulee Dam, Washington
Vista house, Dry Falls State Park, Coulee City, Wash
On Clingmans Dome, Great Smoky Mtn. Natl. Park
[Glamour girl wearing green dress showing off profile and back]
Erosion in copper basin, Ducktown, Tenn
Erosion near Ducktown, Tenn
Erosions, Copperhill, Tenn
Waltzing in a dream
[Sphinx, in the oddities room, the Roosevelt Library and Museum, Hyde Park, N.Y.]
President Franklin D. Roosevelt
President's Day, April 30, 1933
The Sunshine Radio program
Christmas time seems years and years away
In my harem
Do you know Italy?
[Flagship Cruises]
[Epirotiki Lines]
I'm going back to the farm
[Title in Japanese]
Dated events
Through the camera lens, 1923
Two Mediterranean cruises
Iowa state exhibit, Agricultural Hall, Columbian Exposition
A rare bit of the beautiful German Exhibit, Liberal Arts Building, Columbian Exposition
Sylvia Wald
Burning of the Cold Storage Building, fifteen brave firemen lost their lives, July 10th, Columbian Exposition
Liberal Arts Building, German Department, Bust of the Emperor and Emperess, Columbian Expostion
The immense Dynamos, Machinery Hall, Columbian Exposition
Woman's Building, Columbian Exposition
Krupp's Great Exhibit of Guns, Columbian Exposition
Deere & Co. Exhibit, Agricultural Hall, Columbian Exposition
View from the North end of Liberal Arts Building, Columbian Exposition
Great Interior of Liberal Arts Building, Columbian Exposition
Interior of Electric Building, Columbian Exposition
Interior of California State Building, Columbian Exposition
An Illinois farm scene, Illinois State Building, Columbian Exposition
The Great Furriers Exhibit, Liberal Arts Building, Columbian Exposition
Cape Colony, Ostrich Exhibit, Columbian Exposition
The Music of the waters, Columbian Exposition
Ostrich Eggs from Cape Colony, Agricultural Building, Columbian Exposition
The largest stationary engine in the world, Columbian Exposition
That Charlie Chaplin walk
The Darktown Strutters' Ball
Good-bye, girlie, and remember me
[Title in Japanese]
The Palmer raids
[Title in Japanese]
[National Hellenic American Line]
[Title in Japanese]
Letters from Abyssinia
[Lloyd Triestino]
Sieben Moskauer Künstler, 1910-1930 = Seven Moscow artists, 1910-1930
Christmas greetings
De engel der liefde
At the San Diego Panama-California Exposition all the year 1915
In the good old summer time
Easter parade
Some Enchanted Evening
Advertising progress
South of the Border
My Heart Cries For You
Moonlight Bay
April Showers
Fully air conditioned, Mac Fadden Deauville Hotel and Cabana Club : "one of Florida's attractions."
We sing America
[Title in Japanese]
Grand Central Station, New York City
Ford's Theatre, Washington
The capitols of Pennsylvania
Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt
Amsterdam, Holland
I can dream, can't I?
Be my love
[ World War Two era memorabilia, most from Nazi Germany]
Hungary and her successors
De Heer Roosevelt
President Roosevelt als grootvader
President Roosevelt and official party approaching Rock City Gardens, Lookout Mt
President Roosevelt speaking at the dedication of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Design classics, 1880-1930
President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the Little White House, Warm Springs, Georgia
Home of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Hyde Park, N.Y
Three great leaders
Comune di Bassano del Grappa
Post office building, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Chickamouga Dam, Tennessee River, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Air view of Chickamouga Dam, Tennessee River, Chattanooga, Tennessee
On the top of the world
London's termini
Dear parent
A lovely lady garmented in light from her own beauty
A Bushel and a Peck
Whispering Hope
I Could Have Danced All Night
The Aba Daba Honeymoon / words and music by Arthur Fields and Walter Donovan
Thinking of You
Cruising Down the River
The Girls of My Dreams
Macfadden-Deauville Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida
Revolutionary days
Le Pavillon de la Suisse
Goscombe John at the National Museum of Wales
Indecent dreams
[ Scrapbook, with loose memorabilia documenting a cruise on the Hamburg-Amerika Linie and travels in Germany in 1936/1937]
Que en Alexandra’s Christmas gift book
So long, it's been good to know yuh
Ministero per la Stampa e la Propaganda, Direzione Generale per il Turismo, E.N.I.T
Ministero per la Stampa e la Propaganda, Direzione Generale per il Turismo, E.N.I.T
Shōwa 11-nen rikugun tokubetsu daienshu narabi chiho gyoko : kinen shashincho : Hōkkaido-fu
[Title in Japanese]
Japan and the art of war, 1863-1945
The modern packing house
Le nouvel opéra
Arthur Szyk
Une Bretagne sí étrange, 1900-1920 /James Éveillard, Patrick Huchet
Theodore W. Pietsch II (1912-1993) and the development of automobile design in the golden age
[Royal Caribbean Cruise Line]
Mannheim, 1907
Workmen's sick and death benefit fund of the U.S.A
Deutsches Arbeiterfest 1937 / Veranstaltet vom Deutsch- Amerikanischen Klub, Newark, N.J., Samtag, den 11. Dezember 1937
Your Home Should Come First
Bezbozhnik u stanka
Make Believe
Make Believe / lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein and music by Jerome Kern
The Birthday of a Kiss/ lyrics by Paul Francis Webster and music by John Jacob Loeb and Rudy Vallee
I Want to Be Happy/ lyrics by Irving Caesar and Otto Harbach and music by Vincent Youmans
All My Love
New Weimar on the Pacific
If / music by Tolchard Evans ; lyrics by Robert Hargreaves and Stanley J. Damerell
Sweet Violets
New theatre
Alice Blue Gown
One Night of Love
The Hut-Hut Song: A Swedish Serenade / lyrics and music by Leo V. Killion, Ted McMichael, and Jack Owens
Scene L'Apache
A peon at siesta
Kino i zhiznʹ
Co lombian plantation laborer
It 's five o'clock, where's everybody?
Palais du Ministere des Colonies : Retrospective de la conquete de l'Empire colonial, L'Afrique du Nord et la jonction saharienne
Palais du Ministère des Colonies : Rétrospective de la conquète de l'Empire colonial, L'Afrique, vue d'ensemble
Palais du Ministère des Colonies : Rétrospective de la conquète de l'Empire colonial, L'Afrique du Nord et la jonction saharienne
Palais du Ministère des Colonies
Grand designs
Palais du Ministère des Colonies, Salon d'Honneur
Court of the Presidents, looking south, Great Lakes Exposition, Cleveland, Ohio
Court of the Presidents looking towards Lake Erie, Cleveland, Ohio
I'm A.W.O.L., a wolf on leave!!
So we'll meet again
The fist that has "the punch"
Impressions of Japanese architecture and the allied arts
[Majesty Cruise Line]
[Monarch Cruises]
S.S. Lurline, Matson to Hawaii
Arquitetura do ferro e arquitetura ferroviária em São Paulo
[The Sevilla-Biltmore]
[Celebrity Cruises]
[Mercy Ships]
[Commodore Cruise Line]
My Mom [score]
Thank You America [score]
Goodnight, Irene [score]
Thanks For Ev'rything [score]
Barcelona art nouveau
Moon Over Miami [score]
I'm Sorry Dear [score]
Meet me at the Château
Sweet Leilani [score]
My Man [score]
Beloved [score]
Tell Me That You Love Me [score]
[Azamara Cruises]
The most of everything
1861-1917, the American spirit
History of the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition of 1898
Sketschs [sic]
Turkish Pavilion at the New York World's Fair
Hood ornaments
Dana House
Der Preis der Schönheit
[Regency Cruises]
[Costa Cruises]
The Lewis & Clark Exposition
Fête Nationale de la France, French Day
Exposition coloniale
Wyoming narrative report, from July 21, 1936 to August 20, 1936
Puente Cabrillo through lower pergola, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal., 1915
The workmen's insurance of the German Empire
In the spirit of resistance
Guide to the workmen's insurance of the German Empire
The German Workmen's Insurance as a social institution
[Seawind Cruise Line]
Jeruzalem I (In Dalecarlië)
[Cruise East]
[Crown Cruise Line]
Love Field Air Terminal, Dallas, Texas
Johnny Zero
Williams' Neues Autobuch
Isn't she the busy little bee
Sketchs [sic]
Olympia Ausstellung 1940, Tokio
Oasis of the Seas
Kajüten-Pläne, Norddeutscher Lloyd, Bremen = Cabin-plans
Shell Konzern, Berlin
[Society Expeditions]
[Regent Seven Seas Cruises]
The graphic design reader
[Scandinavian World Cruises]
[Seabourn Cruise Line]
Haus der Flieger
Potions, pills & purges
Medicine & pharmacy
Notes for travellers
"My day" on K.P
Medicine & pharmacy in American political prints, 1765-1870
Als Zivilist im polnischen Krieg
Reichslotterie der NSDAP. für das Kriegshilfswerk
Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek and Madame Chiang on their wedding day, December 1, 1927
Iowa and the centennial
Drugs and pharmacy in prints
"Every man his own doctor"
Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal., 1915
Sketchs [sic]
[Untitled sketches of Wraith and Ghost]
The nightingale’s song
Pigeons on porch of Sacramento Valley Building
Contemporary kiln-formed glass
Istituto climatico di Cuasso al Monte
Le cahier jaune
Rodin at the Musée Rodin
"Heel" Hitler!!
I went into the army to shoot: not to dig sewers
Best Christmas wishes
Das Rom Mussolinis
Bravoure allemande (leurs exploits!!)
"Gee, Dorothy! Now we're sweeties!"
"That soldier's here, Sir, about a new paratrooper uniform to deceive the enemy." / Dave Breger
"And my mother never even allowed me to have a cap-pistol!/ Dave Breger
"They ought to see me now, those guys who call me 'Butterfingers'!" / Dave Breger
"That little squirt--always wearing it off-duty to avoid saluting!" / Dave Breger
They may be strong, but we're prepared
The yanks are coming
Keep 'em flying
There is nothing like a uniform to attract attention
Az asztalosmesterségröl
I'm getting a big bang our of this army life
Hurry and write... I'm all ears
Si scopron le tombe!
Teatro Municipal de Sao Paulo
Don't worry... I'm keeping well under cover!
I knew [censored] well I'd like this job!
We're sure giving the boys a ride!
"Submerge her now I'm ready to rince her off"
White Christmas / music and lyrics by Irving Berlin
I Love You, Believe Me, I Love You (The Dream of My Heart) / words by Rubey Cowan and music by Phil Boutelje
My M ammy (The Sun Shines East - The Sun Shines West) / words by Sam Lewis and Joe Young ; music by Walter Donaldson
Dreamy Carolina Moon / words by Evans Lloyd and music by Erwin R. Schmidt
Home On the Range / arranged by Hugo Frey
Victory (Fox Trot Song) / words and music by Mary McKee Reisinger ; arranged by Claude Lapham
What 'll I Do / by Irving Berlin ; arranged by May Singhi Breen
Plaza de Panama from Pipe Organ, Kern and Tulare, U.S. Government and San Joaquin Valley Buildings, Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal
Nachtmerrie over Nederland
De Notenkraker
Arnhem, Holland
Tokyo Exhibition
Tokyo Exhibition
The Alden fruit vinegar
Tokyo Exhibition
Tokyo Exhibition
Tokyo Exhibition
Tokyo Exhibition
Tokyo Exhibition
Tokyo Exhibition
Somebody is going to get what they've been looking for P.D.Q
Soviet Union news
[Drawing room interior]
Roma, Castel S. Angelo
Mural painting in America
Painted walls of Mexico
America’s Great War
Confessions of a depression muralist
Oformlenie goroda v dni revoliutsionnykh prazdnestv
Foreign and Domestic Arts Building
9 Maia
The CIO, 1935-1955
Sommervillen im Salzkammergut
The CIO’s left-led unions
American Federation of Labor
Wobbly, the rough-and-tumble story of an American radical
Industrialism and the American worker, 1865-1920
Workers on the waterfront
Wings over America
Labor agitator
Stri kes in the United States, 1880-1936
Largest manufacturers of high grade Austrian chairs, inventors of bentwood furniture : Thonet Brothers
Modernisierte Ornamentik im germanischen u. romanischen Stil
Labor fact book
Defendamos Madrid unidos bajo un mando único
Plano panoramico de La Habana = panoramic map of Havana
Italian futurist poetry
[Societe Generale de Transports Maritimes]
Trad e union facts
Impo rtant events in American labor history, 1778-1978
Panorama of Nevsky Prospekt
Workers and allies
Officieel programma van den Stadsschouwburg
Divided we stand
Mr. & Mrs. is the name
Dancing with tears in my eyes
The American Heritage history of railroads in America
Dancing with tears in my eyes
White Christmas
I'm thru with love
Dawn Princess
Wagon wheels
Painting the clouds with sunshine
Modern mama
Kentucky Sal song
That minor waltz / music and lyric by Holland Robinson
I never never knew / music and lyric by Holland Robinson
Serenade aux cinq chats noirs
Old French dance from the ballet Cendrillon
Ballads of a New York child
Pres. Kennedy and his cabinet
From Kitty Hawk to Space Shuttle
[Norwegian Cruise Lines]
1o Ispettorato Nazionale del Lavoro
Australian art annual, 1939
Incomes from orange groves
Musical digest
Anchors aweigh
Silver anniversary of the 20th Century Limited, 1902, June 15th, 1927
School circular
There's a star spangled banner waving somewhere
[Chandris North America Lines]
The Hartford Art School
Hartford Art School
The Hartford Art School
(Dreaming of my) Indiana sweetheart
The Lockwood Art School
Use Lady Grey toilet cream
World’s fair menu and recipe book
Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art
There's a gold mine in the sky
I'm sittin' high on a hill top
Vingt jours dans le nouveau monde
Unite against fascist aggression, May 1, 1939
The architecture of Baltimore
A star to steer her by
Six rhymes from Walter de la Mare's "Peacock Pie"
Die Entwicklung der modernen Malerei
Salon Miami
Five Fragments from Mother Goose
A Javanese Lullaby
[Carras Delian Cruises]
[Greek Line]
European imperialism, 1830-1930
Oluf Wold-Torne
[Swedish Lloyd]
[Thomson Cruises]
[Turkish Maritime Lines]
[Traveline, Inc.]
[British Travel Organization Cruise Catalogs]
[Polish Ocean Lines]
Round the world cruise holiday
[Envelope addressed to: "Engineer Section, CL-3, Miami Air Depot, Miami, Florida" from: "War Department, Office of the Chief of Engineers, Washington, D.C."
[Hawaiian Steamship Company Limited]
Holland-Afrika Lijn]
[Hellenic Mediterranean Lines]
Black riders
Georges Braque (born in 1882)
Certain dangerous tendencies in American life, and other papers
"And me the champion of the block."
The engineers and the price system
Witch hunt
Anton Josef Trcka 1893-1940
[Eastern Shipping Corporation]
L'Italia coloniale
[Royal Olympic Cruises]
[Dolphin Cruise Line]
[Oceania Cruises]
[Silversea Cruises]
Backing Hitler
Nailing down the Rome end
Pen and pencil sketches of the great riots
Programs and manifestoes on 20th-century architecture
Made in Berlin
They shall not die
"Geographia" cyclists' map of Scotland
Homage to Catalonia
Indian chapter
Roots of contemporary American architecture
Architecture for the poor; an experiment in rural Egypt
The first time in history
Communism, the new faith for a new world
The essential Trotsky
Star Soap
Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe
Sunpaper travelguide
Johannes Viator
Richard Neutra and the search for modern architecture
Greetings from Hollywood
Eine wahre Geschichte
Court of the Pacifica, 1940 Golden Gate International Exposition
Propaganda postcards of World War II
[American Classic Voyages]
What goes up must come down
The Russian Revolution
The theory of the leisure class
'Way down yonder in New Orleans
Architectural lighting solutions
[Aloha Pacific Cruises]]
[Windstar Sail Cruises]
David O. Selznick's production of Margaret Mitchell's story of the Old South, Gone with the wind, in Technicolor, starring Clark Gable as Rhett Butler, Leslie Howard, Olivia de Havilland, and presenting Vivien Leigh as Scarlet O'Hara
Chicago Railroad Fair presents 'Wheels a-Rolling'
Santa Fe Railway Indian Village
Rock Island at the Chicago Railroad Fair, 1948
[American Family Cruises]
The Pullman exhibit
The coronation of Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, May 12th 1937
How we built this railroad car
Boardwalk illustrated news
Revelations by an ex-director of Krupp's
Smaller Italian villas & farmhouses \
Catalog design
Dr. Mayfield ; Val Coogan
William Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis
Fenetre Ouverte
La macchina e il cinema
Wings over America
[Salen Lindblad Cruising]
Mapa Bemporat de ferrocarriles de la Republica Argentina
[Crystal Cruises]
Southern California Counties Building
La Suisse sous les armes
Fred eric Remington
Ondergeteekende heeft de eer U uit te noodigen tot bezichtiging der Tentoonstelling van Teekeningen, Lithografieen enz. door Th. van Hoytema
Hiermede berichten wij U dat wij onze drukkerij verplaatst hebben
Sketches / Ted Pietsch
Ande n christlichen Adel Deutscher Nation
[Small Cruise/Steamship Lines, Box 1]
[Elegant lady wearing evening gown and striped cape in a pink room]
Architectural Association sketch book
The champions
Posters for the people
Statue of Liberty, New York
[Small Cruise/Steamship Lines, Box 2]
Sketches / Ted Pietsch
S.S. Columbus cruise plan
Noorweegsche brieven
Sketches / Ted Pietsch
Granite and marble
Shea's Buffalo Theatre
Love in Greenwich Village
Hungária fürdö
The genuine Johann Hoff's malt extract : the old standby
Miniature railroading
Sketches / Ted Pietsch
The chamber drama
Sketches / Ted Pietsch
Foundations of the theory of signs
P.S. When in Cuba drink Hatuey beer... Hatuey is brewed by Bacardi
When Coxey's "army" marcht on Washington, 1894
[Cruise Reference Sales Materials]
Designing modernity
De 8 en Opbouw
The trail of the Mohawk
Vatican museums, Rome
Outstanding song hits from the Paramount picture, Star spangled rhythm
[Canadian Pacific ]
[Clipper Cruise Line]
Childrens cities for Spain
Concours pour l'aménagement de la voie allant de la Place de l'Étoile au Rond-Point de la Défense
[Passenger Carferries]
New Plymouth for 1941
I hear America singing
[Builders and Designers of Cruise Ships, Box 1]
Those Japs will soon be slap-happy!
[Builders and Designers of Cruise Ships, Box 2]
Let's pull together
[Port Marketing]
A. Chittussi
Rainbow girl atop fountain of life, court of the flowers, California World's Fair on San Francisco Bay
Patrick Geddes: spokesman for man and the environment
José Gener y Batet, Picadura Selecta extra fina, La Escepción, Habana
Sir Christopher Wren
The architecture of the well-tempered environment
FLO: A biography of Frederick Law Olmsted
Obligations. : To G.I. Joe
The urbanization of the Earth
Sweet Home
Soviet iron and steel industry
Esposizione Internazionale, Torino
The open road to France
Recent events in Europe
Hitler wie ihn keiner kennt
Sketches / Ted Pietsch
Késmárky és Illés, Budapest
The dictators
Architecture in the age of reason
700 Jahre Berlin
Black womanhood
Sketches : instrument panel. English Ford 1948 / Ted Pietsch
California Building and Puente Cabrillo from Washington Building
The historical guide to North American railroads
Pelimex presenta ¡Ole Cuba!
Selected writings on anarchism and revolution
Pictorial encyclopedia of ocean liners, 1860-1994
Christmas and New Year tours to South Africa
IPM catalogue of picture postcards
Soviet architecture 1917-1962
A Pennsylvanian album
Historique de la carte postale illustrée française
The east coast of Florida
Zoological soliloquies
Quelques Impressions sur la danseuse Nina Payne
A song of spring
Springtime expresses youth in nature
Tra la!
A fall of charming fashions
"When the frost is on the pumpkin, and the fodder's in the shock"-
As gay, as colorful and as varied as the autumn leaves
'Tis of spring!!
For the seventy-fourth season
The Dance magazine
Internationale Luftfahrtausstellung, Gotenburg, Schweden, 20. Juli - 12. August, 1923
Here is New York
The Chicago school of architecture
American building art
The Yellow book
Architecture, ambition and Americans
Home interiors
Last call
Picton’s priced catalogue and handbook of pictorial postcards and their postmarks, 1981
The Official identification and price guide to postcards
Io Accuso a Badoglio
13. August 1961 in Berlin
Catalogue delle cartoline illustrate italiane
Gee! But I like music with my meals
"Lift every voice and sing" by Augusta Savage
A.A.F. Redistribution Station No. 2 Exchange, Miami Beach, Florida
The time has come
A night in Bagdad
Chaplin bácsi kérem szépen, Rónai irkát vegyen nekem
Loose lyrics of lovely ladies
Architecture USA
Bernarr Macfadden Foundation, Inc
God's own junkyard
The hand of man on America
Art in Latin American architecture
The seizing of the Santa Maria
Memoir of an art gallery
Russian art and American money, 1900-1940
Vanishing varnish
Lyonel Feininger , drawings and watercolors
[Portrait of a woman wearing a spotted veil and pink blouse]
Albert P. Ryder
Jackson Pollock
De Boschjes club
Inventory of the church archives of Florida
Willem de Kooning
Stuart Davis
A Soviet writer looks at Vienna
Basic field manual
Roma- Interno del Campo Santo
Napoli- La Villa Comunale
Civitavecchia - Largo Plebiscito
Roma-Lacoonte-Museo Vaticano (cortile ottagono)
Capetown- Table Mountain
The Cecil Rhodes Memorial ; Capetown
Caracoles y Acueducto de Los Remedios, Mexico
Malecon de Sanidad, Veracruz
Illiustrirovannyi tekhnicheskii slovar' na shesti iazykakh: niemetskom, angliiskom, frantsuzskom, russkom, ital'ianskom i ispanskom
Belgium unvanquished
Ville e villette moderne
Artists victory exhibit in miniature
[Theodore W. Pietsch II Archive]
Cherry brandy, "Unicum"
Norway revolts against the Nazis
[Aznar Line]
There are always two possibilities
He likes tomatoes
Why is Ronald smiling?
Fighting like this is more fun
[Glamour girl wearing green and yellow cap standing by horse]
La Lettura
"Sweet Home" soap
Jasper National Park Canadian Rockies
Toepassingen van Verkade's Waxine-Lichten
Boycott the Olympics! Forward to the Int'l Workers Athletic Meet, July 29, Aug. 1, 1932
Life in Britain between the wars
P. & O. R.M.S. Narkunda, Sydney Harbour, 1930
Villa del Mar, Ver
Gio Ponti alla cooperativa ceramica d'Imola, 120, 1874-1994
Panorami di realizzazioni del fascismo
A map
Tactical and technical trends
San Francisco's enchanted palace
[Woman holding a Boxer]
Hotel Bristol, San Rafael y Amistad, Habana, Cuba
Allied Artists presenta: Fuego carnal
California Building and Cabrillo Bridge, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal. 1915
Parole al duce
Le terre che vogliamo
The lure of the lock
[1 typed letter and 11 black & white photographs of an original Day & Newall lock]
History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks)
Use Atkins' Electric Light Soap
Vittoria europea e bolscevismo
Lyonel Feininger, Marine, Mellingen, Manhattan
La formula di Pietro Nenni
Anything can happen here
Una leggenda da sfatare
Discorso ai mutilati d'italia
Japanese art
Het Historisch Museum van het Korps Rijdende Artillerie
All soaps bearing our name are warranted free from any of the many adulterations. The best for economy, purity, cleanliness and washing quality of any in the world
The quarantined culture
I, Vincent
Alla popolazione della provincia
Revue Bimestrielle pour L'Art Applique
Jong Holland
The details of modern architecture
[World War II-era traveled envelope]
The mechanical emperor
Comix resolution
I've only one idea about the girls and that's to love 'em
Design and living
Architectural drawing
Rue de la Paix
Built by Anhalt
Union buildings : Pretoria, souvenir, 1911
French textiles, from 1760 to the present
Aeronautica (Parco Aerostatico)
Havana, Cuba
Africa drums
Eroico esercito
Guerra del Tripartito
Guerra del Tripartito
Guerra del Tripartito
Destination Italy
Da pietrarsa a pietrarsa
Franceschi Mille Aghi, "Rosso Corallo"
Bernarr Macfadden Foundation, Inc
Hitler & Geli
A brief history of the Roman Catholic Church of Saint Giles, Cheadle in the county of Staffordshire
Graphic Design U. S. A
Bordeaux ... un jour!
[Woman in pink dress sitting with dog on lap]
Sweet Home soap
Harz, Rhine and Main
International Hygienic Exhibition, Dresden
Building the West
Rare fun for schoolboys
O ministro Duarte Pacheco
The Third Reich in power, 1933-1939
American glamour and the evolution of modern architecture
Frank Lloyd Wright
Une memoire d'une visite
Tibia Pelvis curved lasciviously before her dressing table
There's a long, long trail
Streamliner, "City of Los Angeles"
Irish art & modernism, 1880-1950
I can't do without you
Stars fell on Alabama
South of the Border
Industria de pau?
The artistic furniture of Charles Rohlfs
There's a gold mine in the sky
Cuba, the land of eternal spring : come and see Havana!
[Woman with flowers standing in front of a man waiting by his automobile]
Good night sweetheart
The new moon
Blue is the night
Diamond Pointers
Beobachtungen Ueber Geschichte Gesetze und interessen der Menschen
Stay as sweet as you are
Modern Britain
O pera tonite, featuring
The diplomacy of German unification
T unnel of love
[ Cartoon of an American serviceman receiving a vaccination]
Yours and mine
We have ways of making you laugh
Works Progress Administration presents New York State Symphonic Band
The romance of the Milky Way, and other studies & stories
I'll still go on wanting you
High Noon (Do not forsake me)
Jarmark umení
High Noon (Do not forsake me)
Velikii Kniaz' Nikolai Nikolaevich
Mother's the Best Pal of All
Golden earrings
Chimes of spring (Spring Beautiful Spring)
The Natal campaign
So uth Africa and the Transvaal War
With the Guards' brigade
Reminiscenes of the Santiago campaign
"Forward march"
The rescue of Cuba
The terra-cotta architecture of North Italy (XIIth-XVth centuries)
Our war with Spain for Cuba's freedom
The story of Barrett's part in A Century of Progress Exposition
A Canadian girl in South Africa
One wonderful night
The story of our wonderful victories
El frutero
The Rough riders
Facts and fakes about Cuba
The sinking of the "Merrimac"
On to Pekin, or, Old Glory in China
Pela Pátria Portuguesa
"The Martyrs"
An army boy in Pekin
Impressions of a war correspondent
I'm sticking to the job
The blue dragon
China’s book of martyrs
Deutschlands Kämpfe in Ostasien
Liners and their recognition
Unsere Marine in China
Railway transport
Hundert prozent
Where Are You To-Night?
A soldier of Japan
Th e Russo-Japanese War
[Delicate purple flower design]
War between Russia and Japan
In the yellow sea
I saw stars
Th e Japanese spy
Pagan love song
Mi Elsö Károly, Isten kegyelmébõl ausztriai császár, Magyarország e néven Negyedik, apostoli királya
Brown of Moukden
Sophisticated lady
Oriental Village, Chicago World's Fair
"Enchanted Island", a playground for children, Chicago World's Fair
Warner Bros.' song folio
You've got to see mamma ev'ry night
Electrical group by night, Chicago World's Fair
Rip Van Winkle tin : compliments of Holmes & Coutts
Travel and Transport Building, Chicago World's Fair
Glancing backward
Travel Building, Chicago World's Fair
Hall of Science, Chicago World's Fair
Hall of Science, Chicago World's Fair
Burlington Zephyr at A Century of Progress Exposition, 1934
Air liner is flying city
Otis Elevator Exhibit, the highest at the fair
Tell me little gypsy
Look for the silver lining
Een pic-nic in proza
Liberty, democracy, peace
Log of H. M. S. Superb : Log of H. M. S. Sultan : Log of H. M. S. Imperieuse
Newfoundland to Cochin China
A trip round the world in 1887-8 / by W. S. Caine ; illustrated by John Pedder, H. Sheppard Dale, and the author
Good-bye Broadway, hello France
Back to Hades- son OF HE- -
Indian summer scrapbook
[Glamour girl in purple dress holding small dog]
Verslag van de Vereeniging tot Bevordering van Beeldende Kunsten
"Favorit" a zárban, nyugalom a házban
"Skulduddery: He who laughs last, laughs best"
So here then are the preachments entitled The city of Tagaste ; and A dream and a prophecy
Our journey around the world
The voyage of the "Wanderer"
Bal de l'Internat., 1931
A voyage in the "Sunbeam"
Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij (Royal Packet Navigation Company)
Le Temps des gares
The Manpower of sunlight
Miami, Miami Beach tourguide map
Dive bombers in flight
Pavillon de la Suede
[Black & white photograph of a golf game on the grounds of the Miami Biltmore Hotel.]
Schillinger Anna gözmosódája
Persuading the people
[Aristotle [Chakiris] Ares, U.S.S. Yorktown Collection]
Ideas, inventions, and patents
The officers' guide
Locks and keys throughout the ages
How to Open Locks Without Keys or Picks
The History of Locks
The steel square
A sailor’s log
Im pressions of a doctor in khaki
The Imperial Yeomanry Hospitals in South Africa, 1900-1902
Minutes of proceedings of the institution of civil engineers
The sick and wounded in South Africa
From my camera
The tale of a field hospital
Manual for the Royal Army Medical Corps
On active service with the S. J. A. B., South African War, 1899-1902
Recueil de serrurerie pratique
Satisfying customers through better selling
Collecció de 20 postals
This is tomorrow today
Sekai Gahou
Separate Parts for Universal Surface Gages
Camp diary of Henrietta E.C. Armstrong
[South African War letters]
The woodblock prints of B.J.O. Nordfeldt
P.J.C. Klaarhamer
Wholesale catalog no. 156
Ozářená Praha 1928
Deutsch-Böhmen im Bilde
The art of Christian Waller
Boys in the woods
Ricordo di Pisa
Eaton's Christmas notes
Let me live
The art of assemblage
You've got a right
Sewage systems of Dade County, 1890-1985
All art is propaganda
Away we go!
Florida architect
Hanga, 80-nen no kiseki
Lawrence Will's Cracker history of Okeechobee; "custard apple, moonvine, catfish and moonshine."
Pioneer Studio Pottery
[Woman in a gold toga and feather hat posing in front of a column]
Industrial design
A misura di bambino
A misura di bambino
Looking westward on the Prado, San Diego Panama-California Exposition
Modern art of metalwork
Die Metall Werkstatt am Bauhaus
A New Deal for the arts
Baasje en Witkop
Ekonom'te elektroenergiiu!
[Photograph album of the M.S. "Vulcania"]
Konzentrationslager Auschwitz
Meandering on a riff
The Miracle of Miami Beach
A miracle in hotel building
[Advice for civilians
[Sing, smile, slumber on the mall
Chicago daily tribune
[Victims of mechanized war face homeless misery
The " Jewel of the valley"
["Valley town"
[Navy launches giant battlewagon
The Chicago sun
Les cinq capitales
Relief in rural Iowa
Your army
The line of command: U. S. War Department
An army in action
Mechanical monsters
Lower Austria, the province around Vienna, Austria
Home and school defense guide
Kennedy Biscuit Company. Afternoon tea biscuit. Try them
Hotel George Washington
Japanese long tailed rooster, Poultry Building, P.P.I.E., 1915
South Beach art deco
North Dakota Building, P.P.I.E., 1915
This is the army, Mister Jones
Der Fuehrer's face
The cranky old yank (in a clanky old tank)
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!!
Marion Manley
[Woman in pajamas lighting cigarette with candle]
The new Lincoln Zephyr V-12 for 1938
A look at the new La Salle V-8
Stanislaus County Headquarters. Pan-Pac.-Int.-Exposition. San Francisco, 1915
Mississippi Building, P.P.I.E 1915
Crowds on the Zone
Pacific Building, San Francisco
Arches of Rising and Setting Son, PPIE. 1915
Aquatic Nymphs Court of Abundance. Pan.-Pac. INT Exposition. San Francisco, 1915
L'Amour- Pan.Pac.INT.Expo., San Francisco
Statue- The Setting Sun
I Padiglioni della Lombardia e del Piemonte
Panama Canal on the Zone, Pan.-Pac. INT. Exposition, 1915
North Dakota Building, P.P.I.E., 1915
Night VIew of Aeroscope Pan-Pac. INT Exposition San Francisco, 1915
Looking into the Court of the Universe Pan.-Pac. INT Exposition 1915
Avenue of Palms, Pan.-Pac. Exposition, San Francisco, 1915
Night Scene from Court of the Universe, Pan.-Pac. Exposition, San Francisco, 1915
Exhibit of Texas Products-P.P.I.E. 1915
Birds Eye View of Exposition Grounds
Wild Flower, P.P.I.E 1915
Jonge strijd
[View of Fine Art Dome through columns]
The Scalp, P.P.I.E. 1915
Lagoon and Fountain in South Gardens, Pan.-Pac. INT. Exposition, San Francisco, 1915
Souvenir folder of Detroit, Michigan
Cordially yours
The new Cadillac Sixty
Jim-Crow in uniform
Fashion under the occupation
La Nacional, Habana
Panama Canal on the Zone, Pan.-Pac. Int Exposition, San Francisco 1915
Panama Canal on the Zone
Peristyles-Palace of Fine Arts, Night Illumination, Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, Cal., 1915
[Columns of the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, Cal.]
Ocean Park Motel
The California Building, Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, Cal., 1915
Palace of Liberal Arts, Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, Cal., 1915
[Colonades of Palace of Fine Arts reflected in pool, San Francisco, Cal.]
Édifices de Rome moderne ou, Recueil des palais, maisons, églises, couvents et autres monuments publics et particuliers les plus remarquables de la ville de Rome, dessinés, mesurés et publiés
Iowa's Exhibit, Agricultural Palace, Panama Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco 1915
Avenue of Progress, Pan. Pac. Int. Expo., San Francisco
The half-way point on highway 101 between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Paso Robles Inn. Paso Robles Calif
Ground Broken Oct. 14,1911
The Packard Eight
Alessandro & Francesco Mendini!, Philippe Starck!, Michele de Lucchi!, Coop Himmelb(l)au!
Perceptions of the spirit in twentieth-century American art
The youth of New York City
Roosevelt's forest army
Vi rginia Office
My brush monkeys
Hysterical history of the C.C.C., 1934
El pillatje deshonra el triomf
To hold this soil
Victory Loan drive
My first book
Catalogue of room decorations and artistic furniture
Air war at sea
Woodsmanship for the Civilian Conservation Corps
Roosevelt N. R. A. march song
Seven years of building
Harbour Bridge, Sydney, N.S.W
Federal Works Agency
Workers’ handbook
U S Civilian Conservation Corps
[Japanese postcard set]
6th CCC Dis. Camp C. M. Smith, 11 Waterbury, 1935
Utah pioneers of 1847 entering Great Salt Lake valley
C.C.C. Civilian Conservation Corps, Co. 360
Mass meeting
Bread and circuses
First and limited edition of Rockefeller Center
The Havana Special at Key West, southernmonst in U.S. : Florida East Coast Railway
[Man embracing and about to kiss woman]
Los Angeles Federal Theatres
The Federal Theatre proudly presents WPA 3-ring circus
The Federal Theatre Project 891 presents
The Federal Theatre presents
New York State Federal Theatre Project (by arrangement with the Federal Theatre Project of New York City) presents a repertory of important plays
You too will be marching! to see Oscar Straus dashing romantic comic oeretta
Mercedes Benz type 170V
San Joaquin Valley Building
Pavillon des Postes et Telegraphes
Uncle Sam Brings the World to San Francisco
Angel's Flight at the Third and Hill Streets
Ryan Electric Color Scintillator
Illumination of the Panama Pacific International Exposition San Francisco 1915
[Loges de Raphael au Vatican, Rome]
Illumination, Palace of Education
Illumniation of Machinery Palace
Illumination,Court of Four Seasons
Fine Arts Palace, Illuminated
Italian Towers Illuminated
Illumination of Court of Palms
Looking East over Fine Arts Basin
A Flowery Welcome from San Francisco, Conservartory, Golden Gate Park
Court of the Four Seasons
Horticultural Building
Wisonsin State Building
East Court
The Lagoon in Front of the Horticultural Palace
Night Illumination
Colonnades on Fine Arts Palace
Canada Building
Japanese Gardens
Montana State Building
Aide à procurer du pain et du travail
Fountain of Energy in South Gardens Festival Hall
Lubricating Oil Exhibit Machinery Hall
Festival Hall
Festival Hall by Night with Reflection in Lagoon
Union Oil Company, Refinery Oleum California
Malice in Kulturland
Union Oil Company, Refinery Oleum California
Tower of Jewels and Fountain of Energy
Federal Theatre directory
Eugene O'Neill
John Henry
Ameriški družinski koledar =
Deutsche Meister der Malerei
1900 Alabama State Building
Expreso Aéreo : alas sobre Cuba, wings over Cuba
1903. The Hawaiin Pavilion
1905. New York State Building
1906. Montana Building
1908. North Dakota Building
1909. Kansas State Building
1911. Colorado State Building
1915. Illinois State Building
1916. Iowa State Building
1923. Nevada State Building
Graphic Design in Germany, 1890-1945
1908. North Dakota Building
1925. Washington State Building
1927. Statue, "Pizarro", in the South Gardens
1928. Statue, "The Pioneer", Court of Flowers
1929. Statue "Winter", Court of Four Seasons
1928. Statue, "The Pioneer", Court of Flowers
Leipziger Jahrbuch
Merc edes Benz Model 500 supercharged
Bílí barbari
[Man in riding clothing holding hands with a woman in a black hat, shirt and tie, and black skirt]
[South African War letters, 1899-1902
The outer drive along the lake front, Chicago
My byli stranoi sokhi, my stali stranoi traktora i kombaina
L'art des jardins
[Diary of the Boer War]
La Fayette Nash - Built
Open Aquarium with Gorgeous Tropical Fish, Key West, Florida
The sensational car in the low-priced field
Our federal government and how it functions
The Aquarium, Key West, Florida
[South African War diary
First Annual Progress Report, San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, July 1, 1934
Ulice Git-le-coeur
First annual report of the State Highway Commission of the State of Maine from July 12, 1913 to December 31, 1913 ; also the ninth annual report of the commissioner of highways from January 1, 1913, to July 12, 1913
De leeslijst
The quiet eye
Rio Cidade
1930, Statue "The Setting Sun", Court of the Universe
1930, Statue, "The Setting Sun", Court of the Universe
1931, Statue Surmounting Court of Four Seasons
1932. Statue,"Modern Civilization", plaze fronting machinery building
1933, Statue Representing "South Sea", Fountain of energy
1933, Statue Representing "South Sea", Fountain of energy
1934, Statue Representing "Pacific Ocean", Fountain of energy
1935, Statue Representing "Atlantic Ocean", Fountain of energy
1936, Statue Representing "North Sea", Fountain of energy
1938, Nations of the West
Arch of the Rising Sun. Court of the Universe
1956, Main Entrance, Palace of Food Products
1953, One of the Three Main Portals of Machinery Palace
1544, The Scintillator and Tower of Progress
1990, Rotunda of Fine Art, (exterior.)
1991, Nations of the East Court iof Sun and Stars
1993, Eastern Entrance, Festive Court
L'internement des juifs sous Vichy
1551, Nations of the West , Court of Sun and Stars Easter
1991, Nations of the East Court iof Sun and Stars
1995, Palace of Horticulture, South Elevation
1950, Half Dome in Court of Four Seasons
1512, Half Dome in Court of Four Seasons
1512, Half Dome in Court of Four Seasons
1514, Main Portal, Palace of Varied Industries
1974, Vista of Palace of Education and Palace of Food Products
Mit dem Gross-Motorschiff "Monta Rosa" : Weihnachten nach den atlantischen Inseln : Kapitän Max Castan : Dienstag, den 31. Dezember, 1935 (Sylvester) : Vegetarische Speisenfolge
1536, Vista of Palace of Education and Palace of Food Products
Glimpse of tower and bells, Arts and Crafts Building, Panama California Exposition
The siege of Ladysmith
Reo Flying Cloud
Bradshaw’s July 1922 railway guide
Van de dorpspastorie naar het torentje
Boer Prisoners Camp, Cycle Track, Cape Town
Het Mauritshuis
Taliesin, 1911-1914
Driving through futures past
Pride in modesty
Riley: 1 ½ Litre 2 ½ Litre
The new Studebakers
Hammondsport Wine Co
Isotta Fraschini presents its new model 8C "Monterosa"
The world's finest motor car
The Gibson book
A thousand ways to please a husband
Chiseled with a brush
North Dakota Building, P.P.I.E., 1915
1948. Live Stock Section and Stadium
1537, Towers of California Counties Building
1984. Fountain of Ceres at Entrance to Court of Four Seasons
1550. Festival Hall from Avenue of Palms
2012 Night Scene on the Marina. Showing Yacht Harbor
2013. Court of Flowers. Showing Italian Towers by Night
2016 Avenue of Palms and Tower of Jewels by NIght
2017 Night Scene on the Zone
Souvenir, Filipino War
[Elders & Fyffes Limited]
[Elder Demster Lines Limited]
[Ellerman and Bucknall Line]
Red vulture of the Pacific
Samuel Kravit, architectural photographer
[Enthusiatic cheerleader]
Captain of the Ile
Greystone Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida
The tower of the California Building from gardens, Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal
The Battle of the Atlantic
Monographie du Palais du commerce élevé à Lyon sous l'administration de Monsieur Vaïse, senateur
Rodnaia literatura
Ajudeu a l'exèrcit de la llibertat
Trottins de Paris
Carinthia, Franconia
A. G. Rizzoli
The Stalin phenomenon
Van de zonnebloem die de zon wou zijn
[Portrait photograph of Chas Laborde]
Nomenclature des dessins, objets et appareils présentés a L'Exposition Universelle de 1900
Malí Americánkové
Op dwaalwegen
Red Cross granulated lye
The American Presidency
My mama used Wool soap. I wish mine had
The graphic works of Odilon Redon
[Photographic postcard view of a tree to be planted near the California Counties building]
Pravda zvítezí!
Kandinsky in Munich
Columbian exposition, 1893
[ Ripstein Collection]
Werk van Th. van Hoytema
Catalogus Tentoonstelling
Hungarian ceramics from the Zsolnay manufactory, 1853-2001
Eleven Devon potters
Victory will be ours!
Women, art, and society
Matyáš B. Braun
Patronato del teatro
Don't blow it
English romantic art, 1840-1920
Quaderno [blank]
An attractive foreclosure bargain
Une partie de l'avenue des Nations dévastée
Visitor surveys
[Profile of a blonde woman looking up, surrounded by plants]
American nudist leader
Flor de tabacos de Partagas y Ca., Habana. Fabrica de Cigarros puros. Superiores de la Vuelta Abajo, Calle de la Industria, No. 520
Wills's cigarette card album
Chageinu = Our holidays
Beates & Miller's extract of vanilla and extract of lemon. Not excelled by any
Programs and manifestoes on 20th-century architecture
The Missouri State Capitol
Zum neuen Jahre die besten Glückwünsche = Lashana Tova Tikateyvu!
Adventuring through the national parks of the West
Cupid's messenger
Almanak van het Leidsch studentencorps
David S. Brown & Company, soap makers & perfumers
Stalin in power
Reichstag für Freiheit und Frieden
Bijdrage tot de geschiedenis van de Renaissance der Nederlandse boekdrukkunst
[Woman holding flower with butterfly on top]
Round South America in the North German Lloyd S.S. Columbus
Geillustreerd schilders blad
Veendam IV
Städtebild und Landschaft
Bruno oder ueber das Goettliche und natuerliche prinzip der dinge
Queen of the Lakes
The male nude
Spuren der Borwelt
A Century of silver
Geometric abstractions
Life and death of an American
Diana puder
The ruling clawss
Redder than the rose
Men who lead labor
2020.The Australian Pavilion
Heidelberg Castle (Germany)
2021. The New Zealand Pavilion
2023.The Honduras Pavilion
2027.The Danish Pavilion
Le béton en représentation
2030.Pavillion of Bolivia
2031.The Japanese Pavilion
2031.The Japanese Pavillion
2031.The Japanese Pavillion
2031.The Japanese Pavillion
Half Dome, Court of the Four Seasons
Perspective of the Exposition from Presidio Heights
Palace of Fine Arts
North Elevation.Machinery Hall
Spring, One of the Four Niches in the Court of the Four Seasons
Cuba en la exposicion. Productos aimenticios en palacio de productos alimenticos. Cuba at the exposition. Food products exhibit. Palace of food products
Cuba en la exposicion de sanidad en el palacio de economia social.Cuba at the exposition. Sanitary exhibit. Palace of social economy
Edificio en Cuba.Recibidio de damas.Amueblado por vila, Rodriguez y Ca.Pavilon of Cuba. Ladies' reception room. Furnished by Vila, Rodriguez Co
Edificio en Cuba.Recibidio de damas.Amueblado por vila, Rodriguez y Ca.Pavilon of Cuba. Ladies' reception room. Furnished by Vila, Rodriguez Co
[Portrait of veiled woman]
Edificio en Cuba.Recibidio de damas.Amueblado por vila, Rodriguez y Ca.Pavilon of Cuba. Ladies' reception room. Furnished by Vila, Rodriguez Co
New York State Building
You should have these facts about the 1935 Hupmobile at your fingertips
New York State Building
James Lick Statue, city hall park.San Francisco, California
Statue commemorating Industrial Exposition, 1893-94, San Francisco
New York State Building
[Woman holding baby]
Valentine's manual of old New York ; No. 7, new series, 1923
Marszałek Piłsudski w 13 karykaturach
On the shores of Havana, far away
[Woman in a pink dress sitting on an oversized shoe with money covering the floor]
You might like Socialism
How Socialism works
Hope in America
Harr y Bridges on trial
The big strike
Christmas with Victoria
How we live
'T Binnenhuis Amsterdam
Face to face
Ship’s doctor
Olds mobile 6 and 8
Rural youth on relief
Skip per the clipper brand-new for '42!
Hono red among fine motor cars
The Japanese Remington
Half Dome, Court of the Four Seasons
Spring, One of the Four Niches in the Court of the Four Seasons
Get your Congressmen to vote for the Panama Pacific International Exposition at the exposition city San Francisco 1915
Court of the Universe
North Dakota Building, P.P.I.E., 1915
New Jersey State Building
Night Illumination
The Cambridge companion to modern German culture
Main Entrance and Tower of Jewels, Night Illumination
Tower of Jewels, Night Illumination
Festival Hall, Night Illumination
Court of Four Seasons, Night Illumination
Working for Diaghilev
Palace of Fine Arts, Night Illumination
Palace of Liberal Arts, Night Illumination
Palace of Education and Tower of Jewels, Night Illumination
Peristyles-Palace of Fine Arts, Night Illumination
Palace of Horticulture, Night Illumination
Court of Abundance, Night Illumination
Tower of Jewels and Court of the Universe, Night Illumination
Palace of Horticulture and Towers, Night Illumination
Tower of Jewels and Fountain of Energy
Night Illumination
Palace of Horticulture and Towers, Night Illumination
Panoramic View of the
Arch and Fountain of the Setting Sun at the
Arch of the Rising Sun-Court of the Universe
Festival Hall at the
Palace of Fine Arts at the
Illumination, Tower of Jewels
Dome of FIne Arts Palace, Illuminated
Tower of Jewels at the
Mullgardt's Tower-Court of Abundance at the
Lagoon and Fountain in South Gardens at the
Birdseye View of the
An e xplanation of the McQuay-Norris tear drop test car
La S alle 5-passenger Club Sedan
Tu jez krizovali i ty zlocinca
The Resettlement Administration
Pump s and plumbing for the farmstead
La S alle 2-passenger convertible coupe
Grah am ... for 1940
Marseille, capitale impériale
Romance of rubber
Over-Seas League
Praxis y pensamiento
Rayon, nylon, and glass fibers
Palace of Education at the
Reflection in the Lagoon, Court of Four Seasons at the
Palace of Horticulture at the
Statue "End of the Trail" and Tower of Jewels at the Panama Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, 1915
Mladé umení na Hané
Colonnades-Palace of Fine Arts at the
The Liberty Bell at the Panama Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, 1915
Statue "End of the Trail" at the
Italian Towers-Illuminated- at the
Tower of Jewels and the Fountain of Energy at the
South Gardens, from Festival Hall at the
Column of Progress at the
Palm Avenue at the
Illumination of the
Tower of Jewels and Palace of Fine Arts at the
Panama Pacific International Exposition. San Francisco 1915
Winslow Homer wood engravings from the John & Ideal Gladstone Archival Collection
Panama Pacific International Exposition. San Francisco 1915
Panama Pacific International Exposition. San Francisco 1915
Panama Pacific International Exposition. San Francisco 1915
California Invites the World to San Francisco. The Exposition CIty
The story of bees
De ondergeteekende wenscht te ontvangen : ex. Uilengeluk. Een sprookje. Met 20 illustraties door Th. v. Hoytema, gedrukt in 4 kleuren
Yokohama Daihakurankai kinen Ehagaki
The Roosevelt red record and its background
An architect and his times
You can’t do that
Vue Générale, prise du Restaurant du Beau Site
Union Square
Nudism's golden days
Depression decade
The man with the 'bear' behind
Maillard's, New York, Chocolate School
Official program of the inaugural ceremonies inducting into office Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States, John N. Garner, Vice President of the United States, March 4, 1933
Dodg e for 1940
Panama Pacific International Exposition San Francisco 1915
2094-Humboldt Bank Building
2094-Humboldt Bank Building
Ask all your firends to write their Congressman to Vote and Work for San Francisco
Ask all your firends to write their Congressman to Vote and Work for San Francisco
1274-U.S. Battleship "Oregon" 700 Officers and Men
Service Building
Bird's Eye View By Night
The Court Center, Court of Four Seasons
Section of West Court of the Four Seasons
Tulip soap
Festival Hall
A Section of Yacht Harbor
View of the Tower from Main Entrance
Court of the Four Seasons
Machinery Hall
Stately Entrances to the Great Central Courts, Gateway of East Court
Great Central, The Heart of the Exposition
Imposing View of the East Court
The Half Dome of the Four Seasons
The Marina and the Column of Progress
Fountain of Engery and Festival Hall
The Horticultural Palace
Danish Building and Corner of Fine Art Palace
Facade of Fine Arts Palace
The Fine Arts Palace and Lagoon at Night
The Tower of Jewels
TWA, city map of Rome
Little waters
Final report--1933-34
Wish me good luck
You can do it too! How to get to Europe this year
Victorian taste
The airflow DeSoto
Chry sler
Chry sler Imperial Eight with floating power
Chry sler's Thunderbolt and Newport
[Couple kissing in garden]
Album historico la II Guerra Mundial
À la guerre comme à la guerre
Oriental Theatre, Chicago, Illinois : C.W. & George L. Rapp, architects
David S. Brown & Company, soap makers and perfumers
The bulletin of the Museum of Modern art
The new alphabet of aviation
Ania v stranie chudes =
Het vlechtwerk in den Indischen Archipel
Cadi llac V.8
Pres enting for your personal consideration
Cadillac Sixty-one
The Giant's Kitchen, Toyland
Chinese Village. Pagoda and Tea Garden. "The Zone"
Fred Thompson's latest novelty sensation "The Cart before the Horse"
Entrance to Fairyland Court
Looking Towards the Marin Hills from the Court of the Sun and Stars
Half Dome, Court of the Four Seasons
"Spring," One of the Four Niches in the Court of the Four Seasons
Tower, Court of Flowers
Oregon State Building
"The Nations of the East."
Tower and Cascade, Court of Abundance
Festival Hall
Grand Esplanade, Looking East
East Court
Service Building
Yacht Harbor, looking toward Esplanade
Machinery Hall
Machinery Hall
Birdseye View, Grand Court and Tower
Court of Four Seasons
Night Scene in Concession District
Night Scene in Concession District
Looking East over Fine Arts Basin
Palace of Horticulture, Looking across the Great South Gardens
Fountain of Ceres-Court of the Four Seasons at the
Machinery Palace Illuminated at the
Machinery Palace Illuminated at the
Machinery Palace Illuminated at the
Machinery Palace Illuminated at the
End of the Trail
Rear View of Aeroscope
[Dutch Lines Freighter Passenger Services]
Panama Canal on the Zone
Offical Orchestra
[Tower at the Four Seasons.]
Secret armies
The new pioneers
BMW 2und 3½ ltr sechszylinder
Complete guide to interior decoration
Adventures in the wilderness
Hymen von Hölderlin
Natura e forma
The history of the New Deal, 1933-1938
The photographers of Constantinople
Udvari sör
Babies without tails
Land of the free
[Portrait of small girl]
An American palette
Packard Super-8: 1941 one-sixty custom one-eighty
Half Dome.Court of Four Seasons
[Tower at the Four Seasons]
De ring
[Tower at the Four Seasons]
State of Utah, P.P.I.E. 1915
State of Nevada, P.P.I.E. 1915
Palaces of Agriculture and Transportation from the Yacht Harbor
Official seal of the Jamestown Exposition, 1907
Fountain of Energy and Tower of Jewels
Doorway to Palace of Education
The Lagoon in Front of the Horticultural Palace
[Woman in yellow pajamas holding a cat in front of a wooden chair]
Mermaid Fountain in South Garden, Pan.-Pac. Int. Exposition, San Francisco, 1915
Philippine Pavillion, P.P.I.E. 1915
California Building, P.P.I.E
Palace of Fine Arts, P.P.I.E. 1915
Fine Arts Palace
Forest Knolls
Whale Man
Tableau de la mode
Fountain of Energy in South Gardens and Festival Hall
Bodily regimes
The Negroes in a Soviet America
Why Hearst lies about Communism
Fair play
Niche in Court of Four Seasons, Showing Autumn in Place
Whale Man
Half Dome, Court of the Four Seasons
Arches of The Four Seasons
Fountain of Earth, Court of Abundance
The avant-garde
Festival Hall, From South Gardens
Texas Building, P.P.I.E. 1915
Culture is everywhere
Night Illumination
Illumination of Column of Process
End of The Trail
From submarines to suburbs
The path of empire
Look to the East
House beautiful
A modern campaign, or, War and wireless telegraphy in the Far East
L'Ala d'Italia
A Merry Christmas to you : S.S. Lurline : Luncheon, Tuesday, December 25, 1951
Hawaii's decisive hour
Jan Tschichold
Nudism in modern life
Future retro
Souvenir of the opening of the North British Station Hotel, Edinburgh, 15th October 1902
Exposição Flávio de Carvalho
Statue - Surmounting the Court of Four Seasons
Jeanne D' Arc
Statue "Fire"
"First Sorrow"
The Waltzer
The Fish Boy, P.P.I.E.,1915
The Thinker-French Pavillion- P.P.I.E.,1915
Nations of The West
The Woman WIth The Butterfly
Palermo-La Conca d'Oro
"The Slave."
Beyond - Pan. Pac. Int. Expo., S.F. 1915
Palace of Horticulture
Wilton, 1854-1929
Catalogus van artikelen vervaardigd door den arbeid in 's Rijks strafgestichten
Tulip soap
Decorative art of Victoria's era
Crowds in The South Gardens, Showing Festival Hall
[Palace of Horticulture.]
[Palace of Horticulture.]
Queen Victoria
Yellow Stone Park, U.P System
State of Montana
Night View- Tower of Jewels, P.P.I.E
Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco
The St. Johns, a parade of diversities
Argentine Building P.P.I.E 1915
Larita Burford, Armless Wonder, P.P.I.E.-1915
Portion of Business Section of San Francisco, California
When the king comes down the street
M.S. Westralia and Sydney Harbor Bridge. 20/10/30
Das deutsche Kind
Werkformen deutscher Kunst
1935 Auburn
War sketches on the Somme front
Aubu rn Salon Models Dual Ratio
Cadi llac la mothe cadillac
MG safety fast!
Danze moderna
For 1952, Oldsmobile rockets to new highs
Studebaker Hawks
Morewood Heights
Advance particulars of the new Jaguar type XK "100" and "120" super sports models fitted with twin overhead camshaft engines of 2 litre or 3½ litre capacity
Jaguar 3.8 sedan
Gaylord Cars Ltd
The distinctively new Ford Thunderbird
Mercedes Benz
Modena Ferrari Italia
The Charger by Dodge
The new 70 mpg Dale
L'architecture française à l'epoque ogivale
Tower, Court of Flowers at the
MainTower Central Court
Arch of Triumph
East Court
Pavillon de l'elegance, Jeanne Lanvin
Fine Arts Palace
Half Dome of the West Entrance
Towers of Jewels by Night WIth Reflection in Lagoon
Palace of Horticulture By Night WIth Reflection in Lagoon
The Great Scintillator from Court of Four Seasons at the
Court of Four Seasons, Night Illumination
Festival Hall, Night Illumination
Tower of Jewels
Niche and Pool; Court of Four Seasons at the
Palace of Fine Arts
Tower of Jewels
Tower of Jewels
Court of Abundance, Mulgardt's Tower
Cisitalia automobili Torino
Fountain of Ceres. Court of Four Seasons
In the Court of Four Seasons
Western Section of the Joy Zone
Court of Four Seasons
On the Zone
Cadi llac presents the Coupe de Ville
World Expo 88
From sandbar to sophistication
Cadillac for 1949
Symbol of Supremacy
Buick Wildcat
The XP-300
The Distinctive European 8-Cylinder Cars
The New Oldsmobile eight cylinder Club Coupe
The New Oldsmobile six cylinder 4 door Touring Sedan
Exposition Internationale de 1937
Davi d Brown Aston Martin DB4
V-8, 82
Golden book of the Wanamaker stores
Alfa Romeo Alfetta
Cadi llac V-16
Ford V-8 for 1935
Merc edes-Benz: 300 SL Roadster
Industrial tiles = industrielle fliesen = industriële tegels = carreaux industriels, 1840-1940
Merc edes-Benz: 300 SL
Merc edes-Benz: 300 SL
Merc edes-Benz: 300 Automatic
Who was who in American art, 1564-1975
De geschiedenis van een dorp vóór de Fransche Revolutie
Full speed ahead!
Samuel Yellin in context
New 1953 "Rocket"
Mase rati: La marcha che si impone
1963 Lincoln Continental
Imperial Hotel, Tokyo. Japan
Introducing ... a new concept in automotive styling
Kais er-Frazer presents the Kaiser-Darrin (Designed by Darrin of Paris)
Gene ral Motors Le Sabre: An "Experimental Laboratory on Wheels"
Merc edes-Benz, Type Mannheim
The Ford Motor Company proudly presents the Continental Mark II
Succ esses in sport competitions and concours d'elegance during the year 1931
The American spirit in letters
This is one of 147 full-color photos from the most beautiful book on great autos ever to be produced
Linc oln Continental for Nineteen Sixty-One
The Chrysler Corporation turbine car
The new post card
Lebens-Beschreibung des herrn
International Styling and the Chrysler K-310
Ladies' blotter perfumed with Hoyt's German cologne. One of the most fragrant and lasting of perfumes. E.W. Hoyt & Co. Lowell, Mass. U.S.A
Palm Avenue
Tower of Jewels from Court of the Universe at
Court of Palms
Iowa House
Avenue of Progress
Built in USA
Yacht Harbor, California Building in Distance
Arch of the Rising Sun in Court of the Sun and Stars
Entrance to Peristyle, Palace of Fine Arts at the
North Dakota State Building
Fine Arts Building
California Counties Building
Palace of Fine Arts
On the Zone
St. Charles evaporated cream
Court of the Universe
Palace of Energy and Festival Hall
The Inside Inn
Swedish Building
Montana State Building
Service Building
Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, Calif
The California Building
Yacht Harbor and the Marina at the
Mission Trails Building, Golden Gate Exposition
Court of Four Seasons
Court of Four Seasons
Republica Argentina Pavilion
Arch of the Rising Sun
Origins of Utah place names
Nations of the West
The Nations of the West
Kansas State Building
South Portal, Palace of Liberal Arts
New York State Building
Italian Tower
Canadian Pavillion
Italian Pavilion
Tower of Jewels and Palace of Fine Arts
Palace of Education
's-Gravenhage in onzen tijd
1548. Palace of Education and Social Economy, reflected in Fine Arts Lagoon
1992. Main Entrance, Machinery Palace
Partial View Rotunda Fine Arts Palace, San Francisco, Cal
Canadian Building at the
Machinery Palace at the
California Building at the
My Wishes for You
Guide to the castle of the Counts of Flanders Ghent
"Treasure Island" San Francisco
Historya Wojny Swiatowej
Suva Fiji
Cemitério Municipal Sao Francisco de Paula
California Welcomes the World to San Francisco 1915, The Exposition CIty
Panama Pacific International Exposition San Francisco California
California Welcomes the World to San Francisco 1915, The Exposition CIty
Bear in Mind
San Francisco The Exposition City Panama Pacific International Exposition 1915
Ohio State Building
Sally Rand
Kansas Agriculture Exhibit
Sacramento Valley Winery Exhibit
Nederlandsch Indië
Hawaiian Pineapple Packers Ass'n., Horticulture Building
Hawaiian Pineapple Packers Ass'n., Horticulture Building
Maryland State Building
Agriculture Exhibit of Missouri
Humboldt County Exhibit, California Building
Ridgway's Tea Exhibit, Food Products Building
Mines Exhibit of Bolivia
Exhibit of the Jones-Thierbach Co., Palace of Food Products
Section of West Court, Court of the Four Seasons
The Fountain of the Setting Sun Court of the Universe
Armour and Company, 1919
William Morris
De Stedinge
Quack, quack, quack
Project Europa
Teresita Fernandez
Contemporary Chinese art
Edmund Lewandowski
[William H. Helfand pharmaceutical ephemera collection]
The Fountain of the Setting Sun Court of the Universe
Court of Abundance
Court of Four Seasons
Mullgardt's Tower, Court of Four Seasons
Fine Arts Building
Court of Adundance
Foutain of Ceres, Court of Four Seasons
Court of Four Seasons
Tower of Jewels and Fountain of Energy
South Gardens
Court of Palms
Palace of Horticulture
American Buffalo
Elizabeth the living doll, the smallest perfect formed woman in existence
Elizabeth, The Living Doll, The Smallest Perfect Formed Woman in Existence
Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art at twenty years
Marcel Breuer
[Phyllis Foster's photograph album [Vol. VI], depicting British residency in Bangalore, (between Ernaculam and Cochin, India]
[Rodney Foster photograph album [Vol. III], depicting the Punjab-Baluchistan Boundary Demarcation of 1914, the Great War, and travels to Ceylon and Multan in 1920/21]
Little farmer of the Middle West
I Gondolieri : orquesta Italiana con los grandes cantantes Ercole Bertolino [y] Alfred Clerici, Montmarte, Nov. 18
Zap ata
Save man power for war power. Steady production will keep him on top
Picturing America
[Woman arranging flowers in a cart]
Raja Ravi Varma
[Swarthy man smoking cigarette balancing a turtle on his head, by a basket of fish with sailboats in the background]
Anderhalve eeuw boektypografie
[African woman pouring tea from a water tank balanced atop her head]
Calle Alonso, No. 14, Caibarien
At the San Diego Panama-California Exposition all the year 1915
The story of America / Donald Culross Peattie ; illustrations by Naomi Averill
Vete rans on the march
50 years with the Turkish automobile
De slavernij der vrouw
[Gaucho marinading ribs cooking over an open fire with wine]
Opera balilla
[Gaucho drinking mate tea]
[Beach scene]
Argentina : "Dancing the Gato"
[Hummingbird drinking nectar from flowers]
The Nazi dictatorship
Industrial archaeology by the Golden Horn
[Rodney Foster photograph album [Vol. II], Captain R. Foster, Indian Army, commenced 26.10.10, ended 1.3.14
[Rodney Foster's photograph album [Vol. I], depicting British presence in Assam, Bengal, Punjab, Aden, Rajpur, Agra, Dehra-Dun, Mussoorie]
How to pass a major test
Elizabeth, The Living Doll, The Smallest Perfect Formed Woman in existence
Graves of the victims of the Maine
Elizabeth, The Living Doll, The Smallest Perfect Formed Woman on Earth
Statue-The Setting Sun
Maj. W. B. Winn and noncommission staff
[Hospitalized Spanish-American war soldiers and Catholic nuns]
[Statue-Rounded Woman
Military hosp. Correl
The End of the Trail
Design of cities
Cathedral, Matanzas, Cuba
Jeanne D' Arc
The Bride
Yumuri Valley = Valle del Yumuri
The Bride
Jeanne D' Arc
The Wrestlers
2nd Lt. W. Weigel, command of Apache Indian scouts, Arizona, 1893-1894
Beauty and the Beast, Court of Flowers
Proximus Tuus
Lanseloot van Denemerken
River Nymph
Figures on Fountain of Energy
Figure on Domes of Festival Hall
The Whaler
At the River
The Scout
On the Beach
The Outcast
The Sower, PPIE
Rising Sun, PPIE
A thing of worth is a joy forever
Co. "A," 11th Infantry, San Carlos, Arizona, 1894, commanded by Lieut. Weigel
At Hawaii, On board transport Logan enroute to P.I., Nov. 3, 1909, Capt. Jos. Castner of N.B., N.J., Maj. Wm. Weigel of N.B., N.J
Experiences of a siege
Exploring fashion
Twentieth century Russia
Casas madeirenses
The story of the Pullman car
100 years, 100 works of art
Country life
[Rodney Foster's photograph album (Vol. VIII), depicting British presence in Burma 1931/1932.]
Facts and fascism
The Kremlin
Hell bent for Election
America as Americans see it
Que se coordine la producción agrícola e industrial y que toda ella tienda a un objetivo único: ganar la guerra. (Del Manifesto del C.C. del Partido Comunista.)
Diseño gráfico en México
Pavillon de la region de Marseille
The Russian Empire
[Proofs for De Houtsneden van K.P.C. de Bazel]
Grueby pottery
Louis Süe
[ L.W.R. Wenckebach drawings created to illustrate Kijkjes in de plantenwereld]
Lather from 1 oz. Lenox soap in hard water
Jacky Hutson
Lago di Garda
A box of conflict and resolution
Frohe Fahrt mit dem Gläsernen Zug im Monat Februar 1950
Quaderno di [blank]
Nordiske Villaer og Hjem
From a loggia overlooking El Prado
Here is their spirit
The Monarch of the Sea 1898
Painters of the Ashcan school
Tanglefoot ends her misery
Something's going to happen to you...It's that new Nash
That new Nash--keep it new indefinitely
Classic cars
Histoire du Chevalier des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut
[View of front entrance to Standard Oil Company pavilion, California Pacific International Exposition, San Diego, Calif., 1935-1936]
Motor trend
Parking space for 8 automobiles
Business Section, Miami Beach
Camel cash
Specimen of A. J. Perry's Patent Check Universal Luggage Labels
Introducing! Miss Jennifer and the answer to your home cleaning and conditioning problems
Fort MacKenzie, Wyoming, Mar. 1st, 1910
Major General William Weigel
Moscow art nouveau
Der Orient
The encyclopedia of health and physical culture
Let's see the northern Highlands
Knowledge is power! Sydney Technical College
The color of silver
William Spratling and the Mexican silver renaissance : maestros de plata / Penny C. Morrill ; with essays by Penny C. Morrill, John W. Scott, Helen Delpar, Adriana Williams, Gobi Stromberg, Jaime Castrejón Diez, Christie Romero, Patrick Kapty, Phyllis Goddard, and Jill Crawford
Second annual report of the Women's Centennial Executive Committee, March 15, 1875
Mexi can silver
Jakob Bengel
10 g Brod
Modernist jewelry 1930-1960
Calder jewelry
Jewelry as an art form
Ornament as art
Jewelry of our time
Jewelry making as an art expression
Form & function
One of a kind
Art jewelry today
The Jeweler's art
Jewelry by Ed Wiener
Contemporary jewelry
The sea shall embrace them
Créateurs de la communauté franca̧ise et de Grand-Bretagne =
African American art and artists
The Cruise industry news quarterly
50th anniversary, Steamship Historical Society of America, Inc., 1935-1985
What a character!
Memories of the cruise to the North Cape, lands of the Vikings, Russia and northern Europe : June 29 - August 15, 1961
Start to worry, every Jap we are getting in our scrap. : Iron, steel, rags, rubber
Rab Jugoslavija
Souvenir of N.Z. International Exhibition held at Christchurch, Nov. 1906 to April 1907
Official souvenir folder no. 10
The world must know
Steel bearing piles C.B.P. sections
De reien van Vondel
The truth about the Munich crisis
The red record of Senator Claude Pepper
Cartoon modern
Home town / by Sherwood Anderson ; photographs by Farm Security photographers
Behind the secret window
United States pavilion, World Expo 88, Brisbane, Australia
Pabellon de Mexico en la Expo 86 = Mexican pavilion in Expo 86 = Pavillon du Mexique en Expo 86
Expo '90
Im wunderschonen monat mai
The Expo celebration
Incas, Oro del Perú
Batiushka Stalin zabotitsia o svoikh diviziiakh
Velikii vozhd'!
Windsor, Ont., Canada
The modern metropolis
Nineteenth century European photographs
[Question mark]
[Martin Parr
V for Victory
De Tuin
Women's Legion
Londonderry House, Park Lane, W
Libros y periódicos al frente
Wynyard Park, Stockton on Tees
Art deco prints
Air Ministry, Gwydyr House, Whitehall, S.W.1
Ministry of Education, Northern Ireland
[Auxiliary Territorial Service pin]
Wor ld cities and the future of the metropoles
Cote française des Somalis
Le nouveau Trocadéro = The new Trocadero
Tijdschrift voor boek en bibliotheekwezen
Lenox soap just fits the hand and lathers freely in hard water
Land of the free
The United States Steel building, New York World's Fair
The Romanian building, New York World's Fair
The Edmund J. and Suzanne McCormick Collection
Consumer Interests building, New York World's Fair, 1939
The Du Pont building at the exposition, New York World's Fair
[Photograph of Edith Malcolm standing in front of a statue she modeled for at the Golden Gate International Exposition, 1939]
Benefit dance given by Young Communist League for the young worker, fighting voice of the working youth!
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, New York World's Fair
New York State exhibition building and Fountain Lake amphitheatre, New York World's Fair, 1939
The famous Firestone singing color fountain, Firestone factory, and exhibition building, New York World's Fair
The Haymarket tragedy
John Reed
Wate rfront workers
Lawr ence 1912
The riveting of aluminum and its alloys
Proclama al popolo Italiano
Ben Shahn
The other America
In search of peace. Part one, 1948-1967
Art i poder
Moderne Architektur in Dänemark
[Couronne Royale d'Albanie]
Karel Teige, architecture and poetry
Kobenhavns radhus = The city hall of Copenhagen
Steiner et l'aventure du design
Besi eged by the Boers
Khak i and gown
St. Lucca, Rome (Italy)
Three years’ war
A diary of the siege of Ladysmith
The siege of Mafeking
Social and national security
Index to nineteenth century American art periodicals
La funicolare
The Florida East Coast Hotel Company
Earl Browder takes his case to the people
Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal., 1915
Un breve recorrido por el grabado en México
[Hitler and Tojo depicted as monkeys fighting over coconuts]
Isaak Ilích Levitan
Side lights on the war in South Africa
Th e Japanese graphic = 戦時画報
Westminster Cathedral, building of faith
高速地下鉄開通並路面電車開業三十年記念絵葉書. (postcard)
Esposizione Internazionale, Torino
Virtud y patria
Put' k Leninu
The people's front
Victory--and after
Democracy or fascism
高速地下鉄開通並路面電車開業三十年記念絵葉書. (postcard)
高速地下鉄開通並路面電車開業三十年記念絵葉書. (postcard)
大禮記念京都大博覧會絵はがき. (postcard)
大禮記念京都大博覧會絵はがき. (postcard)
大禮記念京都大博覧會絵はがき. (postcard)
The aftermath of war
In the ranks of the C.I.V
Whose war is it?
Debate, which road for American workers, socialist or communist?
The Browder case
Fighting for peace
The red decade
Architectural engineering
[Christmas tree with children]
海港博覧会. (postcard)
海港博覧会. (postcard)
海港博覧会. (postcard)
Miami Biltmore, Coral Gables, Miami, Florida
海港博覧会. (postcard)
The biograph in battle
[Correspondence of Colonel Arthur Henry Courtenay, Commandant of Boshof, Orange River Colony, and the 4th Battalion Scottish Rifels (Cameronians) at Kimberley]
Report on proposed canals connecting Puget Sound--Grays Harbor, Grays Harbor--Willapa Bay and Willapa Bay--Columbia River
Before the revolution
Sign painting
Commercial signs
The only trouble is getting a seat!
The worker's song book
Modern Styles-Decorative Ornament
Over lichtende drempels
Tapestry brick
Il giglio, l'iris, la rosa
A general guide to the Wallace collection
Cuba, always warm in winter
Les Futuristes italiens
Rise of the New York skyscraper, 1865-1913
The Centennial Exhibition and the Pennsylvania Railroad
Donald Deskey
Militaerkommandantur Novara
Biographie des Kantons Bern
Ilse Fehling
御大禮記葉書. (postcard)
御大禮記葉書. (postcard)
御大禮記葉書. (postcard)
満州国皇帝御来訪記念絵葉書. (postcard)
Deep in the rockies scrapbook
満州国皇帝御来訪記念絵葉書. (postcard)
満州国皇帝御来訪記念絵葉書. (postcard)
駕鶴迎謹. (postcard)
関東防空演習記念絵葉書. (postcard)
関東防空演習記念絵葉書. (postcard)
関東防空演習記念絵葉書. (postcard)
迎歡. (postcard)
迎歡. (postcard)
凱旋記念五二共進会. (postcard)
凱旋記念五二共進会. (postcard)
凱旋記念五二共進会. (postcard)
Umberto Brunelleschi
小泉八雲記念館絵葉書. (postcard)
小泉八雲記念館絵葉書. (postcard)
小泉八雲記念館絵葉書. (postcard)
小泉八雲記念館絵葉書. (postcard)
小泉八雲記念館絵葉書. (postcard)
小泉八雲記念館絵葉書. (postcard)
Star Princess inauguration 1989
小泉八雲記念館絵葉書. (postcard)
小泉八雲記念館絵葉書. (postcard)
世界一周大飛行航程図. (postcard)
世界一周大飛行航程図. (postcard)
世界一周大飛行航程図. (postcard)
世界一周大飛行航程図. (postcard)
The Hollywood Pantages
Age of progress
World furniture : an illustrated history
The system
Uncle Sam shall ever sail the Seven Seas, in defense of Liberty
Municipio di Bassano del Grappa
Taking art to heart
[Proofs for Lientje
Van onzen tijd
On the road again
San Francisco, 1939
"Sweet Home" Soap
The Russian empire
Who burned the Reichstag?
We did it before, and we can do it again
[ Kongl. Trafikstyrelsen, Statens Jervägar]
Amer ica's mass media merchants
The U. S. Department of Labor bicentennial history of the American worker / Richard B. Morris
The golden door
Gemeente Amsterdam
On the ground in the thirties / Paul Taylor ; preface by Clark Kerr
A caring society : the New Deal, the worker, and the Great Depression / Irving Bernstein ; illustrated
Men working / by John Faulkner
Spirit poles and flying pigs
The French Line quadruple-screw turbo-electric North Atlantic steamship "Normandie"
M.S. Lindblad Explorer : designed and dedicated to the spirit of adventure
Kind treatment
Peter Fendi
Fabbrica e deposito di letti e manifatture in ferro pieno e vuoto di Giovanni Battista Parodi
Nymphenburger moderne
La sala Forlanini (sistemazione degli architetti Banfi, Belgioioso, Rogers e Peressutti)
Arthur Wesley Dow and American arts and crafts
A souvenir of Seattle, Washington
Chemins de fer du Sud-Ouest de l'Etat Russe
Cibo del popolo : situazione attuale. Il Governo Militare Alleato è giunto in Aosta il giorno 7 Maggio scorso; esso vi trovò poco o nulla da distribuire nella Provincia; gli fu perciò spesso necessario di trasportarvi Alimenti da distanze di 500 chilometri
The jazz age
Un chien, c'est pas un boche
Poure petite pouipee, me l'entends le canuer
Dallas Museum of Art
Là, c'est un boche, je lui mets des fleurs tout de même?
Maman ! maman ! pourquoi?
Oui mais, il est fort papa, plus fort que dix boches
C 'est un coup de fourreau de sabre
Western furniture, 1350 to the present day
Florinda, Fabrica de Tabacos de Simon Vela. Pinar del Rio, Habana
Photography at the Worcester Art Museum
Frankreichs Schuld
West Entrance and Panama-California Exposition, from Rose Gardens, Balboa Park, San Diego, Cal. 1915
Give the gift that keeps on giving! Castle Films 8mm-16mm movies
Frederick Law Olmsted
The art of Fabergé
One hundred golden hours at sea
How America's model makers can help win the war
A world problem
Prado from west gate, Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal
The Spanish Civil War
The Lincoln Brigade
Moscow Yankee
Club des Architectes
Proletarian literature in the united States
Weszely István, Budapest
They shall not want
Save America first
Novye goroda SSSR
Bohemia libre
Russian applied art
Starye gody
Russian houses
Leon Bakst
New theatre and film, 1934 to 1937 : an anthology / selections edited and with commentary by Herbert Kline ; foreword by Arthur Knight
Franklin Roosevelt at Hyde Park
The Roosevelt omnibus
Leon Bakst and the Ballets Russes
Libros y periódicos al frente
Engineering news and American railway journal
Ruhlmann, un génie de l’art déco
Arte decorativa
The Last courts of Europe
Kultur und Reklame
Dago bert Peche and the Wiener Werkstätte
[Adriatica Line]
Hänsel und Gretel
New Mexicans in cameo and camera
Kern and Tulare Counties Building
In this proud land
Russell Lee's FSA photographs of Chamisal and Peñasco, New Mexico
Documenting America, 1935-1943 / edited by Carl Fleischhauer and Beverly W. Brannan ; essays by Lawrence W. Levine and Alan Trachtenberg
Pamiatniki arkhitektury Leningrada = Architectural Monuments of Leningrad
A Southern Illinois album
Concert Directie "De Algemeene Muziekhandel" v/h Stumpff & Koning. Spui, Amsterdam
Monterey peninsula
Onze meisjeswereld
Odbytové možnosti v zemích
Mission San Xavier Del Bac, Arizona : a descriptive and historical guide / compiled by Workers of the Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of Arizona. Sponsored by Arizona Pioneers' ̕Historical Society
Modern trains and splendid stations
[Cogedar Line]
L'Art de vivre
La revue pour tous
An illustrated history of interior decoration
Ruhlmann, master of Art Deco
Zion National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Bryce Canyon, Cedar Breaks, Kaibab National Forest
Heckers' buckwheat baby. Use Heckers' buckwheat
Compliments of Fairchild & Shelton, washing made easy by using Ozone soap
The golden age of royalty
A golden age of painting
Russia in original photographs, 1860-1920
Photographs of New York interiors at the turn of the century
The ordeal of the Hermitage
Edith Wharton
Lost Europe
Wiener Werkstätte, 1903-1932
Art deco interiors
Vitalizing memory
James McBey's Morocco
House proud
Franske mesterværker
Transportation in America
Diary of a century
Serge Charchoune, 1889-1975
Man Ray's celebrity portraits
Muray's celebrity portraits of the twenties and thirties
The California Limited
New York
Victorian studio photographs
The Golden age of the country house
Augustus Saint-Gaudens, master sculptor
Mies van der Rohe
New Deal thought
Leningrad in works of graphic art and painting
De steunpilaren der maatschappij
[DFDS Seaways]
Kunstwetenschappelijke opmerkingen
[Delta Queen Steamboat Company]
Donegal & Sligo
Lectures on fascism
Why didn't you leave me years ago (instead of leaving me now)
A king's story
Becoming American Express
A village in France
[Women in Victorian era bathing suits jumping off a dock]
Sandow the Magnificent
Style in motion
Hi-ho, hi-ho, we're off to Tokyo
The world of Carl Larsson
Mark Gertler
Contesting images
[Mediterranean Shipping (MSC)]]
New Orleans houses
Veertien jaar literatuur-geschiedenis
Reginald Marsh (1898-1954)
Victorian sculpture
N.C. Wyeth
Maxfield Parrish
The art of the great Hollywood portrait photographers, 1925-1940 / |c by John Kobal
Dairen Yuran
Bensdorp's Royal Dutch Cocoa
The Martinez frescoes
Spreckels Pipe Organ, Largest out-of-doors Pipe Organ in the World
Reichsparteitag Nürnberg 1934
Waldorf Towers Hotel, Miami Beach, Fla
The animals’ conference
Dorf auf Zanzibar
Ocean drive. Miami Beach, Fla
N.C. Wyeth
Das alte Berlin =
Architektur im Dritten Reich, 1933-1945
A pledge for Americans
Mission en Allemagne
Provincial houses in Spain
Pavillon Suisse
The engaging world of Doris Lee, 1905-1983
Onder het nachtvolkje
History of the war with Spain
Edouard Vuillard
[Untitled sketch of a woman]
The Jazz Age in France
[Laurence Miller Collection Scrapbook 1]
Colgate & Co.'s "New" Soap
Ayudad a Madrid
Salvador Dalí
La pintura contemporánea norteamericana
Olympian dreamers
Kunst under krigen
Colburn's Philadelphia mustard
The opulent eye
Der Führer und seine Heimat
I'm a long way from Tipperary
Flight and rescue
A Century of American sculpture
Wings over America
In a quiet patio
Creating the look : $b Swedish style
A charmed couple
The work of Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Morgan Russell
Thurbers' "Electra" for the laundry
Heckers' perfect baking powder
Bernard Boutet de Monvel
[Laurence Miller Collection Scrapbooks 2-7]
Les mots de la maison
Monopoly, the story behind the world's best-selling game
L'art russe, oeuvres choisies
Native Nazi purge plot
Contra el feixisme
At ease
Men of WW II
Eaton's fine letter paper
B.J.O. Nordfeldt, an American expressionist
To Havana & Miami
I've got a million dollars worth of love for you
Colorado chain link fence for industrial and estate protection
Man in the Everglades
American people, unfair to Japan
Making it new
National Museum, Tokyo
Fernand Léger, Schlüsselwerke
U.S. Army Air Forces, Maimi Bech, Fla
1900 Exposition Universelle
Semblanza de Rodolfo Halffter
De Duitsche taal
Jaromír Krejcar, 1895-1949
California Riviera
Sätta bo i kristid
Creating the modern man
William Penhallow Henderson
Auf Zanzibar
Malerei im Prisma
Palace of Foods and Beverages
Standard Oil Tower to the Sun
Palace of Electricity and Varied Industries
Corner of Botanical Building and Palace of Foods and Beverages
Hollywood Motion Picture Hall of Fame
Federal Building
Electricity and Varied Industries Building
Junior scholastic
The Ugly Duckling after Hans Christian Andersen
The fight for Santiago
Chemins de fer de l'ouest : saison d' été voyages à prix réduits sur les cótes de Normandie en Bretagne et à l'Ile de Jersey
Italian architecture, furniture and interiors during the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
Every Canadian must fight
The war in Cuba
With Sampson through the war
History of the Spanish-American war
Full official history of the war with Spain
Keen's Imperial mustard, London. Made from the finest English mustard seed. Manufacturers to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales and H.M. The Emperor Napoleon III. 129th annual delivery
Autobiography of George Dewey, admiral of the Navy
Living with art
[Discovery World Cruises]]
I gave that Spain's children may live
Our country in war and relations with all nations
Teknisk tidskrift
A liberty loan primer
Navy blue
Chemins de fer de l'est : instruction pour les signaux = ost eisenbahnen : dienstanweifung in Betreff der signale, Juin 1855
The Utah batteries
Menú, bar, restaurant, La Florida
Exploits and adventures of a soldier ashore and afloat
Cunard Line
Exploits and adventures of a soldier ashore and afloat
Use the "Good-Will" soap
Darwin's air war, 1942-1945
The golden horseshoe
Het tydschrift Vragen van den dag
My little girl
A gunner aboard the "Yankee"
The ’98 campaign of the 6th Massachusetts, U. S. V
The architecture of choice
Blue jackets of ’98
De twee grysaards
Young peoples’ history of the war with Spain
The war in Cuba
Perfumed with Hoyt's new floral cologne. See that you get that made by W.A. Hoyt & Co., Boston, Mass
Black Bolshevik
Images galantes et esprit de l'étranger
Oakland Paramount
The martial graves of our fallen heroes in Santiago de Cuba
A century of Croatian design
[Detroit and Cleveland Navigation Company (D&C Lake Lines]
Pictorial history of our war with Spain for Cuba's freedom
The Playa, Havana, Cuba
Cuba and the fight for freedom
The Cuban and Porto Rican campaigns
The Cuban and Porto Rican campaigns
China in convulsion
Van Amsterdam naar Pretoria
Indiscreet letters from Peking
Karl Wilhelm Friederich
Warplanes of the world
China and the powers
Graphic design 20th century
Security through federation
Pidgin Inglis tails and others
Polskosc Górnego Slaska, wedlug urzedowych zródel pruskich a wyniki plebiscytu
Caswell, Hazard & Co
European settlements in the Far East
The jubilee story of the China Inland Mission
Deterzine minden foltot tisztit!!
An American cruiser in the East
Sweet Home soap
Eastern Steamship Lines : Boston - New York, New York - Yarmouth, N.S., Boston - Saint John, N.B., Boston - Yarmouth, N.S., New York - Richmond, New York - Norfolk
The world's navies in the Boxer rebellion (China 1900)
The beloved physician of Tsang Chou
Transactions - The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
The American guide
A guide to U.S. army insignia and decorations
Photographic memory
Boston State Symphony
Sealed lips will save our ships
The American guide
Catalogus van de tentoonstelling van oude en nieuwe boekkunst in de Nederlanden
Florida's Flagler
Iron fists
Lourdes : Esso
Towards a new architecture
This is one place I can sit down without having to get up and give my seat to a lady
Náš Cermák
Makes a fine complexion
The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition
Diaghileff, his artistic and private life
Bird's-eye View from the California Building
Rembrandt Bijbel
The Asian dream
De fire generationer
Pavillon de l'Italie
Pavillons de Belgique et Suisse
The Wilson & Co. certified bacon slicing exhibit in full operation daily at the world's fair, A Century of Progress
Bottling line at the Hiram Walker Exhibit, 16th St. Bridge in North Lagoon, Century of Progress, 1934
Muller-Pabst Cafe
The Food Products Building at the Texas Centennial Exposition, Dallas
Sylvia Pankhurst
The prints of Roy Lichtenstein
[Woodblock from the De Veeze Collection]
Mosc ow conceptualism in context
Il Gruppo Battaglioni S. Marco
Entsiklopedicheskii slovar'
Centro de Lazer-SESC-Fábrica Pompéia = Leisure Center-SESC-Pompéia Factory
Tarsila, Frida, Amelia
Massachusetts Works Progress Administration
Der Aufbau
Pablo Picasso, Don Hilario Cuernajón
Budapesti árumintavásár auto és motorcsónakkiálitása
Königliche Porzellanmanufaktur, Meissen
The romance of American communism
Biographical dictionary of the American left
Hotel Bristol, Havana, Cuba
Our war with Spain for Cuba's freedom : a thrilling account of the land and naval operations of American soldiers and sailors in our war with Spain, and the heroic struggles of Cuban patriots against
A chaplain's experience ashore and afloat
The hero of Panama
The Panama Canal
Illustrated catalogue of perfection doors & parquetry flooring
The Panama Canal
The Armstrong pattern book, 1939
Hitler claims the better men, but, the U.S. Army builds supermen!
Der Stürmer folge 18
Northampton in the Spanish-American War
Samson the second isn't doing so good!
To-morrow in Cuba
54 different souvenir stamps of the 1939 New York World's Fair
Diego Rivera
Exposition internationale des arts et des techniques, Paris 1937
O stavbě a bydlení / |c Venant Hanzelka
The doggie's promenade
Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal., 1915
My ABC book
Western amerykanski
Home Economy Building, Corner Plaza de Panama and Prado
See saw ABC
Playtime ABC
Sunny hours
Eastern Steamship Lines : New York - Boston, New York - Yarmouth, New York - Portland : Bar Harbor, New York - Norfolk, New York - Nassau, Bahamas
1945, New York National War Fund campaign
Karel Teige
Writing to you, at my post
Who killed Cock Robin?
John Chinaman
The tiny one's bath
Szultán forrás
Schetsen uit de pastorie te Mastland
Jardin des nymphes
The new American Navy
Unofficial art in the Soviet Union
The gilded age
Ku niyoshi
Expedition from Abyssinia to Somaliland (1901)
De sprook van den zanger
Growing up on Chapman Field
Gedenkboek der Hollandsche Schilderkunst uit het tydperk van 1860 tot 1890
Florida bathing girls
[Laurence Miller Collection -- Miscellaneous]
Frink light for decoration
Thomas Jeckyll
Archives Loewy
Almanach kmene
Views of the Panama Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, 1915
Stabat mater speciosa
Weimar and the rise of Hitler
Boycott Hitler! not Germany
Souvenir of Jim Hughey's Deauville Club
Piranesi as designer
Missouri (official) highway map 1939
Passenger liners of the world since 1893
Cities from the sky
Werken van Nederlandsche toondichters
Three years in the 23rd U.S. Infantry
Henri Matisse
A military album, containing over one thousand portraits of commissioned officers who served in the Spanish-American War
Meaning in western architecture
Reminiscences of the experiences of Company L, Second regiment Massachusetts infantry, U.S.V., in the Spanish-American War
Paul Manship
A singular elegance
Morristown, New Jersey, in the Spanish-American War
Early Modernism
Raymond Voinquel
The model builder
Reminiscences of the Spanish-American War in Cuba and the Philippines
Kunst und Macht
Museus Castro Maya
Charles Demuth
Glimpses of the Pan American Exposition
Glimpses of the Pan American Exposition
A family
Back to Hades, son of he--
A home
[Pochoir print of an elegantly-dressed reclining woman with a suitor]
Record of Pennsylvania volunteers in the Spanish-American War, 1898
The arts of the twenties
Blue jackets of ’98
The splendid little war
The American-Spanish war
Soldiers on skis
Reminiscences of a naval surgeon
Fair is our land
The sea and its living wonders
19th century art
Niterói e a fotografia, 1858-1958
Maisons closes, 1860-1946
Architectura et Amicitia Amsterdam
A camera on unknown London
The new sculpture
The secret Paris of the 30's
The world of Henri Cartier Bresson
Louise Dahl-Wolfe
The other promised land
Company M and Adams in the War with Spain
Aspects of Jewish power in the United States
This is our alarm clock
"Bibliography concerning Italian architecture during the fascist era."
Souvenir folder of Norris Dam and Tennessee Valley
The road is open again
Max Liebermann
Cabrillo Bridge and Tower of Palace of Science
Pears' soap
Jack and Jill
Class struggle vs. class collaboration
Housing the masses
[Royal Mail Lines]
Record of Indiana volunteers in the Spanish-American war 1898-1899
The First Regiment Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, United States Vounteers, in the Spanish-American War of 1898
Arkhitektura mavzoleia Lenina
Cechoslowakische Republik (Ceskoslovensko)
Southern architecture
The war with Spain
Atlas van Nederlandsche planten
Panama Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco Calif., opens Feb. 20, 1915, closes Dec. 15, 1915
Historical sketch of the Twentieth Regiment United States Infantry, 1861 to 1903
The American image
The Spanish-American War at sea
Lenin for beginners
Use Housekeepers soap
Admiral Richard Wainwright and the United States Fleet
L’ érotisme des chers maîtres
The triumph Yankee Doodle
Les matinales
Tamara de Lempicka
Coit Tower, San Francisco, its history and art
New York in the Spanish-American war 1898
Art forgery
La peinture mondaine de 1870 à 1960
What do you mean by loving somebody else when your love belongs to me?
The American war with Spain
Pocket guide to Japan
Mahan on sea power
Fairfield Porter, an American classic
The story of two wars
André Kertész: sixty years of photography, 1912-1972
Color studies for raffia baskets
Twelve months with the Eighth Massachusetts infantry in the service of the United States
Raymond Voinquel
Dier Erzählungen
The work of Atget
Blue shirt and khaki
Socialist realism
Alfred Gilbert
The interest of America in sea power, present and future
The Spanish-American War
Florida east coast : the Florida East Coast Hotel System
Under tops'ls and tents
Sede Comitato
[Letter accompanying proofs of Harriet Hubbard Ayer advertisements designed by Erich M. Simon for Crawfords Advertising firm]
Tales of the telegraph
Body love
Captain Macklin
Achetez français
Guia de urbanismo, arquitetura e arte de Brasília
Portofino Kulm - Il Paradiso - 560 m. a picco sul mare
Van nu en straks
Billion-dollar sandbar
Bridge of Presidents looking towards Lake Erie, Cleveland, Ohio
Scene of the Midway, showing crowd, Great Lakes Exposition, Cleveland, Ohio
Bird's-eye view of the Great Lakes Exposition, Cleveland, Ohio
Proposed code of fair competition for the table oil cloth industry, as revised for a public hearing on December 12, 1933 (Hearing No. 383)
Proposed code of fair competition for the wood manufacturing industry, as revised for a public hearing on December 8, 1933 (Hearing No. 365)
Proposed code of fair competition for the plastics fabricators' industry, as revised for a public hearing on December 12, 1933 (Hearing No. 371)
Proposed code of fair competition for the bowling and/or billiard operating trade, as revised for a public hearing on December 12, 1933 (Hearing No. 376)
Proposed code of fair competition for theused textile bag industry, as revised for a public hearing on December 13, 1933 (Hearing No. 377)
Proposed code of fair competition for the bituminous paving industry, as revised for a public hearing on December 15, 1933 (Hearing No. 378)
Proposed code of fair competition for the wholesale dry goods trade, as revised for a public hearing on December 12, 1933 (Hearing No. 261-D)
Proposed code of fair competition for thetowing industry of the Eastern and Southern divisions of the United States, as revised for a public hearing on December 13, 1933 (Hearing No. 382)
Proposed code of fair competition for the machine knife and allied steel products industry, as revised for a public hearing on December 11, 1933 (Hearing No. 381)
Proposed code of fair competition for the spray painting and finishing equipment manufacturing industry, as revised for a public hearing on December 15, 1933 (Hearing No. 380)
Proposed code of fair competition for the railway safety appliance industry, as revised for a public hearing on December 11, 1933 (Hearing No. 384)
Proposed code of fair competition for the ornamental moulding, carving, and turning industry, as revised for a public hearing on December 13, 1933 (Hearing No. 385)
Reynolds unifoil
Heal th for sale
The history of Troop "A", New York Cavalry U. S. V
Leipzig. Völkerschlachtdenkmal. Zur Erinnerung an das Jahr, 1813
Obligatsiia vydannaia po general'nomu obmienu 1902 g. v sto vosem'desiat sem' rublei piat'desiat kop
Nonc onformist art from the Soviet Union and Russian art
History of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition
[Photograph album of R.A.F. overseas tour in Iraq, Nov. 1931 - Nov. 1933]
Pict orial history of Florida
Theories of modern art
Announcing a new standard in country train service
Clay and brush
Hitler's propaganda machine
Blondie, from A to Z
La Compañia Hispano-Americana de Electricidad
State and Revolution
Helldivers fly on wing sections by Chrysler Corporation
Pears' soap
France Sud, Grandes routes, France Sud
Reports on the Vienna Universal Exhibition, 1873, made to the U.S. Centennial Commission by their special agents, W.P. Blake, and Henry Pettit
Mi itinerario crítico
[Photograph album of views from Iraq, India and Egypt 1932 - 1935]
An die Nordsee & Nach Borkum
The story of the first men
The story of the Middle Ages
Wintergreen Eagle wafers
S prazdnikom Pobedy!
Yves Klein, Le Dépassement de la problématique de l'art
Nationalism and the Nordic imagination
L'age d'or
Moccasin footwear
Crosswords for boys and girls
The story of the new lands
Court of the seven seas, 1940 Golden Gate International Exposition
The joys and sorrows of recent American art
Habana, Playa de Marianao. Marianao Bathing Beach
[Photograph album of views from India and Egypt 1934 -1935]
Primele poeme ale lui Tristan Tzara si Insurectia de la Zürich prezentata de Sasa Pana
North star shining
Hargraves MFG. Co., Soap Makers, Fall River, Mass
Fedora extract--the ideal perfume. Fedora powder--for the complexion. Compliments of Alfred A. Hubley, wishing you a happy Christmas
Bronzes of Szukalski
Bet sy Ross
Catalog of the Art School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1931-1932
Snow Boy washing powder
Fonts & Logos
Catálogo = Catalogue, Moçambique : Cartazes = posters
Irish art 1900-1950
De wandelende Jood
An eye for the stage
Rivalry on the Atlantic
[Western Cruise Lines]
Ligh test blues
Tropicana : minimum charge 4.00 = consumo minimo 4.00 p.p
The book of noble thoughts
Smok e-screen
Amer ica's primer
12 million black voices / text by Richard Wright ; photo direction by Edwin Rosskam
The international Jew
A Cuban village
Avant la bataille
Century of Progress playing cards
Svidietel'stvo na kapital sto piat'desiat rublei
Democracy at work
[4 stamps commemorating the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, 1901 depicting the Hawaiian islands]
Cuban moon
The American government today / by Frederic J. Haskin
120 million
Muri ai pittori
The worker magazine
Come to Scotland!
The Horizon history of Russia
Sprookjes van leven
The Horizon book of the arts of Russia /[c] by the editors of Horizon magazine. Editor: Thomas Froncek. Introductory essay by James H. Billington. Consultant: S. Frederick Starr
1937 : American abstract art
Potsdam ultimatum!
Czechoslovak prints from 1900 to 1970
Quaderno di [blank]
Thus far
An American testament
[Angel with Christmas tree over a city]
"We, the people"
The people talk
In the eye of the storm
These are our lives / as told by the people and written by members of the Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia
Polish Jews
The parlor car ; farce
Esposiz. Roma 1911 (Piazza d'Armi) : Abruzzi
Highways of history
Sweet Home soap
Catalogue of a group of paintings of the Gothic cathedrals of France by Pieter van Veen
Every boy’s book of ships
Picasso's erotic gravures
Wohnungs-einrichtungen aus der Elektrischen Ausstellung zu Wien im Jahre 1883
Social radicalism and the arts, Western Europe: [b]a cultural history from the French Revolution to 1968
Marxism and modern art
The Brandywine tradition
Een pic-nic in proza
Collectiv - ausstellung des buchhandels und der druckgewerbe, Philadelphia 1876
New pioneer
Insurgent Mexico
Art and the life of action, with other essays
Toward a people's art
Guardias de Asalto
Revised street map of greater Miami, Dade County, Florida
The seizure of power
Court of the moon, 1940 Golden Gate International Exposition
A selection of drawings from The Worker, 1924-1960
L'athletisme base de la formation sportive
Souvenir from Havana
Young fighters of the Soviets
I'm expecting to make a hit--wait. Me, too
The clothing workers
Du vieux pain n'est jamais dur. Mais point de pain, ça c'est dur
[Woman wearing blue blouse and underwear by stool]
The great German films
Elsner nöi divat áruház
L.M. Elkinton soap. Pure Palm is entirely a vegetable soap more suitable for the skin than soap made from animal fat
Specimens of early French architecture
Les petits cadeaux entretiennent l'amite
Famous ocean Liners
Museum of the Moving Image / [written by Adrian Turner ; edited by Helen MacKintosh and David Francis]
Architectural and building trades dictionary
The story of Evangelina Cisneros
Zee en heide
Landscape of freedom
[Portrait of woman wearing hat]
Seven stranded coal towns
Travaux concernant les monuments anciens et les sites naturels de Madagascar
Adolf Dehn drawings
New York deco
English country churches
The Gibson girl and her America
New York in the thirties
Twin Towers remembered
Rebels in Bohemia
Use Day's soap
The critical vision
The Modern prints & drawings
The youth movement in Italy
Gedenkschriften van den Gallischen oorlog
The generation of 1914
Renoir to Picasso 1914
Education and economic well-being in American democracy
Architecturally speaking
How to end the Cold War and build the peace
The Soviet spirit
Japan-British Exhibition, 1910
Italian drawings, 1780-1890
Edouard Niermans
Cabrillo Bridge
Imagined battles
Guide and catalogue to the exhibits of Burroughs Wellcome & Co. at the Japan-British Exhibition
La dernier retouche
Action de capital de 100 Francs au porteur
H.K. & F.B. Thurber & Co., West B'way, Reade, and Hudson Sts., New York
Les miserables
A comment
Lithography as a fine art
Manshu Gensei Zukai
The yanks are not coming
The great liners
Das junge Reich
America's Paul Revere
The Fifth National Industrial Exhibition of 1903
Van bacil tot aapmensch
The rape of Europa
Aug. Vermeylen's verzamelde opstellen
The World's largest outdoor organ and U.S. Naval Hospital
Paradigms and the unexpected
Gosses de pub
East Side of Plaza de Panama, Foreign Arts Building in Foreground, Home Economy in distance
Ideological profile of twentieth-century Italy
The souvenir guide to Osaka
Le sonneur de cloches
A night to remember
Miami, U.S.A
Beat that, if you can
Design source book
My lady's boudoir
Encyclopedia of comparative iconography
Royal trains
Henry Clarke
Amsterdamse school, Textiel 1915-1930
The weenie roast that I didn't go to
Visioni d'oltremare
Beau voyage
Movie makers :the magazine of the Amateur Cinema League, Inc
Soap for all nations. Cleanliness is the sclae of civilization. A fair trial is all I ask for it
K4, acaba de aparecer o quadrado azul
The island
Cuba in war time
Irresistible empire
Holzer divatháza Budapest
Scottish Rite Masonic Center (backup)
Mexican architecture
Møens klints
The history of Poland
Tentoonstelling van teekeningen door Th. van Hoytema by de Firma B.L. Voskuil Jr. : Spui 15.17.19 : Amsterdam, April 1902
Kurt Weinhold, 1896-1965
Uncovered and recovered
Priscilla d'Alexandrie
Le scenic railway et les attractions du quai d'Orsay
Janie Belle
Cap tain Tick-Mouse and his adventures in Secret Service
Sous les cocardes
Ballads of the B. E. F
An American omnibus
On the shore
Bread upon the waters
Dollar cotton
The Ghostland
Sons of the fathers
Met moeder alleen
Washington city and capital
Fest, tisztit
Illustrated official handbook of the Cape and South Africa
Hotel Sevilla, Biltmore, Havana, Cuba
Tropicana nights
Les Paques a New-York
Tennis is good in many ways. It makes the arm supple, wrist flexible, and improves one's reach. Everybody's doing it!
A handbook of the Boer War
Picturing old New England
The Big strike
NYC sex
Ships of the Libera Line
Ocean cruising & cruise ships 2004
Little herder in winter = Haigo na´nilkaadí yázhí
The world's book of knowledge and universal educator
S.W. Silver & Co.'s Handbook to South Africa
Château de Blois
Pet smyslu
The art of Juan Manuel Blanes
The liners
Hvad laerer vi i skolen?
Men of the times
La province de Québec
Can ada 1939
Beautiful New Brunswick, Canada
Norwegian agriculture
Inner visions
Souvenir of the New York World's Fair 1939
Norwegian cod liver oil, controlled by the government, is still the favorite
Not afraid
Norwegian medicinal cod liver oil
Social work in Oslo
Quaderno di [blank]
Over there
[Woman with big red hat, white tunic and blue skirt, touching flowers]
"Unicum Allash", "Cacao Chouva", "Menthe glaciale", "Anisetie"
Victorian buildings in South Africa
Migrant farm labor
[Heart cocoa]
Men and ships
Fairy tales for workers' children
Tall chimney construction
Who wants war?
Those who built Stalingrad
Arruolamento nelle Legioni Voluntari SS Italiani
Keeper of the flame
The white star triple screw Atlantic liners Olympic and Titanic
"Mamenu!", or, The Triangle victims /words by A. Schorr ; music by J. M. Rumshisky
Sweet Home soap
Chantshe in America
Yes Adolph, we're coming!
Gustav Stickley
Heroes' square Budapest
[Boer War journal
Production bulletin
Souvenir program
Heinrich Müller-Erkelenz
Cabaret Faraon : Havana's most typical cabaret ; Zanja & Belascoain ; Tel. U - 6610, Havana
Facts about the education of blind children
Men of the times
Il Cimitero monumentale di Milano
Cinquant'anni di Rotary in Italia
57 Heinz
Eretz Yisrael
Il centenario del Politecnico di Milano, 1863-1963
S prazdnikom Velikogo Oktiabria!
Washington State Building
Ricordo di Peggy Guggenheim
Ladislav Sutnar
La Formazione dell’ingegnere nella Torino di Alberto Castigliano
Valentino Bompiani
Il Politecnico di Milano nella storia italiana 1914-63
David S. Brown & Co., soap makers and perfumers
Menier...[Fabrication spéciale des chocolats de qualité supérieure]
Ca’ Pesaro
Milano fin de siècle e il caso Bagatti Valsecchi
The Heisey animals
More cuties in arms
The Struwwelpeter alphabet
Leningrad, vidy goroda
Sun-Ray Park in Miami, Florida
Fondo Pensioni Cariplo
Florida's treasures forever
Die Wohnungspolitik der Gemeinde Wien
Girls at work in aviation
A Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago, 1933
Der Mondreigen von Schlaraffts
Trieste, 1918-1954
[Covers for Bouw en Sierkunst]
Trieste liberty
1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition at San Francisco, Panama-California Exposition at San Diego, California Mission Play at San Gabriel
Suburban America, 1930-1970
Around the world
L ’eclettismo a Trieste
Voci d’Italia
Jungle cruise
Milano "fin de siècle," 1890-1900
Railroads at the New York World's Fair, 1939
[Title in Japanese]
La famiglia artistica milanese nel centenario
Liberty,equality, and fraternity
British Impressions
Ladies perfumed calendar, 1893. Compliments of E.W. Hoyt & Co., Lowell, Mass. Proprietors of Hoyt's German cologne and rubifoam for the teeth
Montmartre and the making of mass culture
XII oude liederen
From the colonnade of the Sacramento Valley Building
Program nové Ceskoslovenské vlády Národní fronty Cechu a Slováku, prijatý na prvé schuzi vlády dne 1. dubna 1945 v Košicích
Battles and battlefields of the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902
A century under sail
An American boy in the Soviet Union
Esso war map II : featuring the world island, fortress Europe
Esso war map
Esso war map III
Galway and Connemara
[Aerial view of The Independent Order of Foresters' Practical Fraternal Agencies]
Santa Catalina
Architettura, scultura, pittura contemporanea Europea in un secolo di materialismo
[Boer War letters, 1900-1902
Yosemite National Park
Yosemite winter sports
Uitnoodiging tot bezoek aan de tentoonstelling van foto's naar uitgevoerde ontwerpen en ontwerpteekenigen van gebruiks-kunst-voorwerpen door H.P. Berlage en Jac. van den Bosch
Soap sculpture
Sculpture through the ages
Soap sculpture
Venezia e la sua laguna nelle opere di Umberto Moggioli (1886-1919) e degli altri maestri di Ca' Pesaro: Boccioni, Rossi, Garbari, Semeghini
Clemens Holzmeister
Grass silage for more profitable livestock farming
Onder ons
Curtiss fly leaf
A gazetteer of the Second Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902
What is art for?
Bamboe-ornament der Kajan-Dajaks
The Boer War diaries of H.G.D. Shute and G.J. Gullick, later Lt. Col. H.G.D. Shute and W.O.II G.J. Gullick
Architectural granite
Germantown and old Philadelphia
Quakertown, Pennsylvania
Norristown, Pennsylvania
[Woman in ballet shoes]
Visit historic Gettysburg
La nascita della modernità
[Boer War letters, 1900
Putting progress through its paces :the story of the General Motors proving grounds
[Stylish woman with small hat wearing blue dress with flower print on skirt posing with red parasol]
Van een dood bankiertje
The Panama Canal
The bulletin of the Museum of Modern Art
Doc uments de ferronnerie ancienne
Hood's soap
The wind in the pines
Isthmus of Panama
Map of Stockholm
The Panama Canal
At the zoo
Panama and the canal to-day
Foreign Arts Building, Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal
Hotel Plaza, Camaguey, Cuba
Five years at Panama
Foods and Beverages Building
The Panama gateway
Ecce homo
Panama and the canal in picture and prose
Memoria de las obras realizadas por la Comisión de Fomento Nacional durante el gobierno del Dr. Ramón Grau San Martín
Die industrielle Entwicklung des Kantons Solothurn und ihr Einfluss auf die Volkswirtschaft
Illustrated history of the Panama railroad
The story of Panama
Chas Laborde, 1886-1941
[Not here]
Violins & shovels
Der Getreue Eckart
White Eider Soap
First exhibition of modern architecture : New Burlington Galleries, Bond Street, June 1937, MARS
Droll stories of Isthmian life
Dedication of Deer Isle - Sedgwick Bridge, Monday, June 19, 1939 at 3 P.M. DST
Platons Phaidon
Santa Claus soap, made only by the N.K. Fairbank company. New York, Chicago. Gifts for Santa Claus wrappers. See other side
Souvenir of the Panama Canal
Views of Panama and the Canal
Alaska and the Panama canal
The Russian revolution
Machinery and Transportation Building, Jamestown Exposition, 1907
Recreation in Panama
Incredible New York
Valère Bernard, 1860-1936
The origins of modern town planning
The Panama guide
The old guard and the avant-garde
Havana Riviera, hotel, cabana club & casino
Im ages of change : magazine cover art of the tumultuous late Progressive Era / [by] June S. Knopf, a dissertation submitted to the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, Drew University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree, Doctor of Letters
The lineup at Jai alai or Frontorr, Havana, Cuba
Exclusively yours
The U. S. Navy takes the Air for Victory
Posta del Balilla
Zionist culture and West European Jewry before the First World War
Quaderno [blank]
In the dungeons of Mussolini
Over the top for victory
Report of the Joint board consisting of the Metropolitan park commission and the State board of health upon the improvement of Charles River
Keep 'em flying
Liberty and justice for all
United we stand
Clyde steamers
Victory is our goal
Defend your country
[Moore-McCormack Lines, Thomas C. Ragan Collection]
Palm Beach scandals : an intimate guide / Jack Owen
Nicolaas Beets Verscheidenheden
Victory playing cards
Victory plain flour
Victory! ..._
Victory Day
Sept. 2nd, V-J Day, 1945, victory! "Peace on earth again."
Victory Day
Victory envelope
Victory envelopes and paper
On to victory
V stands for victory
To victory
The road to victory
Edward Bruce
Deutsches Jugendfest
Soviet Russia today
A cento anni dalla nascita
For the record
At the San Diego Panama-California Exposition all the year 1915
Helsinki guide
Le opere del fascismo nel decennale
The legend of the palm tree
Parade of the toy soldiers
On the heels of De Wet
Salici's puppets, Hall of Western States. Shows 2-4:30-8:30 Sat. & Sun. 2-4-6-8:30
Una aventura sobre Diego Rivera y el cubismo
The Museu de Marinha thanks you for your contribution : certificate of authenticity
[Unconditional surrender of Japan, Sept. 2, 1945, V-J Day, Post Office, Manila]
The relief of Ladysmith
Der Führer mit der Jugend
The Mexican story
The staff work of the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1901
[Couple dancing]
Figuring the word
South African memories
Artisans et paysans du Yiddishland =
Rex : Dolomiti - Santa Cristina ; Lago di Carezza ; Bolzano - Monumento alla Vittoria
Hotel Lincoln, Havana, Cuba
Poor Shaydullah
Companhias reunidas gas e electricidade
Ask for Thurbers' strictly pure flavoring extracts. H.K. & F.B. Thurber & Co
Gateway to the continent
The story of the Imperial Light Horse in the South African War 1899-1902
Industrie générale de la papeterie
[Ted Pietsch car design photograph collection]
Kekewich in Kimberley
The history of King Edward’s Horse
Pavillon de Nice
[Palace Hotel opening banquet keepsakes]
Justice illuminated
The gardens of England in the midland & eastern counties
Scultura lingua morta
A fight to a finish
Aerial view, Atlanta Biltmore, "Where southern hospitality flowers," Atlanta, GA
The modern home
Blik op blik
[Covers for Geschiedenis van onzen tyd III
A s ubaltern of horse
Agli ex apparententi a formazioni straniere! = Bifšim pripadnicima tudenarodnih jedinica = Bifšim pripadnikom tujenarodnih edinic
A visitor's guide to London for the year 1962
International Caterpillar Club, 1925-1933
Le Pays Basque
The Kimberley Flying Column
The Pillars of Hercules
Gosudarstvennaia Tret'iakovskaia Gallereia
Dansk design
Art and illusion
Under Great Bear and Southern Cross
Perfumed with Hoyt's nickel cologne. Be sure that the bottle you buy looks like this
Guide officiel de l'Exposition Coloniale de Marseille
Borhegyi borviz
Sett utenfra
The truth about Soviet Russia
Ashes and blood
The Siege of Mafeking
Vystavka kartin i risunkov russkikh khudozhnikov nachala XX veka
La Habana vieja : mapas y planos en los archivos de España : [exposición], Castillo de la Fuerza, enero-marzo 1985, La Habana
A Century of Progress, 1933
"Khaki letters" from "my colleagues in South Africa."
"The unholy three."
Dizionario del design italiano
The origins of the South African War, 1899-1902
With the Scottish Yeomanry
The Anglo-Boer War anniversary 1899-1999
Janina szivarka papir, szivarka hüvely
Chemins de fer ou absence de chemins de fer?
The Foreign Office
Duncan Grant and the Bloomsbury Group
The colonials in South Africa, 1899-1902
Lo struzzo
Brit ish regiments in South Africa, 1899-1902
With the Fife Light Horse from 31st December 1899 till 29th March 1901
At the San Diego Panama-California Exposition all the year 1915
[Boer War letters
Selective service for victory food
The victory ration guide
Foro Italico
Recipes for vigor and victory
Captain Marvel Jr. and the iron heel of the Huns
V for victory
Anni Albers and ancient American textiles
Make and mend for victory
Italian Line "Rex" plan of 1st class accommodation, edition April, 1936
From the palaces to the pike
[South African War diary
Nazi Germany
Moderne Reklameschriften
Deutsche Gedichte
[South Africa letters
Campaigns of a war correspondent
Que se imponga una disciplina férrea en la retaguardia. (Del Manifesto del C.C. del Partido Comunista.)
Pavillon de la Belgique
15 sheets, patriotic writing paper : all different prize winning designs and slogans that won in a national contest
Rendezvous with victory
Vim cleaner & polisher
Season's greetings
A salute to flavor
Ocean Grande Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida
The commission of H.M.S. "Terrible," 1898-1902
Victory scrap book
The victory scrap book
Nothing like it ever before on land...on sea...in the air, and on the screen!
V-J Day, total victory
Catalogus van teekeningen en lithographieen door Th. van Hoytema
V for victory
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
The victory news-letter
Southern California Light Opera Orchestra and Chorus
Nov. 11th
Nov. 11th
Harper's bazaar
V ..._
Hello buddy
Go by boat...it's fun afloat!
John Paul Cooper
Lawlor's radio values : Catalin, character, mirrored, novelty, plastic
Meiji revisited
On socialist realism
Resorts in the Canadian Pacific Rockies
A Shand un a Veitog
Memories of two wars
Ramsay Mac Donald, vom Fischerdorfkinde zum Ministerpräsidenten
Russian art of the avant-garde
V : [thumbs up]
America and the Americans
[Winged V for victory]
[Eagle, anchor, V for victory]
Our occupation gone. Rough on Rats did it
The marine encyclopaedic dictionary
Von deutscher Baukunst
[American and British flags on V for victory flag poles]
America, here's my boy
From day to day with New thought
[V for victory penny pin]
March for V, victory
Liberty loan
Victory girls
Model, S. O. Bldg., S. D. fair
Welcome home our heroes
United Steel Workers of America
For victory
And I was the one that couldn't even change a tire!
I'm bringing home the bacon!
[Pro of for Den Gulden Winckel
Filiphina's wonderliefde
I'll have a load of things to tell you soon!
Just showing there's a big kick in this outfit
Just give me a hairpin and I can fix anything
I'm in fine condition for the shape I'm in
I'm having a hot time
My [censored] dogs are sure barkin'
And I used to enjoy doing this with the radio
Never a dull moment here
Im eatin' my heart out for you!
Don't worry...Uncle Sam is keeping us in line
Miami daily news
[California Bldg. Pan-Calif. Expo. San Diego 1915]
John ny Tremain
Dearling for Gentlemen
Good Housekeeping decorates and plans model rooms at the New York World's Fair
Equality, land, and freedom
When luxury went to sea
Winold Reiss
Map of Paris
A war of images
Two girls in China
Ivorine is a big thing. His tusks were cleaned with Ivorine
Mostra di pittori liguri della riviera di levante
The grand resort hotels of the White Mountains : a vanishing architectural legacy
The yellow war
The tragedy of Paotingfu
California pottery
Air raids
The Singapore house, 1819-1942
Welcome Father Coughlin, head of N.U.S.J
Canadian Building, Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal
The siege in Peking
Portrait of Latin America as seen by her print makers = Retrato de la America Latina hecho por sus artistas graficos
Eckart Muthesius, 1930 : der Palast des Maharadschas in Indore
S prazdnikom Pobedy!
Revolutionary dreams
John John Twilliger
[Bride and groom]
Assur de prins der woestijn
Power & poetry
Diary of the siege of the Peking legations
Shell books (1684-1912) and shells
Drapetomania, a disease called freedom
Great women of the Bible
ABC books and related materials
Dorothy Porter Wesley (1905-1995), Afro-American librarian and bibliophile
Frieden, Freiheit, Toleranz : Bücher gegen den Krieg
10c : Nederland
aPop-ups, illustrated books, and graphic designs of Czech artist and paper engineer, Vojtěch Kubašta (1914-1992)
WPA Handicraft Projects, 1935-1943
On active service with the Chinese regiment
WPA children's books by the Pennsylvania Writers' Project, the New York City New Reading Materials Program, and the Milwaukee Handicraft Project
Ruskin's God
Amsterdam III
From Tientsin to Peking with the Allied forces
Möbel aus Stahlrohr und Stahlblech
The story of the siege in Peking
The ordeal of William Larnach
Memoirs of Li Hung Chang
Geschichte des Deutsch-Französischen Krieges von 1870-71
The new Negro
In the Chinese customs service
The Delineator
The American Army in France (1917-1919)
Coming of age
The Boston Museum of Art
Zahradní mesta nezamestnaných
Takehisa Yumeji ten catalogue
Nebe, peklo, ráj
[ Voyage à Salonique
Look at America
China travels and investigations in the "Middle Kingdom"
The Grand Hotel, Ltd
Naval history
The east is red
Imperfect health
The siege of the Peking legations
The big ship
A diary of the siege of the legations in Peking
To be, or not to be
Letters from China
Surrealists on art
Un siècle passe
Paul Hankar
Behind the scenes in Peking
Walter Burley Griffin
A salute to Hirohito
The exhibitor
La arqueología del régimen, 1910-1955
Russian housing in the modern age
Het Ambacht III
Overland to China
Help pave the way to Berlin...buy war bonds
Palaces of dreams
[Girl on a swing with tree branches in the background]
Profil longitudinal de la ligne de Vienne à Trieste
Volgo LEF
Siege life in Peking
Schicklgruber, hide in your shell, but your next and doomed for H
Mit dem Gross-Motorschiff "Monta Rosa" : Weihnachten nach den atlantischen Inseln : Kapitän Max Castan : Weihnachtstag, den 24. Dezember, 1935 : Vegetarische Speisenfolge
The Chinese soldier and other sketches
New universal self-pronouncing dictionary of the English language : comprising under one alphabetical arrangement the definition, pronunciation, syllabication, and capitalization of words, their use as parts of speech, and their synonyms
De jonge kunst
Fabrica de tabacos "Mar-Ji-Ga" ; M. Jimenez
Black Friday
Eric Mendelsohn
Why women cry
Little Navajo herder
Whis tling-Two-Teeth and the forty-nine buffalos
The vanishing American frontier
A history of Den norske Amerikalinje A/S (Norwegian America Line) 1910-1995
First annual report of the Women's Centennial Executive Committee, February 16, 1874
A major street plan for Rochester, New York
Book decorations
South San Francisco
Uitvoerbaar socialisme
Meigs Elevated Railway Co
Electric power from the Mississippi River
Twee hanen
Rouen, 1940
The Technical School of Tokyo Prefecture, 1914
Meet the folks
A wayfarer in China
United States tires are good tires. Plenty of rubber in U.S. Royal Cords. U.S. Royal Cords are made with the idea that the ideal tire is one which takes a remote position in the consciousness of the motorist...and stays there
Francesco Messina
Soap for all nations. Cleanliness is the scale of civilization. Allow me to offer you B.T. Babbit's best for trial & 1776 powder
Hitler’s beneficiaries
Chinese Workers' pictorial
Sir Robert Hart
Der Volks-Brockhaus
The ghetto uprising in Warsaw, 1943
[African woman pouring tea from a water tank balanced atop her head]
Pav illon des Grands Magasins du Printemps, "Primavera"
[Mussolini in Bolzano]
Lords of the old West
Anatomie für künstler
Comando del Presidio Militare Tedesco
Versierde verhalen
The war of the civilisations
Carlo Scarpa
"Mine Fuehrer, how did you enjoy your trip to Russia?"
The story of ancient civilization
Het rijk der grafische kunst
In my mother's house / by Ann Nolan Clark ; illustrated by Velino Herrera
The Communist Manifesto in pictures
The blind bow-boy
The coming struggle in eastern Asia
The people speak
[ Fidus Collection]
Singer Building, New York
Henrik Ibsen, Edvard Munch
Over het imiteeren van de batik
Rembrandt-album 1606-1906
Cunard Line and Thos. Cook & Son
Financial project for the International Exhibition, Columbus Quadri-centennial, New York, 1892
[Couple in bed]
Késmárky és Illés, Budapest
Red channels
China and the allies
The bridge over the Delaware River connecting Philadelphia, Pa. and Camden, N.J
A de cade of bridges, 1926-1936 /by Wilbur J. Watson ; introduction by Paul P. Crét
Rijksmuseum te Amsterdam
Cover up
Souvenir catalogue and programme
Nazi propaganda and the Second World War
Nazis and the cinema
The Ministry of Illusion
Nazi propaganda films
The British at war
Distinguished liners from The shipbuilder
Sparkling beaches...gay Latin atmosphere in Cuba
A heritage of American paintings
Empire of ecstasy
The museum experience
[Herbert K. Beyer archive]
A setting son of the rising son
Little Navajo bluebird
The healthy body and Victorian culture
Pulling strings in China
Try it!
Meisterwerke der Moderne : Ausstellung Juni-Juli 1982 = Masterpieces of the moderns : exhibition June-July 1982
The Chinese empire
Maltos dupla maláta sör
Strength and health
New York journal American
Seattle contrasts
Voyage de Monsieur le Président de la République
Sexual liberation or sexual license?
A field-marshal’s memoirs
Affair in Havana
Air raid precautions
Plano de la ciudad de Guatemala
Guide to the manuscript collections in Louisiana, the Department of Archives, Louisiana State University
Guide to manuscript depositories in the United States
Guide to depositories of manuscript collections in the United States
Preliminary edition of guide to depositories of manuscript collections in Massachusetts
Redondo Hotel
"The Isthmus" Amusement Street, T. P. Getz famous Mission Play at right
Guide to depositories of manuscript collections in the United States
A description of the manuscript collections in the Massachusetts Diocesan Library / prepared by The Historical Records Survey, Division of Women's and Professional Projects, Works Progress Administration
Inventory of the church archives of Arkansas
Formal opening of the Bank Officers' & Bankers' Building, Centennial grounds, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, May 30th, 1876
Index of the official register of the officers and men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War / prepared by the New Jersey Historical Records Survey Program, Research and Records Section, Division of Community Service Programs, Work Projects Administration
Descriptive catalogue of the Du Simitière papers in the Library company of Philadelphia
Calendar of the Major Jacob Rink Snyder collection of the Society of California Pioneers
Architecture of the night
Th e watch on the Rhine-Zero Hour
General Motors exhibit building , New York World's Fair, 1939
Finnish Tourist Association tourist inns and hotels
SAS city portrait
Formal Gardens and Citrus Grove from Southern Counties Building
New York World's Fair, re-opening day press kit, Wednesday, April 21, 1965
Ships of the Cunard Line
Het heden en de toekomst
Journal-letters from the Orient
Les ongles
A century of posters
Workers on relief in the United States in March 1935
Memorial exhibition of the works of the late Joseph Pennell held under the auspices of the Philadelphia Print Club and the Pennsylvania Museum, in Memorial Hall, Fairmount Park Philadelphia, from October 1st to October 31st, 1926
Only "Standard" can furnish the Neo-Angle, America's smartest bath
Color furniture in the home
Slave songs of the Georgia sea islands / by Lydia Parrish ; music transcribed by Creighton Churchill and Robert MacGimsey ; introduction by Olin Downes
Air World's great airports
L'univers et l'humanité
Railway reconstruction, Italy, September 1943-January 1946
Greek Powder & Cartridge Co., Ltd
L'art dans la vie moderne
6 reeksen vlaamsche teekeningen
"The banner of the enterprise" carried at the landing of Columbus, October 12th, 1492
The stencil art of pochoir
Catalogue of works of art in the art galleries of the Minneapolis Industrial Exposition, (fifth annual exhibit,) consisting of paintings from the leading American and European artists, water colors, pastels, etchings, marbles, and museum of antiquities
Miki and Mary
How to get married
Year book of Tuxedo Park : Orange County, New York
Der Führer und das Winterhilfswerk
The New Aeolian Hall
Bu arslana dokunmayin
Hotel Vedado, Habana Cuba ; calle o entre 23 y 25
Peter Martin Wege
Flor ida homes
Maréchal Nous voila !!!
L'Inde française
"Th e Coronation"
De l'enfer au paradis / texte de Nozière ; dessins de André Devambez
De pastorie te Mastland
Exposition USAAF Forces Aériennes des États-Unis, Paris, France, August-September 1945
Hommage de l'Armee Americaine a la Compagnie des Lampes Mazda
Hôpital 101, Noël 1915
War against the weak
America at the crossroads
Brāļu kapu komitejas izdevums
Exhibition of sculpture under the auspices of the National Sculpture Society
Alleen in een kleine stad
Decoupez cett silhouette et vous aurez, Jack et Jean le fetische Franco-Anglais
Le tour du monde I
Carlo Scarpa : das Handwerk der Architektur = the craft of architecture / herausgegeben von Peter Noever ; mit Beitra·gen von Tadao Ando, Roberto Gottardi, Arata Isozaki und einem Gespra·ch mit Giovanni Anfodillo ; [U·bersetzung: Wolfgang Astelbauer, Karin Fleischanderl, Michael Strand]
Something for mamma. Manufactured by the Hecker-Jones-Jewell Milling Co., New York
Pickaxe and pencil : references for the study of the WPA / compiled by Marguerite D. Bloxom
Rua Grande
Hotel Knickerbocker, New York
Federal support for the visual arts
American art of the Great Depression
Fifty years later
Les rois
Who's who in the zoo
Reptiles and amphibians
Birds of the world : an illustrated natural history / prepared by workers of the Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration in the City of New York ; with art work by the WPA Federal Art Project in the city of New York; sponsored by the Guilds Committee for Federal Writers Publications, Inc
Flat Iron Building, New York
Franz Lajos és fiai
The siege and fall of Port Arthur
The siege of Port Arthur
[Woman wearing red and white striped dress and cap holding white fan with white rose design]
The truth about Port Arthur
Highlights on your way through the Canadian Rockies
Port Arthur
The Fabulous Fox
15 drb. szines tollrajz
Detroit International Bridge
The grouping of public buildings
E.W. Godwin
[Photograph album of Cashmere & Ladakh, 1886
The political writings of William Morris
Campaign addresses of Governor Alfred E. Smith, Democratic candidate for president, 1928
A public building group plan for St. Louis
This fabulous century
Mesker Bros. Iron Works
Pay day
The strange career of Mr. Hoover under two flags
Edward Burne-Jones
Ladis W. Sabo (1870-1953)
International Casements
Promise and performance
Promise and performance
Architecture and design
Life on the hyphen
Meister des XX. Jahrhunderts
Stil l Hell bent
[Woman wearing a white blouse and a blue scarf on her head]
Come to Scotland!
Heilige banden
Film propaganda
New York 1913
Edward Hopper
Ironfighters, outfitters and bowler hatters
You and I -- and Roosevelt
On the trail of the forgotten man
[Profile of a woman in blue dress profile sitting with hand on cushion]
Solent passages and their steamers, 1820-1981
't bolleken
Ships that sail no more : marine transportation from San Diego to Puget Sound, 1910-1940 / Giles T. Brown
Beardmore built
The last country houses
Famous ships of the world / by Lieut.-Commander P. K. Kemp ; illustrated by Peggy Kemp
New York shipping
The new theatre and cinema of Soviet Russia
American Indian fairy tales / retold by W. T. Larned ; Illustrated by John Rae
Little pitchers with big ears
Aux enfants qui seront La France de Demain
Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal. 1915
Try Raki, Turkey's password to pleasure
Catalogue, Nebraska state exhibit
The unknown navy
Q sh ips, commerce raiders and convoys
Cunard Queen Victoria
[Northwest frontier
Le Livre des Mille nuits et une nuit
Wome n's magazines, 1940-1960 : gender roles and the popular press / edited with an introduction by Nancy A. Walker
At the edge
The last steamers
Notice sur la Guyane
Og så kom befrierne
Antoine's restaurant, 713 St. Louis St., New Orleans
Alexander Rodtschenko
Hugo Meier-Thur
L'invitation au voyage
La protection et l'amélioration du bétail en Indochine
[Northwest frontier
Pioner liubit svoiu rodinu, kommunisticheskuiu partiiu Sovetskogo Soiuza
L'industrie minérale en Indochine
Proyecto Sogamoso-Paz de Río; ensayo de una metodología
Great Mersey liners
Le Service de l’instruction publique en Indochine en 1930
Het leven van Rozeke van Dalen
A record of progress in Georgia : official publication of the state of Georgia : distributed at the Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago, 1933
From the Yalu to Port Arthur
A catalogue of paintings in the Bache collection
Columbian album
Caledonia plan
Thrilling stories of the Russian-Japanese war
Compound extract of water white vanilla flavor. Directions : one teaspoon or more to a quart, T. Metcalf Co., Boston, Mass
A guide for members of cooperatives
Catálogo oficial de la participación belga en la Exposición Internacional y Universal de Barcelona 1929
Samen bergopwaarts!
The Harmony society in Pennsylvania
Cuba, ideal vacation land
Sabadell en la Exposición Internacional de Barcelona 1929
The Russo-Japanese Conflict
Hikes in Berks
Port Arthur
Port Arthur
"Du sollst nur mich lieb haben."
The golden age of the railway poster
The Japan-Russia war
Ecole de [blank]
The Russo-Japanese War
A S tudy of the Russo-Japanese War
Genova nella seconda guerra mondiale
La Roumanie à l’Exposition Internationale de Barcelone, 1929
Almanach du bibliophile
Sonnetten en verzen in terzinen geschreven
S/S "Atlanta City"
Palacio "Ciudad de Barcelona"
The miracle of glass
The Story of sugar
Mein Kampf
[Northwest frontier
Cuba avant-garde
Army Air Forces, Technical Training Command
Giants of the New Age
Republic of Lebanon at the New York World’s Fair, 1939
Your car as YOU would build it
Cargo ships
Too much is never enough
Build a dynamic physique thru vibro-power
[Proofs for Zee en heide door G.F. Haspel]
Placing history
Fine arts and curios
Radium Hot Springs Lodge
"Unicum", "Curaçao", "Cacao Chouva"
Guide to hemp braid industry of Yokohama
The beautifying of Honolulu
The case against Franklin D. Roosevelt
Mexico at the world's fairs : crafting a modern nation / Mauricio Tenorio-Trillo
The Ohio State exhibit at A Century of Progress International Exposition, Chicago, 1933
Sans l'officier, les soldats vous auraient peut-être rien fait?
Ein buchlein von der singekunst aus einigen werken alterer meister zusammengestellt
Heinz exhibit
My visit to the Panama Pacific Exposition
A trip through Canada
Hosp ital ships of World War II
Pan-American exposition, Buffalo May 1 to November 1, 1901
An iconography of the engravings of Stephen Gooden
Liverpool's last ocean liners
Urbana Wine Company's gold seal, special dry
Mersey shipping
Foc's'le and glory hole
The Russians
A pictorial treasury of the marine museums of the world
Boer War tribute medals
Vergnügungsreisen zur See
Apprentice to the Red Ensign
Snap shots of the Trans-Mississippi Exposition at Omaha, Nebraska
The luxury yacht from steam to diesel
Der Hoheitsträger
Souvenir book of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition
The Thistle boats
The battle for Homestead, 1880-1892
Dreamy Havana moon song; with ukulele arrangement
Pike peeps
The Farquhar Exhibit
Bird's-eye view of San Diego Calif. From 1500ft. elev
Panama Fair & fair Japan
Atlantic City
The Democratic National Convention, 1936
Dagobert Peche: Eine Auswahl Seiner Werke / von Max Eisler
Josef Hoffmann
Botanical Building Center, Varied Industries at right, Home Economy Building at left, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal., 1915
A short historical sketch of the labours of the Imperial Russian technical society, from its foundation to Jan. 1st 1893
Exhibiting dilemmas
Modeentwurfe 1912-1927 aus dem Besitz der Hochschule fur Angewandte Kunst in Wien
Copper Camp
Vienna 1900
Josef Hoffmann und sein Kreis
Amer ican Jewelry
Travels in New France
Viagio in Liguria
Aff ichekunstenaar
[Rockwell Kent proof]
Virginia: the old dominion in pictures
De tooverwinkel
Schreib-u. Lesezimmer im Luftschiff "Hindenburg"
Truth prevails
My poster stamp collection
Why I am a better Republican than President Hoover
Mistr Theodorik
Official publication, Panama California International Exposition
The crucible
De blijde wereld
Radio stars
Brother Blue
[Burma photo album
High art and low life
Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal. 1915
Jan Preisler
Los Angeles Limited
Jeremiah Judkin's trip to the Fair
What is G.Y.A. anyhow? Well...technically it is...the armed forces assistance program to German youth activities
Bauten und Entwürfe
[Olive colored envelope depicting Adolf Hitler as a rat]
Soviet dis-union
Material life in America, 1600-1860
A guide to Manhattan and map of the World's Fair
The 1982 World's Fair, Knoxville, Tennessee
Irrigation works in India and Egypt
[View of aluminum chairs and tables and pictorial wall map in the lounge of the LZ 129 Hindenburg]
[View of aluminum chairs and tables and pictorial wall map in the lounge area of the LZ 129 Hindenburg]
Wiener Werkstätte, Gesellschaft M.B.H., Wien VII, Döblergasse 4
[View of aluminum chairs and tables in the dining area of the LZ 129 Hindenburg]
Epit ome of the Russo-Japanese War
[View of aluminum chairs, tables, and windows in the dining area of the LZ 129 Hindenburg]
Golden hours along the Spanish Main
[Stylish woman wearing tan dress with blue sash]
The Diplomacy of the Russo-Japanese War
Detailgeschäft und Modeabteilung
From bondage to liberation
Rasp lata, (The reckoning)
Pioner liubit trudit'sia i berezhet narodnoe dobro
The Ault & Wiborg Company
De waterkindertjes
As the Hague ordains
Wiener Werkstätte
Art nouveau, 1890-1914
Knickerbocker Mills pure Singapore pepper
[View of the dining area of the LZ 129 Hindenburg]
[View of the library on board the LZ 129 Hindenburg]
Kalendarz lekarski (podrecznik terapeutyczny) na rok 1926
[View of a state room (with chair desk and beds) aboard the LZ 129 Hindenburg]
[View of a bar/lounge with illustrations of balloons and zeppelins on the walls on the LZ 129 Hindenburg]
[View of drinks set at a bar room table with illustrations of balloons decorating the walls aboard the LZ 129 Hindenburg]
Exterior of building
Orpheus in de dessa
[Scrap book of Bessie Moore detailing the family's interaction with the Moore-McCormack Line]
Being an American can be fun
[Travel album of Mrs. Thomas C. Ragan, cruise on ROYAL VIKING STAR Sydney, Australia - Auckland, New Zealand
[Photo album, Chateux & Gardens Cruise, from New York May2, 1978, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Ragan]
American Caribbean Line: West Indies and South America Caribbean Cruises
Umsatz der Detailgeschäfte
Verzeichnis der Bücherei die W. W
Mother Goose magic window
"Manners," starring Mr. Do & Mr. Don't
[RAF (Royal Air Force) in Waziristan
Miss Sniff
Propusk v raĭ
Masaryk ve fotografii
Interesting facts about the world's largest Carillon
Rapport sur l’Exposition universelle de 1855
De Kunstportefeuille
Jones Hungarian superlative
Masonite presdwood
Paris embassy diary, 1921-1922
Masonite quartrboard [sic]
Historique de l'imprimerie et de la libraire centrales des Chemins de fer
Parijs 1891
Masonite means Money to the Farmer
Masonite Temprtile [sic]
La nouvelle collection Jaz conçue dans l'esprit de l'Exposition 1937 (art et techniques dans la vie moderne)
United States submarine operations in World War II
Duarte Pacheco e a sua obra
Une solution moderne du probleme de la circulation
[Proofs of woodcuts depicting women]
Ottorino Mancioli
Brazil coffee in word and picture
Japanese soap
Forest products of North Brazil
Brazilian woods
Panama Pacific Line
The wonders of the West
[Postcard of Floridita bar area]
A history of the Gregynog Press
Occupational therapy for the mentally and nervously ill
Illustrations of the spires and towers of the mediaeval churches of England
Paulo Affonso waterfalls
The highlights of Paraná
Pictorial history of the second world war
The patron state
New York in the nineteenth century
Brazil cocoa
Catalogus van gebonden boeken en plaatwerken
Pedro Américo
An American year
The international competition for the Phoebe Hearst architectural plan for the University of California
Imagined interiors
Art and organised labour
The Seaboard Florida Limited
Glitz, glamour and sparkle
The style of the century, 1900-1980
[Quetta earthquake
La turbine vessel "Raffaello" of 46.000 g.r.t
I remember that
Mother Goose in Washington
Kovald tisztit, fest
Knock-down furniture
[S.S. Argentina and S.S. Argentina by Moore-McCormack Lines]
[Good Neighbor Liners Argentina and Brazil operated by Moore-McCormack Lines]
Freighter cruises around South America
Freighter cruises to South and East Africa
Freighter Cruises to Scandinavia
Freighter cruises to South America
American flag freighter cruises
[American Caribbean Line]
[Punjab, Himalayas, Baluchistan
The image of the architect
Sun magazine = Solaire universelle nudisme
Rotterdamsche Lloyd naar Stockholm en Noorwegen
Quaderno di [blank]
Beauty behind barbed wire
Palace of Science
A Merry Christmas
Are they getting it? Well!! -- They asked for it
"Sweet Home" soap
Ornament & its application
Yes Adoph, we're coming!
Plan von Innsbruck
I remember
How to keep cool though hot
Harper's bazaar
Frescoes in preparatory school by Orozco, Rivera and others
Wonder if I will goose-step
Maya architecture
[Japanese postcard set]
Racial hygiene
The man who died
Under Togo for Japan
Tell it to Sweeney!
At the fall of Port Arthur
What will daddy bring for dinner?
Under the Mikado's Flag
Farm Security
Life of Admiral Togo
The story of a man who was wrong for seven years
Governor Landon's Portland Speech
Saját készitményü cérna harisnyák, férfi és gyermek zoknik
Studio chez Mr. Talmant
View East from the California Tower
Photography in Brazil, 1840-1900
The Mariemont story
300 million slaves and serfs
De dynastie Wolfers
Letterboek voor den teekenaar en ambachtsman
Fairy tale railroad
[Burma & India, 1890
Die Chinesische Kunst Gemessen an der Abendlaendischen
Why not try Kopf's compressed pea soup?
Official pictorial and descriptive souvenir book of the historical pageant, October seventh to twelfth, 1912
Soldier's individual pay record
Proposed building for Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
City of bread
Japanese marines at the front
Jhr. Onno Zwier van Haren en Mr. Willem Bilderdijk [bloemlezing
CFA Voysey
George Frederic Watts
Ships of the twentieth century
Tempos de grossura
Catalogue of the fiftieth annual exhibition, 1872-1922
John Storrs
Virginibus puerisque
The Chateau Frontenas
[Burma, 1870-1880
Oscar Wilde's America
Salvador Dalí, a mythology
New masses
[Crystal Cruises/Thomas Ragan Collection]
J. van Dijck's teekenvoorbeelden
Rose et noir
Comin' in on a wing and a prayer
All expense winter vacations including ship and hotel to Miami, Havana, St. Augustine, and Texas
Italian days
Thomas More en zijne utopie
Mountain railways
Wiener Werkstätte
Nazi divisions! Ha! Ha! Russian winters too cold. Now, too hot here
The modern way to drive
Vote for Hoover
The world at home ABC
It's an elephant's job--no time for 'donkey-business'!
The Tower of the Palace of Science
Homenaje a Federico Canessi, 1906-2006
Tower of sun and elephant towers on Treasure Island by night
Greetings from Sydney
Specifications for the construction, erection and finishing of a boiler house, for the central corliss engine. Machinery Hall, Fairmount Park
Prefettura Repubblicana di Mantova
Alexander Rodchenko
Happy 4th of July!
Art exhibition by California artists
Home Economy Building Reflection in Lagoon
Styles of ornament
Exhibit labels
Through the American landscape
The Red Rose girls
The origins of the Russo-Japanese War
A century of Pullman cars
A hidden fire
The Emperor’s sword
De Hollandsche schilderkunst in de negentiende eeuw
The short victorious war
Sale in the main building, International Exhibition grounds, in Fairmount Park. M. Thomas & Sons, Auctr's. Tunisian exhibit
Russia against Japan, 1904-1905
The tsar’s last armada
Samuel Yellin, metalworker
Dereviannoe zodchestvo
Samuel Yellin, metalworker
Atacar es vencer
Laguna de Cabrillo and West approach
Chicago modern, 1893-1945
Hotel Ponce de Leon, St. Augustine, Florida
Bought of Art Department, H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College, New Orleans
Century of the child
[Typed letter]
Following the Sun-Flag
Rio de Janeiro
I'm glad I can make you cry
Night illumination showing the Great Rainbow Scintillator
Court of the Four Seasons
Avenue of Palms
Black Manhattan /James Weldon Johnson
Gloss soap, 1 lb. package niagara starch with every bar
Deutschlands Wehrmacht
Yearning for beauty
Wing tips
The six-hour day & other industrial questions
[Quetta & Gulmarg
Estimated cash position at June 30, 1950
Starrett Brothers and Eken Incorporated : Builders, Empire State, Fifth Avenue and 34th Street, New York
Woodcuts & wood engravings
Weimar Germany
Cunard Line Thomas C. Ragan Collection
Commodore Cruise Line
S.S. Hansa & Deutschland Cabin Class deck plans
De Nederlandsche insecten
The secret life of Salvador Dalí
Cuba, economía y sociedad
Persil blanchit par l'oxygene
The progressive architecture of Frederick G. Scheibler, Jr
Seule la Silvikrine fertilise le cuir chevelu
Chicorée extra
Pastilles Miel-Dieu
New Deal art
Midwinter fair and the golden state
New Deal art in South Carolina
[Portrait of a woman with leopard print collar]
New Deal art, California
[New Deal art, California
Thomas Eakins
Federal art in Long Beach : a heritage rediscovered : FHP Hippodrome Gallery
Au secours!
The pride of the household
Negro Building
Dary vozhdi͡am =
Stephen Collins Foster
Share the care
Greek revival America
Trusts en kartellen
Nature in Ornament
Impressions of a visit to gay Havana, "The Paris of the western hemisphere."
Bourges, ville d'art
Jerusalem, 1920-1922
Choix des plus celèbres maisons de plaisance de Rome et de ses environs
Koningin Wilhelmina-album [1896]
Magnésie bismurée
Sagebrush chronicle
Rural rehabilitation
Oogbad Optraex Famel
Court of the moon, California World's Fair on San Francisco Bay
Who are the job seekers?
The Jewish encyclopedia
Night illumination, Panama-Pacific International Exposition, 1915. San Francisco, Calif
The Stanfield echo
Migrants of the crops
Camp Beacon Rock
The downpour
In Sicily
Cigar makers, after the lay-off
Technology, employment, and output per man in copper mining
Rock drilling
Exhibition of the Fascist Revolution
Technology, employment, and output per man in phosphate-rock mining, 1880-1937
21 store : better prices, more customers
Colman's Semolina
Een waardig en fraai geheel
Technology, employment, and output per man in petroleum and natural-gas production / by O. E. Kiessling, [et al.]
Voie matériel roulant et exploitation technique des chemins de fer; ouvrage suivi d'un appendice sur les travaux d'art
Art of collecting
Het museum Mesdag en zijne stichters
Planalto de Benguela
Women of New York
Edna Price ; Zorita Lambert
Camp Cross clarion
1 litre d'eau minérale avec le
Report of low rent housing needs, Miami, Florida and vicinity
Call of youth
The first railroad in America
Nationalism and exclusion
Lompoc Ladle
Truck drivers testimonial
Park gopher
Source Parot
The prospector
Simnasho pow-wow
Bang, bang, you’re dead
Crabtree rambler
Saddle mt. echo
Zig zag zephyr
West winds
Hemlock Breeze
Prairie schooner
The position of women in Italy
Deutscher Ruhm, Polnische Schande
Italy under Mussolini
The Italian-Ethiopian crisis threatens world peace
John Huss
Cross-cultural design
Military ball, U.S.S. Kansas
[Italian warship in naval battle]
On la via de los estados, towards Plaza de Panama
Work for artists
Hungry men
Red ribbon on a white horse
L.I. Fisk & Co.'s Japanese Soap, Springfield, Mass
El salariado, o, trabajar para otro : (ensayos)
[Italian shipyard]
Rhapsody of the Seas
The Red Man's greeting
Chief Simon Pokagon
Chief Pokagon, Hartford, Mich
Hartford, Michigan, May 5, 1897
Das Bild des Kaisers
Pokagon remembered
Press review
My day in the army, Miami Beach, Florida
Bol'shaia sovetskaia entsiklopediia
[Stylish woman with short blonde hair sitting with her fingers under her chin looking over her shoulder in front of the sea and white clouds.]
[Troop transport Dante Alighieri at dock]
[Troop transport Dante Alighieri underway in naval convoy]
Emerald soap
La ruta del socialismo en España
Carnavales de Mexico
History in exile
Things to come
Midget Village--peopled by sixty midget men, women, and children from many countries, living in tiny houses in a village built to their proportions. A Century of Progress, Chicago's 1933 world's fair
Town Hall, Midget village
The Midway
Midway Looking South, Chicago World's Fair
Belgian village
Lama temple
Streets of Shanghai, China
N.Y.K Line
Aeroplane view, Fort Dearborn, Chicago World's Fair
Columbian Exhibition, 1893
Old heidelberg inn
The egyptian pavilion
Bird's-eye view of Belgian Village, Chicago World's Fair
The english village, Chicago World's Fair
Spanish village, Chicago World's Fair
American Caribbean Line
Lama temple
The Panama Canal at San Francisco 1915
Old heidelberg inn
Japanese pavilion
Social welfare in Italy
Streets of Paris, Chicago World's Fair
Approaching entrance to the Belgian Village
Irish village, Chicago World's Fair
Black Forest, Chicago World's Fair
Interior of Chinese Lama Temple
The midway, Chicago World's Fair
The Belgian Village, Chicago World's Fair
Glimpse of picturesque sixteenth century Belgian Village. Buildings are exact reproductions of those seen by tourists in Belgium today. A Century of Progress, Chicago's 1933 world's fair
Old Heidelberg Inn-- German atmosphere, from rathskeller to famous German cookery, served by flaxen haired maidens in colorful native garb to "Student Prince" songs. A Century of Progress, Chicago's 1933 world's fair
Belgian Village
Japan Tokyo Gabori Association Exhibitor
Chinese Lama Temple, replica of the Potala of Jehol, original of which was built in 1767 at Jehol, China. (gift from Mr. Vincent Bendix). A Century of Progress, Chicago's 1933 world's fair
Chinese Lama Temple, replica of the Potala of Jehol. (gift from Mr. Vincent Bendix) A Century of Progress, Chicago's 1933 world's fair
Maya Temple, exact reproduction of one section of famous "nunnery" at Uxmal, Yucatan. Part of Sioux Indian Village and Greyhound intra-fair buses in foreground. A Century of Progress, Chicago's 1933 world's fair
Maya temple, exact reproduction of one section of the famous "nunnery" at Uxmal, Yucatan. A temple at least ten centuries old. A Century of Progress, Chicago's 1933 world's fair
Replica of Fort Dearborn, 1933 Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago, Ill
The midget village
Hotel le regina
Les constructions en bois
Danish Industrial Art
Japan Tokyo Gabori Association Exhibitor
Canadian Pavilion
Canadian Pavilion
Hotel New Osaka
Hotel New Osaka
Southwest Chief
Berliner Labyrinth
The church at sea on the southern route
Hotel New Osaka
Pullman ou cabine de luxe
The broken commandment
Southwest Chief
Southwest Chief
Pullman ou cabine de luxe
Far east service
Woman in the crested kimono
American communism and Soviet Russia
Centennial music
The Cleveland School of Art
Scho ol of the Worcester Art Museum
Reynolds unifoil
Layt on School of Art
1935, Summer School
The Golden Temple of Jehol
Globe--Ben Hur Spanish Patio. Food Building, San Diego Exposition
The Grand Hotel, Vienna
American pioneers and the Japanese frontier
The coasts of Bohemia
The white plum, a biography of Ume Tsuda
The sound of the whistle
Eugenio Tomiolo
On exercising all-round dictatorship over the bourgeoisie
The family
Lost in blunderland
The triumph of American painting
The Russo-Chinese War
River mist and other stories
Space, style, and structure
The jobless negro
The new generation in Meiji Japan
Washington--the evergreen state
Japan through American eyes
Lafcadio Hearn and the vision of Japan
Britain's encounter with Meiji Japan, 1868-1912
At entrance to Enchanted Island, the children's fairyland. A Century of Progress-- Chicago's 1933 World's Fair
Streets of Paris
Miami Beach Woman's Club Archive
Castle on "Enchanted Island," Chicago World's Fair
You oughta see our 'pin-up' gals!
Enchanted Island, showing "Magic Mountain", and entrance to theatre, where such plays as "Peter Pan", "Cinderella", etc., are staged by the Chicago Junior League. A Century of Progress-- Chicago's 1933 World's Fair
Embassies In the East
Merrie England
An imperial vision
Ejército y milicias, unidos al grito de viva España! arriba España!
The Marshall Cavendish illustrated encyclopedia of World War II
Hidden in the pile
Suicidal honor
An American collection : paintings, drawings, and sculpture
Metropolitan places
Light and darkness
East Asian art and American culture
16 c areers in art
Cleveland School of Art, 1942-1943
The Grand Central School of Art
Nitobe Inazô
The Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art
The School of the Portland Art Association
Catalogue of the Summer School of the Art Institute of Chicago
1935, Summer School
Scott Carbee School of Art
Fi fty American prints, 1933-1938
The great hill stations of Asia
[Bernarr Macfadden physical culture photographs]
El discurso de la escenografía
Scots in Burma
Elsner nöi divat áruház
Christmas greetings
The d’Anethan dispatches from Japan, 1894-1910
Centro Asturiano de la Habana
Down & out in the Great Depression
The ordeal of Oliver Airdale, or, To the dogs and back
How to visit Rome and its environs
Trolley trips through southern New England
Cotton in my sack
Arthur Wesley Dow (1857-1922)
The philosophy of modern art
After the election what next?
For the interior painting and decorating of the roof trusses and roofing of the main exhibition building
The Joads in New York
The great sit-down strike
Old Rangoon
Rough pencillings of a rough trip to Rangoon in 1846
The Grand Central School of Art
Fifty American prints, 1933-1938
Storm over bridges
Exciting experiences in the Japanese-Russian war
Commercial Art
Hamburg-American Line
The awakening of the East
Flying aces
Souvenir map of Honolulu and its street car service
Preliminary March 1952 reprint
Your Art School
Deck plan of Washington
Chateau Madrid : Perfumeria Fibah
S.S. United States
From West to East
View South on Plaza de Panama, pipe organ in distance, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, 1915
The Harry Bentley Bradley American automotive design innovator coloring book
Theodore W. Pietsch II (1912-1993) and the development of automobile design in the golden age
Le mur
Detroit Soap Co's Queen Anne soap. The best family soap in the world
The magic of Miami Beach
The brittle decade
Gran circo Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey : programa souvenir palacio de los deportes
[Collection of 78 original black & white photographs from the collection of Marius Boyer, architect from Liège, Belgium, made during a meeting of architects organized by L'Architecture d'aujourd'hui in Moscow and Kharkov in the Soviet Union, and Warsaw, Poland, September 1932, some of which were used in issue no. 8 (Nov. 1932), p. 49-96
Puch-Excelsior Motorpflug
The new S.S. United States
Morrison of Peking
S.S. America
S.S. America
Ministère de l'agriculture et du ravitaillement
Children and the depression
Desc riptive plan of the new S.S. America
The picture story of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
The flight of an empress
A nation of strangers
The boxer rebellion
Tyršovo sokolstvo v Americe : 100. výrocí narození Dra. Miroslava Tyrše, spoluzakladatele Sokola
La arquitectura colonial cubana
Massacre in Shansi
The Yangtze valley and beyond
Kenneth D Shoesmith and Royal Mail
La rénovation scénique en France
Highlights = Høydepunkter
My reminiscences
Die physiologie der malerei, Pawel Filonow in den 1920er jahren = Pavel Filonov in the 1920s, the physiology of painting
George Grosz
[Photographic of Franz Liszt in later years]
China of to-day, or, The yellow peril
Corbin varju, egér, üszök ellen
O modernismo em minas - o Salao de 1936
Contemporary American furniture
S.S. United States: cabin class deck plan
United States Lines passenger fares
La Città di Abaco
Je lis avec plaisir
[Man kissing woman on lips]
Women who work
Panama Pacific Line
Art deco and modernist ceramics
Adolph Gottlieb
Da Baroni a Piacentini
Nicky D. from L.I.C
The Cubanola glide
Esposizione di Milano, 1906
The young worker
Famous war correspondents
Fair management
Advertising layout
Las tropas Marroquíes
The government years at the Battle Creek Federal Center
The effective management of volunteer programs
[Portrait of young girl with short hair wearing big white hat]
On the great highway
Catalogus van boeken
The Harlem renaissance
Trouwe harten
Naaml. Venn. Stoomdrukkery "De Fakkel" v/h B. v. Mantgem
Marx, Engels, and Lenin
Merchant ships of the world in color, 1910-1929
Notes of a war correspondent
Dick Tracy
Historic White Star liners
What is propaganda?
Fibel für die deutsche Jugend
Art treasures in Italy
Kingswell, war correspondent
[Couple kissing]
Christopher Dresser
Libro comemorativo de la inauguración de la Plaza del Maine en la Habana /por Emeterio S. Santovenia = Memorial book of the inauguration of the Maine Plaza at Havana
A year from a reporter’s note-book
Limousin, Marche, Quercy, Périgord
Defining Russian graphic arts
Things I have seen in war
Official descriptive and illustrated catalogue
De historie van Floris en Blanchefloer
A new novel by a renowned author, Chains by Henri Barbusse, author of 'Under fire', etc
Something luxuriously new
Schnurzug in der Zeichnung
Bridges that changed the world
100 ideas for presents for men
The tin-pot foreign general and the old iron woman
The lion and the unicorn
[Greyhound Race Track Scrapbook, 1939]
It's easier to make a million than a hundred thousand
With pen and brush in eastern lands when I was young
[South African War album, 1901
Kritiek van beeldende kunsten en kunstnijverheid
La Charte du Travail
Csak Paukerhez menjünk vásárolni!
I'll lick any two huns
Why the new Kelvinator is quiet!
Neuerscheinung 1929
Resorts in Canadian Pacific Rockies
Ralph Norton and the Norton Gallery of Art
[Woman holding vase with yellow flowers]
Schnurstrickerei [sic]
Frank Lloyd Wright
Einfarbige Holzschnitt
Wille und Macht
Views at Touws River, Cape Colony, S. Africa
Use Day's soap
Entrata principale
De kunstwereld
Skleneny havelok [The glass havelock]
[H.M.H. South Africa, 1899-1902
Rhinocéros féroce
1931 Concurso de la Moda del Abanico
Antiques for the table
Deutsches Reich
Encounters with the 30s
Louis Henry Sullivan
Ireland's holy places
Modern art in America
Aan B.W. Wierink van Th. Molkenboer
[Pho tograph of Carl G. Fisher, ca. 1929]
Grand Coulee Dam and Columbia Basin irrigation project
Aroldo Bonzagni
[Profile of blonde woman holding a fan with pink and red flower design]
[South African War photographs, 1900-1902
Holmes & Co. famous English biscuits. 219 Fulton St., N.Y
Federico Tesio
A time of silence
Il Prefetto della Provincia di Belluno
Atelier de Broyage à l'Exposition Universelle de 1900
Jan Vermeer
L'opera pittorica di Giovanni Battista Crema
Art in revolt, Germany 1905-25
Fascist modernities
Montagnards polonais de Zakopane (mont Tatra dans les Carpathes Polonaises)
Eyes right! The army of to-day
Remember us...at home ; Trocadero Rum Distillery, P.O. Box 907, Havana, Cuba
[South Africa, 1900-1901
Winter draws on
Memoria del plan de obras del gobierno del Dr. Ramón Grau San Martín
Travel by sea
Mediterranean, France
Information for visitors to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, 1915
Herbert Bayer
Soars above them all
Meeting of the Atlantic & Pacific
World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago
World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago
World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago
World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago
World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago
World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago
David S. Brown & Co., soap makers & perfumers. Miss Langtry the Jersey Lily
Festalbum = album souvenir
Taylor's premium cologne
Cruise travel magazine
Ye Olde Curiosity Shop
Ten years of integral land-reclamation under the Mussolini act
Swift's washing powder
Affonso Eduardo Reidy
A semana de 22
The real triumph of Japan
A history of Mt. Mitchell and the Black Mountains
Under the dragon flag
Japan and the Japan mission of the Church Missionary Society
Verbeck of Japan
Laura Lee Linder, Fine Leather Division, Eaton Paper Corporation, Pittsfield, Mass
From Libau to Tsushima
Feliz ano
Architecture en uniforme
Rio que desaparece
Les arts sous l'occupation
An American missionary in Japan
Fran klin D. Roosevelt
Commerce and Industry Building, San Diego Panama-California Exposition
Depression era art deco glass
Thirty years in Moukden, 1883-1913
Aanleeren van vreemde talen door zelfonderricht methode
Give me all of you : waltz song
The ugly duckling
Paul Renner
La cité jardin
The secret memoirs of Count Tadasu Hayashi, G. C. V. O
Konstnärernas hus
Morro Castle, Havana, Cuba
From Tokyo to Tiflis
Pán podruhe upada
Makers of Japan
Radio news
American paintings VII, 1994
Akron Willkie for President Club
Souvenir program
Axe the Axis
Zhitie protopopa Avvakuma, im samim napisannoe
Real heroes
Ivan Velikii
Death penalty demanded
The new Far East
A secret agent in Port Arthur
Esposiz. Roma 1911 (Piazza d'Armi) : Padiglione Siciliano
Executed work and drawings from the office of Charles Wellford Leavitt & Son
The war in the Far East, 1904-1905
Albert Pinkham Ryder
Historic preservation in Seattle
Hugo Gellert
The New York artist
La Guerre!!
Antonín Procházka
Fran klin D. Roosevelt
What Roosevelt's Administration gave to our country
The Russian navy in the Russo-Japanese war
Bulgarian graphic art
Before Port Arthur in a destroyer
International exhibition, 1876
My naval career and travels
Signs and portents in the Far East
The architecture of oppression
The intellectual life of the British working classes
Science and Education Building, Corner Prado and Plaza de Panama
United States Treasury Department Victory Loan
And I thought I knew something about business
The cruise of Her Majesty's ship "Bacchante," 1879-1882
Lautz Bro's & Co's Acme soap cut full pound
Seven days in Berlin
The home front
Erotic art of the masters
Sweden, Dalsland
A ramble round the world, 1871
Hamburger Hochbahn
Paris 1937
Doering'sche Buch- u. Kunstdruckerei, Kunstprägeanstalt
War savings certificates
Das hohe Ufer
Modern housing in town and country
The Hy-Rib handbook
Album de oro de la República dominicana
Co-operative publicity in Great Britain : La publicite cooperative en Grande Bretagne
Il Poliziano
Pursuit type
Proceedings of the County Board of Supervisors, October 5, 1840-April 2, 1849
Johnstown in New York State's Mohawk Valley
Mr. Peanut bookmark : greetings from Norfolk, Va
Portfolio of work from Bouché, Saalburg, Henry
An admiral’s yarns
La radiophonie en Indochine
Canadian Pacific Railway at the world's fair, Chicago, 1893, Transportation Building
Les fetiches a la mode
New Haven made goods
Parks and recreational areas of South Carolina
The new Cunarder, Aurania
Cruise business review
The land of the boxers, or, China under the allies
Kraftwerk und Stausee von Mühleberg in ihrer Entstehung
Dear Major Lee. I have just heard that I have again offended the unwritten law of censorship
Nederlandsche almanak voor
Modern war
Catalogus van gebonden boeken en plaatwerken
[Ethiopian warrior children bowing down before an Italian child in uniform and pith helmet holding up the Italian flag]
Thrifty homemakers know Kelvinator economy
Artes plásticas na Semana de 22
Pioneers of avant-garde design
Louis Bonnier, 1856-1946
The making of Miami Beach, 1933-1942
Around the world through Japan
The hot summer sun tans and burns the skin. Wool soap is refreshing and healthful, a necessary part of 'my lady's' toilet
Arch of Triumph, Paris
The cruise of the "St. George," R.Y.S
Eaton's Highland linen
L'ar che de Noé
Le riz d'Indochine
A travers la France
The largest fan store in the city, 79 O'Reilly St
[U.S. Army Air Forces officer standing at ease in front of a mural of a palm tree with a couple of coconuts by his feet]
William H. Seward’s travels around the world
The rise of the nouveaux riches
The power of film propaganda
The travels of Ellen Cornish
What do you want to make those eyes at me for
The cruise of Her Majesty’s ship "Challenger"
Restaurante Floridita : cuna del daiquiri : Cuba
Sunny lands and seas
Renaissance architecture and ornament in Spain
Sunny lands and seas : a voyage in the SS. 'Ceylon' : notes made during a fie month's tour in India--the Straits settlements--Manila--China--Japan--the Sandwich Islands--and California / by Hugh Wilki
The voyage of the frigate Pallada
The Atlantic Millennium
American beauty
We accuse!
The Soviets and the individual
[Child in aristocratic attire clandestinely passing a letter to another child seated in a Venetian gondola at night]
Hello Central! Give me no man's land
Finland welcomes you
Patio in Science and Arts Building
Dark of the moon : the playbill for the Forty-Sixth Street Theatre
Kérjünk mindenütt Czinner szalámit!
Antiques in Tennessee
Het Houtsnijwerk
The story of Washington-Wilkes
C.R. Mackintosh
Closing sale at the Centennial grounds, Fairmount Park, by order of the Centennial Board of Finance. Thomas & Sons, Auctioneers
Georg Jensen Silver
Hit the mark!
The pocket guide to architecture
Grundlagen & Entwicklung der Architektur
Eric Gill in Yorkshire
American country houses of today
Porte d'Honneur et Section Metropolitaine
Antonia Campi
Algérie, pavillon coté sud Algérien
Section Tunisienne, un coin des Souks : V. Valensi, Architecte D. P. L. G
Use "Baby's Own Soap."
Palais de L'A. O. F., une perspective de la rue de Djenne
Porte d'Honneur et Section Metropolitaine
Avenue des Colonies vers la Porte de Reuilly
Palais de L'A. O. F., le restaurant et sa piece d'eau
Palais de L'A. O. F., le lac, les terrasses du restaurant, le palais
Section Metropolitaine, palais est
The sunrise kingdom, or, Life and scenes in Japan
La Marseillaise
In peace and war in Japan
Ocean ferry
The heart of Japan
Sea history
The Titanic commutator
Clyde-Mallory Lines
The Yankees of the East
Grandpa's town
Human bullets
Ships in focus record
Van kind tot vrouw
Empires and emperors of Russia, China, Korea and Japan
Chiefly the Orient
The Lace Store
Recollections of a Boer prisoner-of-war at Ceylon
[Woman in a black coat standing with a small dog by her side]
Beauty as duty
The surgeon's log
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, der Olympiaort, 1936
They shall not die!
Life of Admiral of the fleet Sir Arthur Knyvet Wilson
The historical society Inc
Artists of Hawaii
With the conquered Turk
African tribal sculptures
The Titanic 90 years on: 13-14 April 2002
Art History Museum, Vienna
Side-tracks and bridle-paths
Histoire d'un traitre
Terug naar het vaderhuis
Moderne Raumkunst
The flight of the Lapwing
Dansen en rhytmen
Cerveza Polar : clara especial
Horse, foot, and dragoons
With the Peshawar column
Please touch my daddy's star again
Voor den nieuwen tijd : opstellen
Showa 10 nen 4 gatsu Manshukoku Koteiheika Goraihou Jikkyou daiippou
Days we celebrate
Patriotic songs
Audacity! More audacity! Always audacity!
The results of the first Five-Year Plan
Oceanic art
Guide to Pergamum
Les "victoires" des Allies et la realite
Memories of the south seas cruise, October 11 - December 17, 1973
CILACC documentation anticommuniste
The song they sing as they march along
America, I love you
A tiny bunch of violets from No-man's land
The marines' hymn /arranged by A. Tregina, U.S. Marine Band
[Experience of a siege
Take the axe to the Axis
Lemon City
Mich ele Oka Doner
Pavillon des Pays-Bas
Habana Perfectos : Labels
A place in the sun
Inde francaise
Merchants & Miners Line : North to Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, through fares to all points North
Pavillon de la Compagnie du Canal de Suez, Maurice Gras, Arch., D.P.L.G
Achse Berlin-Roma
Defend your country
Use Lautz Bro's and Co's soap
Shopping your way through Southern Europe
Real soldiers of fortune
The forbidden forest
Zum neuen Jahre die besten Glückwünsche = Lashana Tova Tikateyvu!
Human bullets (niku-dan)
Kansas Salt Co., Hutchinson, Kansas. "R.S.V.P." table salt
Chateaux of the Loire
Eastern Cruise Lines
The 4 aces deck plans
Helden in Afrika
Drive your car to Cuba, Havana : passenger and automobile ferry
Soviet economic development since 1917
Conférence Européene des Horaires, Paris, 13-14 Juin, 1900
This is Miami Beach!
Adventures ashore & afloat
The Chicago manual of style
Park Hotel, Shanghai
A. G. Santagata
Der Feldzug in Norwegen, vom 9. April bis 10. Juni 1940
A. G. Santagata
A. G. Santagata
A. G. Santagata
A. G. Santagata
Aldo Rossi, buildings and projects
A. G. Santagata
A. G. Santagata
A. G. Santagata
A. G. Santagata
Album van Haarlem
A. G. Santagata
L'h orizon inconnu
Ile de France
La Casa Madre dell'Associazione naz. mutilati e invalidi in Roma
La Casa Madre dell'Associazione naz. mutilati e invalidi in Roma : Carlo Delcroix (marmo di A. G. Santagata)
La Casa Madre dell'Associazione naz. mutilati e invalidi in Roma : Giulio Giordani (marmo dello scultore A. Wildt)
Writing on papers
La Casa Madre dell'Associazione naz. mutilati e invalidi in Roma : Fulcieri Paulucci de' Calboli (marmo dello scultore A. Wildt)
Liberté : deck plan, cabin class
Socialt boligbyggeri
La Casa Madre dell'Associazione naz. mutilati e invalidi in Roma
Asociación Alicia Alonso pro ballet en Cuba
Wool soap
Charles Baillairgé
Motorists guide, Yellowstone National Park, 1938
La Casa Madre dell'Associazione naz. mutilati e invalidi in Roma
La Casa Madre dell'Associazione naz. mutilati e invalidi in Roma
Hope among us yet
Cruise deck plan, S.S. Liberté
Ford cars for 1940
Christelijke kunst
Ile de France
Märt Laarman, 22.II 1896-18.IV 1979
La Florida, bar - restaurant
Winslow Homer
Pictures of many wars
Henri Rousseau
New Zealand architecture
La Casa Madre dell'Associazione naz. mutilati e invalidi in Roma : (Arch. M. Piacentini) : gruppo in bronzo di coronamento della facciata (Scultore G. Prini)
La Casa Madre dell'Associazione naz. mutilati e invalidi in Roma (Arch. M. Piacentini) : sala della presidenza: "La fine del Gigante" (pittore C. E. Oppo)
La Casa Madre dell'Associazione naz. mutilati e invalidi in Roma : (Arch. M. Piacentini) : la grande aula delle adunate: porta di bronzo (Scultore P. Morbiducci)
Entsiklopedicheskii slovar'
La Casa Madre dell'Associazione naz. mutilati e invalidi in Roma : Lo Scalone d'Onore : (Arch. Marcello Piacentini)
I segni della rinascita nazionale: La Casa Madre dell'Associazione naz. mutilati e invalidi in Roma : Il Prospetto : (Arch. Marcello Piacentini)
San Francisco's wildflower
The navy as I have known it
The Sydney Harbour Bridge and City Railway
[Elegant woman in gold dress sitting back smoking a cigarette]
Conte de fees
Flandre : first class, deck plan
Lavoratori italiani venite in Germania, vi troverete tranquillità, ordine e le migliori condizioni. Per i lavori in Germania si possono presentare anche i richiamati delle classi 1923-1924-1925
Flandre : tourist class, deck plan
Flandre, Antilles : deck plan, first, cabin, tourist classes
Entrée de l'Avenue des Concessions. Ruines de l'Entrée latérale de la Section Belge
Fifty years in a changing world
Duden français
Gay New York
Modern threads
In many parts
Keep calm and carry on
World's fair buildings, 1893
Come on papa
We don't want the bacon, what we want is a piece of the Rhine!
Your lips are No Man's Land but mine
I don't want to get well
I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier
Three wonderful letters from home
Break the news to mother
Homeward bound
Homeward bound
You're as welcome as the flowers in May
Vers une communauté-de-travailleurs internationale
[The Flamingo Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida]
Modelli d'arte decorativa
Cunard Line
Cunard Line
Schema de Marseille, capitale impériale de la plus grande France
Cunard Line
Cunard Line : R.M.S. "Queen Mary" ; Cruise Plan
Cunard Line : R.M.S. "Queen Elizabeth" ; plan of first class accommodation
Cunard Line : R.M.S. "Queen Elizabeth" ; plan of Cabin class accommodations
Cunard Line : R.M.S. "Queen Elizabeth" ; plan of Tourist class accommodations
Cunard Line : R.M.S. "Queen Elizabeth" ; Cruise Plan
Memories of a blue-jacket, 1872-1918
Satire on stone
Gustav Klimt
The early work of Aubrey Beardsley
The Lysistrata of Aristophanes
[Ministero delle Forze A[rmate], Sottosegretariato di stato per la marina corpo equipaggi maritimi
The later work of Aubrey Beardsley
The Yellow book
Action de capital de 100 Francs au porteur
The artist in New York
Sticks and stones :a study of American architecture and civilization /Lewis Mumford
French spas
New horizons in American art
Galileo Chini e l'Oriente
Zorach explains sculpture
With the flag to Pretoria
Derde Jaarverslag (MCMII- MCMIV) van den Katholieken kunstkring
The life and art of Florine Stettheimer
Federal art in Cleveland, 1933-1943
Ransburg M. és fia, Arad, Bortelmelök és Bornagykereskedök
Competition for the New York Court House, MCMXIII
Artists say the silliest things
The Nazi Olympics
Parish churches
Cunard Line : R.M.S. Mauretania ; First Class Accommodation Plan
Aixafem el feixisme
Cunard Line : R.M.S. Mauretania ; plan of Cabin class accommodations
Cunard Line : R.M.S. Mauretania ; plan of Tourist class accommodations
Cunard Line : M.V. Britannic ; Plan of First Class Accommodation
Cunard Line : Temporary Plan of Britannic; Tourist class accommodations
Cunard Line : R.M.S. Scythia ; Plan of First Class Accommodation
Cunard Line : R.M.S. Scythia : Plan of Tourist Accommodation
De drie dochters van Pieter Waldorp
La guerra civil en 2000 carteles
Let us now praise famous men
Salzburg Archiv
R.M.S. Andes; Royal Mail Lines to South America+
Marseilles white soap
Merchant Navy Week, Southampton July 17th to 24th, 1937
Album souvenir de Lourdes vues photographiques en couleurs
The films of Ginger Rogers
African-American art
Artists manual for silk screen print making
[Red Star Line]
Das Odol-Büchlein
The books of the fairs
Methods and techniques for gouache painting
Sternberg, Budapest
Prog ramme
Cincinnati sees it thru
Looking westward in El Prado from a Spanish balcony
The Indian frontier war
Picture framing
In der Maeusewelt
Tempera painting
Silk screen stenciling as a fine art
De schrijver Is. Querido
Due West, or, Round the world in ten months
Battery Park, Fortress Monroe, on Hampton Roads, Virginia
[LZ129 Hindenburg in construction inside hangar at Friedrichshafen, Germany]
Wanderings of a globe-trotter in the Far East
Francesca Bertini en Mi Pequeña Baby : comedia cinematográfica marca Caesar Film ; repertorio selecto de arte de Santos y Artigas
Efter Majrevolten
Around the world with General Grant
Rough on Rats. It clears out rats, mice, bed bugs, flies, roaches. 15¢ per box
The silk screen printing process
Cera mic screen printing
First-person America
Pain ters of the American scene
The commission of H.M.S. "Terrible," 1898-1902
Territoires Africains sous mandat de la France
Pottery in New Zealand
Race track, Havana, Cuba
Semi-tropic California
Les charpentiers de Paris
[Red-haired woman in a white dress set against a dark red background]
Križová cesta
Macfadden's encyclopedia of physical culture
Futurismo e Meridione
Les charpentiers de Paris
Life in Corea
Municipal auditorium by night, Kansas City, Mo
The orchestra promenade, municipal auditorium, Kansas City, Mo
Korean sketches
Katalog og Oslofører
Crociera aerea del decennale
Every-day life in Korea
Culzean castle
Shaped like a giant airplane, Italy's building is symbolically prophetic of the flight from Rome to Chicago of 24 Italian planes under General Balbo. A Century of Progress, Chicago's 1933 World's Fair
[Old women entering one gate and emerging from another young and rejuvenated]
Daybreak in Korea
Fred E. Myers
From native soil
The spirit of the city
For the greater good
The print collector's quarterly
For the sake of a single verse
Destin de Paris
Federal One
America's national theatre in the thirties
50th anniversary celebration
Take it away, Hollywood :transcript of the memorable coast-to-coast broadcast for WPA on Monday midnight, June 26, [1939]
20th anniversary USSR, 1917-1937
[Flash carts]
Homenaje a Alberto Beltrán (1923-2002)
With Tommy Tompkins in Korea
Opvoeding van gevangenen
Antonio y Cleopatra, Habana
La Corona Cabañas, cigars and cigarettes
Things Korean
The architecture of Red Vienna, 1919-1934
A scamper through the Far East
Time and circumstance
Earl y American Modernist painting, 1910-1935
The "Hitler myth"
The emperor's new clothes
The prison problem in Virginia
La visione del prisma
Diego Rivera y el cubismo
Visit the Marchant Calculating Machine Company exhibit at the New York World's Fair
The life of Isabella Bird (Mrs. Bishop)
Vacation days in Hawaii and Japan
Russian and Brazilian Building, Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal
Ministero Della Difesa Nazionale
A visit to Japan, China, and India
Dine in Detroit
I saw that
De kleine Johannes
The new Far West and the old Far East
The dust bowl through the lens
Korea & her neighbours
Looking at city planning
Modelli d'arte decorativa
Corea, the hermit nation
Chil dren of the Depression
The creed of half Japan
The swastika
55c : Nederland
Österreichische Adria-Ausstellung, Wien 1913
Korea and the old orders in eastern Asia
Le lever de la Parisienne
With stethoscope in Asia
Milano, 27 Dicembre, 1926, Cara Elvira
Nouvelles constructions avec bow-window, loggias, tourelles, avant-corps
The rural school plant for rural teachers and school boards, normal schools, teachers' training classes, rural extention bureaus
Vereeniging de Ambachtsschool gevestigd te Rotterdam
Roosevelt and the Russo-Japanese War
Tonio Kröger
The McCully report
The Japanese oligarchy and the Russo-Japanese War
Museums and American intellectual life, 1876-1926
Hrvatski politicki plakat, 1940-1950
With the Russians in Manchuria
Colonial sisters: Martha Berkeley & Theresa Walker
Arts and crafts of Mexico
With the Cossacks
Voices in the gallery
Manchuria and Korea
Lectures on the strategy of the Russo-Japanese war
News for buyers
Hitler’s beneficiaries
Sea-toll of our time
O brother man
The watch that ends the night
The man who sank Titanic
Gene ral Motors
Le Stazioni Marittime di Genova : The maritime stations of Genoa
Danish modern
[Portrait of couple on bench]
Luiza Baldan
Propaganda & dreams
The Centennial!
Tentoonstelling der nagelaten werken van Vincent van Gogh
With Russian, Japanese and Chunchuse
D. van Oordt en Co
Seas and lands
Japanese fairy tales
Nazism in central Germany
När tiden var ung
Ti tanic in photographs
[Nisshin, first class cruiser
The Abraham Lincoln Brigade
Racing through the night
Ventennale della Fiera di Milano, 1920-1939, 12-27 aprile
The philosophy of art of Karl Marx
Severini futurista
The man who was Vogue
O nás s námi, cili mudrogramy, aneb zdravím vás
Duffy's malt whiskey is the purest I have ever analyzed. If you have not tried it, why not? Druggists and grocers keep it
Hote l Baur au Lac Zurich
Exposition Coloniale Internationale, Paris, 1931
Les Salons d'Architecture Sociètè des Artistes Francais - Sociètè Nationale des Beaux-Arts Annèe 1921
Hamburg-Amerika Linie
Victor Higgins
The I.W.W. in theory and practice
Pavillon du Congo Belge / M. Lacoste, Arch. S.A.D.G
Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show on Earth
Time capsule, 1933
[Japanese Army officer, Siberian winter ice breaker ships
Spain organises for victory
Esp osizione universale di Bruxelles, aprile - ottobre 1935
A Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago
[Girl with bare back surrounded by flowers]
Everybody's magazine
Vojtech Sedlácek
Hote l Baur au Lac, Zurich
"Andes" and "Alcantara" to South America, Royal Mail Lines, Second Class
Het dorp Bergen
"Highland Brigade," "Highland Chieftain," "Highland Monarch," "Highland Princess"; Royal Mail Lines to South America+
Reina del Pacifico
Elco yacht at RCA Exhibit, New York World's Fair
Quaderno di [blank]
Finland travel map and facts
Chil dren of the Great Depression
Die aktion
SS Canberra of 1961
King cotton
Hepburn of Japan and his wife and helpmates
Parole e immagini futuriste dalla collezione Wolfson
Arte a palazzo
Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal. 1915
Horno 3
Gli argenti di Arrigo Finzi
The San Antonio Museum of Art
Take a seat
From the Eastern sea
The Women of Shin Hanga : The judith and Joseph Baker Collection of Japanese Prints
Was wollen die Nationalsozialisten?
The anatomy of design
Living downtown
"Continental" Kávé és tea áruház Budapest
T.S. S. Olympia, Greek Line
Pueblo, imperialismo
In memoriam
Ile de France : Tourist Class Deck Plan
Ladiszlaus iparmüvész, plakáttervezö, cégtáblafestö és szobafestö müterme
On board Airship Graf Zeppelin - Third day supper
You'r [sic] a sap, Mister Jap; we will avenge Pearl Harbor!
War and armament expenditures of Japan
Federico C., Linea "C", Giacomo Costa fu Andrea - Genoa
Japan, a record in colour
Furniture from the Hispanic Southwest
Federico C., Linea "C", Giacomo Costa fu Andrea - Genoa
Bianca C., Linea "C", Costa Line, Genoa
A pictorial survey of marquees
The north Pacific
Art of our century
Chocolat Klaus
The Royal Palm, Havana, Cuba
The China-Japan war compiled from Japanese, Chinese, and foreign sources
Peace now and forever
Japan of the Japanese
Catalogue of works of art in the art galleries of the Minneapolis Industrial Exposition, (fifth annual exhibit,) consisting of paintings from the leading American and European artists, water colors, pastels, etchings, marbles, and museum of antiquities
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Luminorama touristique
Reinventing the wheel
Sightseeing tour in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Jerash
Eugenio C, Linea "C", Giacomo Costa fu Andrea - Genoa
Living downtown : the history of residential hotels in the United States / Paul Groth
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Art of Our Century
Designmuseen der welt
Over Japan way
S.S. France : deck plan, first class
S.S. France : deck plan, tourist class
Eyes of the nation
Der Heilgruß
Here the country lies
A Ding Darling sampler
Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Ontario ; largest hotel in the British Empire
The housewares story
The Latin American spirit
The "car of the hour" is here!
Great inventions, good intentions
Jewelry by Artists
Deliberate speed
Highways and homes of Japan
Meet Latin gayety...old world charm in lovely light-hearted Cuba
Serge Mouille
Heroic Japan
Marc Held
From zero to sunshine
Russian constructivism
S. O. Bldg., S. D. fair
Ilf and Petrov’s American road trip
Wendell Castle
M asterpieces of American modernism
Ezhegodnik obshchestva arkhitektorov khudozhnikov =
Modernismo Paris anos 20
The making of Miami Beach, 1933-1942
Mythos Olympia
Romantici e macchiaioli
The Panama Canal
L’Ecole de Nancy : fleurs et ornements : "ma racine est au fond des bois" : Nancy, Musée de l’école de Nancy, 24 avril-26 juillet 1999
Messina : lungo mare = le quai de la mer = avenue along the sea
Messina : Basilica Cattedrale = La Cathedrale = The Basilic
Messina : Fontana Nettuno e Via Garibaldi = Fountaine de Neptune et Rue Garibaldi = Neptune's fountain and Garibaldi Street
Pirotski cilimi
Vladimir Lebedev
Il Tascabile
Arte moderno de México
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Allerlei aardige figuren met Fröbel's vlechtlatten
Agustin Lazo
Eight Genoese artists in San Francisco
Carmen pro invictis
The demographic policy of the fascist government
Jewelry by artists : in the studio, 1940 - 2000
Jewelry by artists in the studio, 1940-2000 / selections by Kelly L’Ecuyer
Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863) : paintings, drawings, and prints from North American collections
New York on the rise : architectural renderings by Hughson Hawley, 1880-1931
Anni Albers: selected writings on design / edited and with an introduction by Brenda Danilowitz ; foreword by Nicholas Fox Weber
Anni Albers : selected writings on design / edited and with an introduction by Brenda Danilowitz ; foreword by Nicholas Fox Weber
Nessuna Rappresaglia
La moda ; Fabrica de Tabacos Puros de la Vuelta Abajo, garantizados por Juan Barill, Habana
Crociera aerea del decennale
Crociera aerea del decennale
Crociera aerea del decennale
Les Etablissements Antoine Chiris dans le monde
Les drapeaux des États-Unis
Offs et-Rotationsmaschinen = Offset machines rotatives = Offset máquinas rotativas = Offset rotary presses
Crociera aerea del decennale
Crociera aerea del decennale
Raoul Hausmann
La Nation Bretonne
William Nicholson
Van de Rotte tot de Schelde
Am a eo beziet Breiz : Resurrection
Columbus C, Linea "C", Giacomo Costa fu Andrea - Genoa
Crociera aerea Italia-Sud-America, Dic. 1930-Genn. 1931-IX
Folding post card views of the Jewel City
Jean Mermoz : Compagnie de navigation Fraissinet & Cyprien Fabre
Havana Cuban tours
Letters to Phil
The Italian pavilion
Árkád Bazár
Russian thinkers
Onze dichters
1930, Anno IX
Felicidades 1950 : H. la leña roja tarda pero...llega!
Crociera aerea transatlantica, Italia-Brasile, 1930, Anno IX
Crociera aerea transatlantica, Italia-Brasile, 1930, Anno IX
1930, Anno IX
Roma, Chicago, New York, Roma
Crociera aerea del decennale, Roma, Chicago, New York, Roma, 1933-XI
Ein Rätsel und ein Wunder der Geschichte
Crociera aerea del decennale, Roma, Chicago, New York, Roma, 1933-XI
Crociera aerea del decennale, 1933-XI
An introduction to a history of woodcut
Crociera aerea del decennale, 1933-XI, Roma, Chicago, New York, Roma
A history of graphic design
New York to Nassau, Miami, Havana
Dekorative Kunst
Tower of the Sun
[Pan-American Exposition, 1901]
Machinery building
New York State building
World war II Propaganda: The Art of Persuasion
Electric Tower
Osaka-Okinawa kouro Shinzosen Hajoumaru Soutonsu 4711 tons
Reina del Mar : The Pacific Steam Navigation Company
Soviets in Spain
Secret bulletin
La Compañia Alemana Transatlántica de Electricidad
Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen, Die neue touristenklasse auf den schnelldampfern : Bremen , Europa
Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen, Die neue drytte klasse auf den schnelldampfern : Bremen , Europa
The Norway: Sail on the World's largest cruise ship for the ultimate Caribbean vacation
Toilers of land and sea
Again no. 1 -- SS "Norway": the documentation for the conversion of the biggest passenger ship in the world from September 3rd till October 2nd, 1990, at the Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven GmbH
Andrea C
Anna C, Andrea C, Linea "C", Europa Sud America, Costa Line, Genoa
The story of Japanese soldiers in our country, Dec. 1941-Aug. 1945
Le Palais des Machines, Exposition Universelle de 1889
L'importtion, le sciage et le rabotage des bois du nord dans les ports francais
Anna C, Andrea C, Linea "C", Europa Sud America, Costa Line, Genoa
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1805-2005
Oriental ceramic art
Le vie dell'aria
History of the Panama canal
The Eastern seas
Home owners' catalogs
United States
Philippine Islands: "Manila"
Italy: "Florence"
Germany: "Wurtemberg"
Sweden: "Dalarne"
Switzerland: "Soleure"
China: "Amoy"
France: "Boulogne-Sur-Mer"
Ocean liners
Piroscafo "Colombo" : Comandante Cap. Cav. Poggi Giobatta ; elenco dei passeggeri di classe unica
Plan of the Panama Pacific Liner Pennsylvania
Selected works
Vondels bekering
On short leave to Japan
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
De last
[Stylish woman with hand on her hip holding a red flower hanging from tree]
Jan Tschichold
Kern and Tulare Counties Building, San Juaquin Valley Building at left
The centennial board of finance vs. Joseph Patterson, et. al
Der Führer im befreiten Marburg
By Nippon’s lotus ponds
King Mongkut and Queen Victoria
Billy Rose's aquacade
Havana, Cuba
Forward with Roosevelt
Pict ure story of Franklin D. Roosevelt
Dragons and cherry blossoms
The National Cash Register is adapted to all classes of retail business. The World's Columbian Exposition adopted the National Cash Register for the use of concessionaires in preference to all other cash systems
Home is the sailor
[Hamburg-Atlantic Line]
Rund Um Die Welt
[New Zealand Shipping Company]
Gli ebrei nella storia di Genova
Quaderno di [blank]
Het Pottenbakken
Blut und Boden
Japan & the Japanese
At the San Diego Panama-California Exposition all the year 1915
Lips : Coffre-forts installations de banque serrures de surete
Eindelijk verlost
30 Jahre Volksdienst-Soldatenwohl
Aviation, Industrie Aeronautique, Navigation Aerienne
"Les Laitons"
H. Th. Wijdeveld
Paq uebot Cote D'Azur : service Caais-Douvres, 1951
Transformation du papier : Usines Mazerand , Cirey-sur Vezouze, Blamont, Paris
Viking Cruises
Katalog periodicheskikh izdanii, 1929
A woman alone in the heart of Japan
Ethiopia in wartime
This land, this nation
Use Golden Star soap
D.D. Mallory & Co. : packers of the celebrated diamond brand of raw oysters, Baltimore, M.D
Guide to modern Japanese woodblock prints
A report by Mr. C.R. Ashbee to the Council of the National Trust for places of historic interest and natural beauty, on his visit to the United States in the Council's behalf. October, MDCCCC, to February, MDCCCCI
Captain of the Queens
J.A. Loeber Jr
An English girl in Tokyo
The games we played
Een Kaffersche heldin
Aladdin en de wonderlamp
SS France - Miniature Deck Plan
Manifesti : Posters
Pulp art
Dos miradas al Fascismo
Merry Christmas S.S. Argentina, Moore-McCormack Lines
The exclusive Grace cruise route, between New York and California visiting en route Colombia* Panama* El Salvador* Guatemala* Mexico and eastbound, Havana
Vue d'ensemble, prise du Trocadero
Vue d'ensemble, prise de la rive gauche
Az Országos Magyar Iparmüvészeti Társulat 19__ évi kiálitása alkalmából kiállitott ____ elkészitésénél ____ közremüködött ____ kiváló munkájáért elismerésem jeléül 200 koronás jutalomdíjat adományozok. Budapest, 19 évi hó -n. Kereskedelemügyi M. Kir. minister [sic]
The embodiment of the national in late nineteenth-century Mexican painting
Culture wars in Brazil
Hungary and the Hungarians
Images at war
Informal empire
With weapons and wits
The effects of the nation
Work crappy? Jap happy
Propaganda prints
The art of influence
City-wide studies
Comic art propaganda :a graphic history /Fredrik Strömberg
Report of the State board of Centennial managers to the governor
Art on board the S/S Michelangeloa and S/S Raffaello
Art on board S/S Michelangelo and S/S Raffaello
North of the Danube
The Hudson River and its painters
Esplanade des Invalides, vue prise du pont Alexandre
Lieder eines bösen Buben
Mast er paintings in The Art Institute of Chicago
Mast erpieces of American painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
The chief
The fantastic paintings of Charles & William Heath Robinson
Thomas Anshutz, artist and teacher
No, Adolf, there's no such animal as an Aryan! No, Hermann, there's no such things as a Super-race! No, mister, there's no place in America for you!
The decorative arts of the mariner
Homenaje a Leonardo Velázquez
Love above all and other drawings
Tam O'Shanter Inn
Everett Shinn, 1876-1953
Hist ory of modern art
The drawings of Paul Cézanne
35 miles per hour, until victory
Holland-America Line : preliminary accommodation plan, first class: S.S. Rotterdam, No. 1, January, 1959
Holland-America Line : preliminary accommodation plan, tourist class: S.S. Rotterdam, No. 1, January, 1959
Old mistresses
S.S. Rotterdam Cruise Plan
The emergence of an American art
All things new
Types from city streets
Journalism versus art
My reminiscences as a cowboy
What is modern painting?
The Brooklyn Museum :American paintings :a complete illustrated listing of works in the museum's collection
American prints
In Overbrook, nearly everybody reads the Beacon
Preliminary Accommodation Plan First and Tourist Class S.S. Statendam, March, 1957
S.S. Oceanic, 39,141 tons, 7-day LingerLonger Cruises with 2 days & nights in Sunny Nassau, every week Spring thru Autumn 1972
1954 Sun-Way Cruises to the West Indies and South America
The technique of fresco painting /by Gardner Hale ; with additional chapters prepared from Mr. Hale's notes by Shaemas O'Sheel and a preface by José Clemente Orozco
Scissors Sam say be sharp
Milk and eggs
Illustrations (three hundred and thirty-six engravings) from the Art Gallery of the World’s Columbian Exposition
U.S. Shipping Board
About Paris
Bon Voyage: MS Italia, Home Lines
The Whitney Studio Club and American art, 1900-1932
T.S.M.V Italia Passenger Accommodation Plan
Gualtiero Nativi
Wyoming narrative report, Works Progress Administration, October 21, 1936 to November 20, 1936
The butter battle book
Joe Colombo
[Italian, German, and Japanese boys in soldier uniforms marching to London over English boy soldiers with bombed out buildings in the background]
[Italian, German, and Japanese boys in soldier uniforms kicking English boy soldiers' asses out of Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean, and Asia with Axis flags in the background]
[Young boys in German and Italian uniforms ride in a vehicle in the shape of the Italian fasci with Nazi symbols for wheels driving toward victory with English and Greek boy soldiers left crying in the dust.]
The Magnificent MS Victoria, Accommodation Plan, Incres Line Luxury Cruises
The Luxury World of the SS Argentina and SS Brasil: America's Newest Cruise Liners
SS Brasil: Northlands Spring Cruise to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Scotland, England, Ireland
Europe-Canada Line, Plan, M.V. Seven Seas
S.S. Malolo, room plan
Ile de France: New York, Plymouth, Le Havre
Les fils de l'ombre
"Ile-De-France" Visitors' Guide, French Line
Seaf ari aboard MV Aureol, Elder Dempster Lines
M.V. "Accra" & "Apapa, " Accommodation Plan
Gustav Kluzis, 1895-1944
West Indies Cruises 1929-1930 Canadian Pacific
Mostra ferroviaria
[Thomas C. Ragan Collection of line voyage and cruise brochures]
Traditional woodblock prints of Japan
Terriff's Rose Violet soap made by Wolverine Siao Co., Portland, Mich
A dictionary of Japanese artists
De ploeg
The Japanese tattoo
Cent ans de tourisme en Bretagne, 1840-1940
The battle of the Sea of Japan
Fifth Avenue Building, New York
Les ravis
Builders of the Republic
Cristoforo Colombo/Andrea Doria, Italian Line
La pena di morte
The United States in the Far East, or, Modern Japan and the Orient
Anuário de Macau
Constantin Brancusi
Alejandro Bustillo, arquitecto, 1889-1982
A type of Army beach landing
The Porthole
Is the Good Neighbor policy a success?
Unrest, 1931
The MooreMack News
Uit verre landen
Menu, La Bodeguita del Medio, Habana, Cuba
View from pier, Jamestown Exposition, 1907
[C.H.P. sketches, Somaliland 1887
Panama Limited
Dimensions of the Americas
Sea lines : the magazine of the Ocean Liner Society
Gen. Italo Balbo
Josef Frank, architect and designer
Repubblica Romana (sullemura)
Porta Pia, 1870
Ondergeteekende is van plan om in het einde van November a.s. een 6-tal lithographien uit te geven onder de titel "Dierstudies"
The Far Eastern question
Die Schweiz in Waffen
Danae - Linea "C", Giacomo Costa Armatori S.p.A. - Genoa
Africa explores
Albert Speer
Here comes the navy
Marsden Hartley and Nova Scotia
Kesa and Saijiro, or, Lights and shades of life in Japan
Roseraie Luxembourgeoise : (A. van Wervecke, Arch.)
One thing leads to another
Pavillon d' Italie et du Tourisme : (Prof. A. Brasini Arch.)
[Glamour girl wearing brown top holding purple flowers]
Kentaur patent
The Mistress of vision
La fontaine du jardin de la ville de Paris : (Roux-Splitz, Arch. Martial sculpt.)
Mao zhu xi yu lu
Jardin de la ville de Paris : (Lapatre, Arch.)
Cunard round the world 1935
Catalogue des livres de F.-L. Schmied
The Mensendieck system of functional exercises
The bon voyage book
USSR in construction
The world's greatest war
Ornament-ontwerpen voor iedereen
Wreck and sinking of the Titanic
Gordon's print price annual, 1998
Sinking of the "Titanic," most appalling ocean horror
Sinking of the Titanic and great sea disasters
El siglo XX en la mirada de Antonio Arias Bernal
World cruise of the Red Star Line, S. S. Belgenland
Het " Ezelken"
Drugi rocznik Stowarzyszenia Architektów Polskich = Second yearbook of the Society of Polish Architects = Second annuaire de la Societé des Architectes Polonais = Zweites jahrbuch des Vereins Polnischer Architekten
Sonnenaufgang am Kenya
The Heisey animals etc. Book II
Las artes y la arquitectura italiana en la Argentina
Art hand-book : sculpture, architecture, painting
Shenzhen Splendid China miniature scenic spot
Commissariat Général
Toward their tomorrow
Foundry fabriek
The Titanic's last hero
The Pacific navigators
Sea breezes
Fondscatalogus van C.A.J. van Dishoeck ; uitgever te Bussum
The National Industrial Recovery Act
American Churches
Uncle Walt
The Windjammers
Axel Haig and the Victorian vision of the Middle Ages
Cherchez la femme
Atlantic coast resorts
Liberal Arts Building, Pan-Am. Expo. : Niagara, Canadian side
Master detective
Der Führer macht Geschichte, 1938
Lithuanian folk art
La Zaragozana, Restaurant - Bar : welcome to our visitors, 1830
Ken Marschall's art of Titanic
Detective fiction weekly
Popular detective
Greatest detective cases
Bonyhádi csemege teavaj
Ideal love
Hungarian artists
Best western magazine
Famous fantastic mysteries
See what I mean?
Louise Nevelson
Murder for what?
Havana nights
Modeled in murder
Murder on safari
Detective fiction
Dwellers in the mirage
The lady is afraid
[American Hawaii Cruises]
Travel stories and pictures
Greetings from the Mexico exhibit at the Golden Gate International Exposition, 1940
Wyoming narrative report, Works Progress Administration, August 21, 1936 to September 20, 1936
Orientalism transposed
Fifth avenue at Miramar, Havana, Cuba
Last dinner on the Titanic
Het Roomsche kerkgebouw
Il Museo Mario Praz
SO S to the rescue
Cristo Redentor
Ti tanic
Exploring the Titanic
Titanic : the untold story
Thomas Andrews, voyage into history : Titanic secrets revealed thru the eyes of her builder
Doggett of Springfield
Journey to Titanic
Return to Titanic
Titanic - the Norfolk survivors
Exploring the Lusitania
Lost voices from the Titanic
Tamara de Lempicka, 1898-1980
Who sailed on Titanic?
Titanic victims in Halifax graveyards
The loss of the S.S. Titanic
Titanic :psychic forewarnings of a tragedy
We're happy--when the ghost walks
Pagella No. 91495
Pioner rastet smelym i ne boitsia trudnostei
Wings for America
R.M.S. 'Titantic'
Unio n-Castle Line purserette
The Titanic in myth and memory
The loss of the SS. Titanic
Cities in American history
The launching of the lifeboats
Normandie - French Line
On board RMS Titanic
A companion to the Challenge of Materials gallery at the Science Museum
U.S. Army in action
Down with the old canoe
War planes in action / [James F. Wallace]
Donald Judd, the Moscow installation
A magyar képzõmüvészek a fasizmus ellen
The Russian revolution
Vigilancia en la retaguardia a cargo del gobierno y de su Junta Delegada
Allied Military Government of occupied territory : general order no. 35 : suspension of fascist officials and employees = Governo Militare Alleato del territorio occupato : ordinanza generale n. 35 : sospensione dei funzionari e degli impiegati fascisti
Tita nica
Monographie du palais de Fontainebleau
Bullets by the billion
Lieder der Bewegung
Cathedrals of France
"I'm going to wipe them out."
Planning history
Boquet [sic] of eden. Pradal. Perfumer
Complicated women
4 West Indies cruises
Tourist Class to All Europe - Cunard White Star
Cunard Line : Saloon Plan of the Triple-Screw Turbine S.S. "Carmania"
Alexander Rodchenko
The bowl gazer
Dibujos españoles del siglo XX
Cassell’s history of the Russo-Japanese war
Outwitting winter in the cities of the sun
Combata el calor y
English and Scottish wrought ironwork
Peace in the new year : members of the Bonus Expeditionary Force enjoy lunch at Fort Hunt, Va. in May, 1933
Modern art
Architecture after modernism
Ireland invites you
Wow! I was puttin' toilet water on my hair when the seat fell on my head!
Ismael Nery (1900-1934)
My latest portrait
Am anticipatin' a busy time here!
See, see señor!
[Norwegian America Line]
Harry Von Tilzer's great telephone song: All alone
[Seductive woman inside striped egg]
Lloyd Triestino: Italy South Africa Express Service
The design entrepreneur
Bada alla cinghia
Se to tocchi una corrente mentre in umido è il tuo piè, non sarai troppo prudente
The Playa, Havana, Cuba
Olio sulla pista, ospedale in vista
Getti un fiammifero dove va, va? È prevedibile quel che accadrà
Se vai con un lucignolo vicino agli infiammabili, è certo che tu provochi malanni inenarrabili
U.S.Governmant Building
Cruises 1967; Organization Touristique Paquet
Exposition Universelle de Paris en 1889
The new nuts among the berries
The secret war
[Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company Ltd.]
Annual 1937 : District "H," IV Corps Area
Circle tours, water and rail
Word and image
Een wraak of de nieuwe beurs van Amsterdam
Official guide book of the New York World's Fair, 1939
1928 års förslag till generalplan för Stockholms tätare bebyggda delar
SOS to the rescue
Russia in war
The Lusitania disaster
Le Touquet Paris-Plage
Halifax and Titanic
Titanic, signals of disaster
[Woman holding English Springer Spaniel]
From workhouse to prison to - the Titanic?
Papers from the 1997 World Turning Conference
"A Titanic hero"
Siena il Palio
M/S Victoria: 1967-68 Cruise Program, West Indies Cruises; Sailing Schedule and Rates
M/S Victoria Lloyd-Triestino Flotte Riunite Lloyd Triestino Marittima Italinia Sitmar
M/S Skaubryn: from Quebec to Europe, 4 Roundtrips Under Charter to Greek Line
M/S Skaubryn: Passenger Accommodation Plan; Under Charter to Greek Line to Canada
The Titanic, the psychic and the sea
The Titanic disaster
Soviet union year-book
Pioner, khoroshii tovarishch
Jardin de la manufacture nationale de Sèvres
Csángó böröndös
Voyage of the iceberg
The U-boats
The pirates
Artaria's Eisenbahn u. post communications karte von Oesterreich-Ungarn, 1893
The vikings
Looking South over large lagoon, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal. 1915
The clipper ships
Fighting sail
The racing yachts
The whalers
Andrzej Pityński, sculpture
B.T. Babbit's best soap, New York
La peinture décorative en France du XVIe au XVIIIe siècle
The Spanish main
Pelimex presenta ¡Ole Cuba!
S.S. "Nieuw Amsterdam," 36,667 gross reg. tons
Gree k Line offer you year round 'Sunshine Cruises' or longer holidays. Regular service Southampton, Le Havre to Madeira . . . [Lakonia]
History of design
Ballet : Fernan Flor presenta a sus discípulas ; Teatro Principal de la Comedia, Jueves 1 de Julio de 1943
Schulungsdienst der Hitler-Jugend
The men-of-war
Britain in peace and war / drawn by Feliks Topolski ; with an introduction by James Laver
The dreadnoughts
The explorers
Ai patrioti Italiani ormai liberi cittadini d'Italia = to patriots of Italy now free citizens of Italy
L'architecture et la décoration aux palais du Louvre & des Tuileries
TSMS Lakonia Deck plan, Greek Line
Topolski's chronicle for students of world affairs
Three continents, 1944-45 : England, Mediterranean convoy, Egypt, East Africa, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, India, Burma front, China, Italian campaign, Germany defeated / pictured by Feliks Topolski ; with an introduction by Maurice Collis
A home for beginning again, 1945-1990
Botanical Building
Weißbuch und Führerkundgebungen
G-men detective
Thrilling detective
Thrilling detective
The British home of to-day
Black book detective
Cinema in revolution
Triple detective
The bride from Broadway / by Faith Baldwin
I will bear witness
Stage door canteen
Dead as a dinosaur
La jeunesse inaltérable et la vie éternelle
Exposition civique & urbaniste
Rage in heaven
Front for murder
Broadway virgin
The London spectacle 1935
Dream street
Face to face
Spanish front
The Venetians
The ancient mariners
Fairs and railroads
Wool soap
The armada
The frigates
The East Indiamen
True confessions
True story
The Atlantic crossing
The Northwest passage
Octopus and squid, the soft intelligence
The girl with the hungry eyes and other stories
Murder on Broadway (original title: The last gamble)
Diving for sunken treasure
Diving companions
Washington Bridge and Speedway, New York
The shark: splendid savage of the sea
Three adventures
Life and death in a coral sea
The whale
Industries within an industry
Tropical passions
All the brothers were valiant
Nationalism in the visual arts
Never come morning
The son of the grand eunuch
Line on Ginger
Wine, women and murder
Valencia, San Rafael St. 156, Havana, Cuba
The yellow turban
Kept woman
Operation intrigue
The hucksters
Trinity in violence
The Titanic's last hero
Georgie May
BUtterfield 8
Broadway virgin
"The Broadway butterfly murders"
Australian colonial art, 1800-1900
Freedom tower, house of dreams
Ireland Eire
Il deco in Italia
"He doesn't like water dripping off his helmet down his neck!"
The last log of the Titanic / David G. Brown
Hotel Plaza, Calle Zulueta. = Plaza Hotel, Zulueta Ave. Habana
All stations! distress!
The good citizen's handbook
The sinking of the Titanic
The other side of the night
Nei deserti malarici ... il ferroviere sta, solo e vigile, come il fante dei "piccolo posti"
[Aerial view of the old Panama-California Exposition buildings and the construction of the new pavilions for the California Pacific International Exposition, San Diego, Calif., 1935-1936]
Dovunque la sventura s'abbatta, il ferroviere ... accorre in aiuto ai fratelli
Non e improprio il parallelo tra la vita del ferroviere e la vita del fante in trincea
Oltre la guerra, dura il coraggio... del ferroviere, pronto ad ogni istante a dare la sua vita per la vita degli altri
De nieuwe tuin
Non appena e segnalato un guasto o una insidia sulla linea
La quotidiana disciplina del dovere tien pronto in ogni istante il ferroviere al rischio mortale
Sotto I bombardamenti aerie, il ferroviere seppe cadere al suo posto
"Shoulder bars! Get your lieutenant's shoulder bars here!"
"He wants to ride in front. He's getting carsick back here!"
Sulle Alpi, fu fedele compagno ai forti artiglieri, nel amneggio delle monstruose artiglierie
"He hired them after he cleaned everybody out in a crap game!"
Oceanliner smoking lounge
Fante tra i fanti, sperduto nel glorioso anonimo del grigioverde, il ferroviere conobbe l'eroico tormento della trincea
We'll have to back up. We weren't supposed to cross the bridge!"
The lost W.P.A. worker
Nei giorni dell'ottobre di Redenzione, il ferroviere porto a Roma le legion della Giovinezza
General view of locks at Pedro Miguel looking south
Series of large cranes at work in Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal
Lungo la costa dell'Adriatico, il ferroviere ... condusse i treni veloci
Meeting of the Atlantic & Pacific
Il Ferroviere in guerra e in pace
Stalinism and Nazism
The Kronprinz on the war-path, or, The illusions of Germany
Blaha puder, crém [sic], szappan
Mine , all mine und Gott's
Oh! Lordy! If you can't help me, for goodness sake don't help that bear
I'm on my way to France, but I'm coming back from Berlin
A bon-bon for my hun-ey
Gruss von der Kieler Föhrde!
Peoples of the USSR
El soldado, besa la bandera, por cuya defensa ha jurado derramar hasta la última gota de su sangre
Leningrad v dni Velikoi Otechestvennoi voiny
Carving his own destiny
Russia at war
Souvenir de Panama
The lost architecture of Kiev
Ram them!
In freedom's cause
Inside Russia
Puerto Rican politics and the New Deal
Titanic, R.I.P
Hans Sachs and the poster revolution
Reclame in Indië
Stumbling into Socialism
South Side of Prado, Arts and Crafts Building in foreground, Foreign Arts Building in distance, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal. 1915
The new dilemma
Gilded lives on a fatal voyage
Children under Capitalism
Map of the New York World's Fair
From Russia with doubt
Russian film posters 1900-1930
Now is the time to buy!
Koninklijke Weverij[,] van Dijk eindhoven Gedenk Damast
Toulouse-Lautrec & his world
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